Worldprofit Review Reveals Major Changes

If you are looking to start or run an online business, then you may have run across Worldprofit, Inc. in your research.

This Worldprofit review will give you an overview of the membership site and show you the significant Worldprofit changes from an insider's perspective.

I first joined Worldprofit as a free associate in 2016 because I wanted the free traffic Worldprofit gives to new members. At the time, I wanted more visitors to see the products I was promoting.

free website traffic

Worldprofit requires new members to watch a presentation before getting the free traffic offer.

I thought that was fair.

After all, I sat through a vacation timeshare sales pitch for a free vacation years ago.

Today, I am going to give you a Worldprofit overview, including the significant changes they made. Also, I will discuss why you will find negative Worldprofit reviews.

Worldprofit review summary

Product Name: Worldprofit


Product Type: Membership site providing information technology and marketing resources and training to build a sustainable online business.

Price: Free Associate membership, $99/mo Silver membership, $149/mo Platinum VIP membership

Summary: Worldprofit, Inc. is a 24-year-old, A+ BBB accredited business providing training, resources, and support to help motivated individuals build real, successful online businesses.

Worldprofit review

What is Worldprofit?

From its humble beginning in 1993, Worldprofit a well-established Information technology company. Started by George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, Worldprofit incorporated in 1994.

Today, Worldprofit Inc.has more than than 2 million members worldwide. Members include both free members and fully upgraded Silver and Platinum VIP Members. Members take advantage of the full range of business training, products, and services offered by Worldprofit Inc. 

As a technology company, Worldprofit provides business solutions as follows.

Worldprofit is a one-stop business solution company. Members have access to a variety of various tools, software, and resources to build their online businesses. Business solutions include website hosting, software, and tools to generate business leads and traffic. Resources help members build email lists, develop branding as well as create a social media presence.

Worldprofit is a training company. It has complete online training to teach the skills and knowledge required to create a successful online business. The training enables members to learn at their own pace on how to use the resources available. There are over 150 online training lessons as well as LIVE interactive, weekly training with co-founder and CEO George Kosch. More importantly, he is your hands-on personal instructor. So you can ask questions, request demonstrations, and get personalized help.

Worldprofit is a software service company.  Worldprofit has researched, created, and developed most of the business and marketing software it offers. The training and support are in-house and available when you need it.

Worldprofit is a content marketing company. Worldprofit provides resources for creating and publishing content. Creating content is a critical factor in search engine indexing and getting search engine traffic. Members have access to ebook tools, graphic design software, article marketing, and blogging.

Worldprofit is an advertising company. Worldprofit offers affordable advertising from verifiable traffic sources and its trusted partners.  

Worldprofit is a Canadian website hosting company. It is one of the first in Alberta and one of the largest in western Canada. Hosting includes WordPress hosting, social media integration, SEO, website customization, and more.

Worldprofit is an affiliate marketing company. Worldprofit was one of the first companies to provide an affiliate marketing program long before affiliate marketing became what it is today. Worldprofit offers its popular Dealer Program, where members resell Worldprofit's web-based services to earn sales commissions. The Worldprofit's line of products, services, and software continues to grow to enable members to earn commissions confidently.

How does Worldprofit work?

Worldprofit provides one of the complete collection of internet marketing and business building tools found anywhere. So much so that it can be very intimidating for someone new to online marketing. 

However, new members are strongly encouraged to watch the videos and do the recommended training. The first three lessons form the foundation for using your membership successfully. There is more about getting started adequately below.

The Worldprofit resources, products, and services can be used to promote your existing business or the Worldprofit affiliate program and products. 

Worldprofit has the resources for members to generate leads and sales using the following traffic generation techniques:

  • Email marketing and advertising
  • Content marketing - blogging
  • Search engine marketing – includes search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Display advertising – includes pay-per-click
  • Online classified advertising – eBay for example
  • Social media marketing – includes content marketing
  • Mobile advertising – text message ads, webpages

The following is a partial list of the tools and resources available. I put the list in alphabetical order to show the breadth of content available to members. It is not quite A to Z!

  • Account or Technical Support
  • Advertising & Traffic
  • Affiliate Center
  • Amazon Store Builder
  • Article & eBook Marketing
  • Autoresponder Center
  • Banner Exchange
  • Bootcamp Training
  • Clickbank Store
  • Facebook Marketing
  • FastTrack Advertising Co-Op
  • Goody Bag
  • List Building
  • Live & Recorded Webcasts
  • Money Makers
  • Monitor Area
  • Newsletter
  • Platinum VIP Training
  • PLR Store
  • PlugIns & Blogs
  • Product Showcase
  • Prospect Management
  • Resellers Club
  • Sales Center
  • Sales Chat System
  • Sales & Commission
  • Social Networking
  • Solos Ads & Traffic Packages
  • Solo-eBlaster to 30,000
  • Webcast Video Services
  • Website Management
  • Worldprofit Marketplace
  • Youtube Channel Graphics

A unique feature of Worldprofit is their Live Business Center. The Live Business Center (LBC) is a live video/chat system manned 24/7 by a Certified eBusiness Consultant (CEC) or Master CEC monitor. 

The purpose of the LBC is to help visitors join and get started as a Worldprofit associate. By signing up and saying hello to the monitor will qualify the new associate for 50,000 free guaranteed visitors or the current promotional offer. 

The LBC consultant also explains and promotes the many benefits of the Silver membership upgrade to new members as well as assist other members. 

The following shows the LBC monitor in action.

Worldprofit live business center

The Worldprofit use of a live video chat session is unique. Visitors and members may ​chat with an experienced, trained member selected to serve as an LBC consultant. As always, monitor skill sets and “bedside” manners vary person-to-person.

What is the Worldprofit training?

Worldprofit currently has 140 lessons as well as a live weekly webinar. Upgraded members (Silver and Platinum VIP) have access to advanced training.

Training is in the form of text, video, and document (ebooks, video slides). Worldprofit has a video library of recorded webinars and training sessions.

The first three lessons are essential to getting started correctly. New associates should spend as much time as necessary to master the basics.

Lesson 3 is about internet marketing using safelists, exchanges, classified ad boards, and Facebook! Lesson 3 teaches members how to promote either their programs and products or Worldprofit's program or products. The critical takeaway is becoming familiar with this form of promoting before moving onto other more advanced techniques.

What does Worldprofit cost?

Worldprofit has three levels of membership, which are the free Associate membership, $99/month Silver membership, and $149/month Platinum VIP membership. Worldprofit offers discounts for annual payments.

​Worldprofit also sells additional advertising and hosting products and services. For example, the company sells solo ads and blaster solo ad packages.

Furthermore, they have teamed up with a lead generation company to offer lead prospects. Exclusive phone-qualified lead prospects come with name, telephone number, and email address.

Worldprofit also provides enhanced options to websites hosted by the company. For example, the company will add a WordPress blog to a member's website for a one-time setup fee. Another enhancement is the optional cPanel tool available on NEW domains hosted by Worldprofit.

What are the major Worldprofit changes?

First of all, the Worldprofit homepage received a significant upgrade. The look is modern, as you can see in the following before and after images.

Worldprofit review
New Worldprofit homepage

The company updated the Individual website designs. Note: The Silver or Platinum VIP membership includes your website. It consists of a professionally designed main page, lead forms, product information, and the ability to add more.

The following images show the old and new member websites.

worldprofit associate website
Updated member website

​Worldprofit recently created its Worldprofit Community social site. As a community member, you can share your business interests and affiliate links, post videos, blog, discuss, and start a group. It is all about online business and affiliate marketing.

The following image shows the main Worldprofit Community website.

Worldprofit Community social site

Who benefits from a Worldprofit membership?

Novices and experts, who want to build a successful online business will benefit from membership.

Anyone will benefit from a Worldprofit membership to access to business-building resources, products, and services.

On the other hand, people looking to get rich quick won't benefit from a membership. Worldprofit leadership makes it clear that repetition is the key to success.

What I like about Worldprofit

I found a lot to like, including:

  • Live Business Center. The Live Business Center has expert, trained consultants (members) to help associates close the sale of upgraded memberships. Using the LBC is a great way for associates promoting Worldprofit to leverage sales efforts. New associate members are encouraged to watch the introductory video to receive their “freebie offer.”
  • Worldprofit owners stress this is a business and requires commitment and effort. They have provided extensive training and marketing materials to assist with creating prospects, sales, and affiliate/member sponsoring.
  • Extensive training. The boot camp training lessons are essential for all members to get off to a good start, particularly for beginners. The training is designed so that members earn as they learn. During the live webcast training, members can ask questions and receive answers.
  • FREE to join. Worldprofit provides free memberships for people looking for or researching available business and marketing resources and tools.
  • Excellent personal support! The responsive, active Live Business Center consultants help beginners start quickly as well as help experienced members resolve challenges. The support (trouble ticket) system is proven to be responsive
  • A vast number of products and services available. There are lots of free and paid service options for associates wanting to build their businesses. Worldprofit is one-stop shopping for business resources and tools.
  • Solid Better Business Bureau rating. BBB, Edmonton, Canada has given Worldprofit a top score.
  • A long-established business. Worldprofit has been in business since 1994. During this time, they have compiled a vast resource library for members.

What I don't like about Worldprofit

I must say that no company is perfect, particularly one that has over 2 million members. Admittedly, not all are active. I was a mostly inactive associate for three years before deciding to upgrade to the Silver membership.

  • Free to join. Being free to join can be both positive and negative. It means many people join to check it out and take the 50,000 guaranteed site visitors. New members should expect that new members they sponsor may not stay around or build the business. ​
  • The amount of training and reference material may be overwhelming for someone new to internet businesses or marketing. Fortunately, leadership stresses the importance of starting correctly.
  • Some of the resources and techniques offered need updating. Given the extensive library of tools and resources, some show their age and need updating. Fortunately, Worldprofit does update the material. Their homepage update is impressive, as are the changes to the membership free website layouts. There is a plan in works to give the member area (back office) a big makeover.

Worldprofit negative review commentary

I write many program and product reviews for my home business blog readers and visitors. Consequently, I read many reviews as part of my research. This post is an example of the reviews I do.

For large, established programs like Worldprofit, I expect to find positive and negative reviews. That is the nature of internet business. 

I characterize negative reviews as either legitimate complaints, fake reviews, or malicious.

Yes, large, established companies will receive legitimate complaints from customers and clients. I checked with the Canadian Better Business Bureau for complaints about Worldprofit. There were two. 

I also use Capterra, which has over a million product reviews. (I have written reviews for Capterra as well). I found no complaints about Worldprofit. 

Included among the negative Worldprofit reviews are self-serving fake reviews designed to lead readers to alternative products. These counterfeit reviews include affiliate links to other make-money-online programs. The links have statements like "compare this to my number one recommended training program" or words to that effect. In other words, they bait you to read their review on a product for purpose to get you to switch to another product.

Another critic rates Worldprofit a half of a star out of five stars and suggests readers should avoid Worldprofit. 

So what does he recommend?

His top 5-star recommendation is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company with a 1-up compensation plan! Some reviewers consider this MLM company a scam.

Are you kidding me? 

1-up compensation plans are designed to compensate sponsors to help the people they recruit into an MLM company. The first person (and related commission) a new distributor recruits is given up to the sponsor.

You can read more about fake reviews here

 Finally, there are malicious reviews

One critic states, "they claim to have been online since 1994, yet the domain name was registered in 1995 so strike one."

Seriously? That's your complaint? I have changed the domain names several times. The register does not backdate domain names to the business start date.

The same critic had this to say about Dr. Jeffrey Lant, who has since retired, "I had a discussion with this person who claimed to be a Ph.D. It was obvious that he had little or no formal education, or perhaps he was just born that way."

Dr. Lant has a Doctorate from Harvard University and is a published author as well as a world-renown expert in marketing. Dr. Lant is the creator of the "universally-acknowledged rule in sales that states you must "touch" a prospective client a minimum of seven times before s/he will buy from you." 

With the rise of eCommerce and online shopping, product information is readily available, unlike the "old days" when companies and salespeople controlled product information. Information availability has made the "Rule of 7" obsolete.

I chatted with Dr. Lant several years ago via the Live Business Center. He is quite the character! 

Worldprofit members are fortunate that Dr. Lant was associated with the company.

I learned over the last 20+ years of marketing online that many people are looking for quick ways to make money online. They have unrealistic expectations of what it takes to make money online. 

When their chosen program does not meet their expectations, they quit. And in retaliation, they call it a scam.

I have seen lots of people sign up for free programs and do nothing with it. Some never log in to the program they joined. Or they log in, look around, and leave, never to return.

Managing expectations is a challenge for people who join affiliate marketing programs the focus on content marketing. Content marketing focuses on developing content using search engine optimization techniques. Success does not come as fast as they expect.

Roberto Blake is the founder of Awesome Creator Academy, an online education platform for entrepreneurs and social media influencers. 

Roberto says,

"Worry about creating! Nothing else!" Create 100 pieces of content before you expect any reaction to it. Then keep creating! After 1000 pieces of content, then you will start to generate lots of traction and even make some money from your effort."

Want to know the best part?

People complained about the ​internet marketing training for using safelists, exchanges, classified ad boards, and Facebook!

For example:

A former member stated,

"I switched up a couple different sites throughout the year. I did not make one conversion. At first, I thought it was my URL’s, but I realized these are very high converting offers I was promoting at the time."

I wonder if the guy ever considered whether he had adcopy that converted. Or whether he had headlines or subject lines that compelled people to read his ads.

I am inclined to think he did not following the training.

I constantly test my ad headlines and ad copy. The following image, shows my results ​from promoting one program ​using safelists, traffic exchanges, and ad boards.

Worldprofit teaches traffic generation methods that work

Worldprofit review summary

If you are looking for business building tools, resources, and training, then Worldprofit is worth a look. There are enough tools and resources available to give member options and the ability to determine what works best for his or her business. As with any marketing tool, it is essential to test your advertising (A/B or split testing) to determine which provides better results.

The bottom line is a successful business should make enough sales to make a profit. Worldprofit provides tools and resources to help get visitors to your business, make sales, support customers, and deliver products and services.

For anyone wanting to test their advertising, the free Worldprofit 50,000 guaranteed visitor offer is a great choice. This offer comes with the free membership.

How to start your Worldprofit membership

Before joining any program, I always recommend reading the terms of service and privacy policy statements. You may be surprised by the terms.

In early 2019, I did not join a program because the privacy policy said the company might sell my personal information (email address) to a third party.

1. Join by clicking the following banner.


2. Confirm your email address and enter the Worldprofit site.
3. Say hello to the Worldprofit member within the Live Business Center.
4. Watch the video.
5. Do the first THREE Bootcamp training lessons.


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