Your Eight Steps Review

You have found the Your Eight Steps Review. This review will highlight the good and the not-so-good parts of Your Eight Steps (YES).

Your Eight Steps Review

But first, what is YES? It is a traffic and income system within the “money-making” niche of internet. It is an online business model to make money. The YES system is a collection of traffic-generating websites and business tools used to promote an affiliate’s YES link. The traffic-generating websites are traffic exchanges, banner and text ad boards and safelists and other revenue-generating programs. The affiliate recruits new members into his personal organization.  The following short YES video covers the highlights.

YES is structured so that members progress through the system step-by-step. Members have the option of two paths. The first path is a higher cost solution for those members who do have money to invest into their business. The second path is is a lower-cost solution for those who many not have the resources.

There are several levels of memberships. Everyone starts off as a free member and are given the option to upgrade to PRO level. Free membership provides basic affiliate tools and a lower commission rate. PRO members receive a higher commission rate, bonus digital products and additional marketing material.

The Good

Richard Weberg and Brenda de Reus, the two principles, are experienced internet marketers who bring a wealth of experience to YES. They are upfront about supporting and helping YES members succeed. Richard states early on that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. To quote Richard, he states,

Your Eight Step Review of Internet marketing success

Happy MemberOne of the best aspects of Your Eight Steps is the owners do not market to members’ downlines. They maintain downline integrity which is very rare in the money-making niche. Members are assured that when “admin” sends emails, the only links will be from the sponsor.

YES is a simple system for people interested in creating an online business with a ready-made package. YES teaches basic marketing strategies suitable for beginners. YES does not address more complex marketing strategies such as content creation/authority and SEO, social media/networking and Pay Per Click.

YES has extensive training and video tutorials on the traffic-generating and list building tools they use and promote.

YES also has extensive affiliate marketing tools such as banner ads, email text, lead capture pages and the like. For members who want to create their own marketing material, there is a section on creating your own splash and squeeze pages.

The Not-So-Good

Not a happy memberYES competes in the “money-making” niche of the internet. This arena is populated by a huge number of multi-level marketing, get-rich-quick schemes and scams. The target audience of these programs are people looking for free or get-rich-quick programs where little or no work is required. This niche is pretty much ignored by Google and the other large search engines.

The traffic-generating methods (traffic exchanges and safelists) used by YES are not very effective. It takes huge amounts of traffic to generate a lead or prospect. The basic premise of a traffic exchange or safelist is: You show me yours and I will show you mine (website that is). To read more about traffic exchanges and safelists, click here.

Affiliate links within the money-making niche are replicated so often that it is difficult to stand out in a large crowd. Affiliates are competing among thousands of other affiliates in the same arena. While YES members have the option to develop some of their own marketing materials, most do not have the training or experience to develop effective alternatives.

One final aspect of the YES system is the selection of the main money-making program Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO)/Pure Leverage (PL). GVO/PL just does not have a very good reputation based on limited research using major search engines. GVO/PL offers business building tools such as web hosting, email marketing system and video conferencing.

My recommendation is to pass on Your Eight Steps. However, if you want to try your luck in this niche, YES is worth a look; join for free and read the material Richard has put together. But if your passions are in another niche, gardening for example, there are much better alternatives elsewhere.

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