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Worldprofit reviewDate:
October 9, 2016
Name: Worldprofit Inc.
Overall Ranking: NOT RECOMMENDED
Price: $0.00
Owners: Worldprofit Inc.

Worldprofit, started in 1994, is a membership site providing business and internet marketing training and tools to individuals, home businesses, and small businesses worldwide to create successful businesses. There are three levels of membership; free, silver, and platinum.

This review and many other online reviews do not recommend Worldprofit. Yet, you will find many reviews that recommend Worldprofit. This Worldprofit review will provide an honest overview of the company, products, services, the good and not-so-good features, and a recommendation.

Worldprofit Introduction

Worldprofit provides one of the most complete collections of internet marketing and business building tools found anywhere. So much so that it can be very intimidating for someone new to online marketing. However, the training is satisfactory, but a bit dated. New members are strongly encouraged to watch the videos. There is more about training later.

The Worldprofit resources can be used to promote Worldprofit. Associates can also use the resources to promote other programs or businesses they have.  Worldprofit has such a large collection of resources, it is difficult to use them all.

The following is a partial list of the tools and resources available. I put the list in alphabetical order to show the breadth of content available to members. It is not quite A to Z!

  • Account or Technical Support
  • Advertising & Traffic
  • Affiliate Center
  • Amazon Store Builder
  • Article & eBook Marketing
  • Autoresponse Center
  • Banner Exchange
  • Bootcamp Training
  • Clickbank Store
  • Facebook Marketing
  • FastTrack Advertising Co-Op
  • Goody Bag
  • List Building
  • Live & Recorded Webcasts
  • Money Makers
  • Monitor Area
  • Newsletter
  • Platinum VIP Training
  • PLR Store
  • PlugIns & Blogs
  • Product Showcase
  • Prospect Management
  • Resellers Club
  • Sales Center
  • Sales Chat System
  • Sales & Commission
  • Social Networking
  • Solos Ads & Traffic Packages
  • Solo-eBlaster to 30,000
  • Webcast Video Services
  • Website Management
  • Worldprofit Marketplace
  • Youtube Channel Graphics

A unique feature of Worldprofit is their Live Business Center. The Live Business Center (LBC) is a live video/chat system manned 24/7 by a Certified eBusiness Consultant (CEC) or Master CEC monitor. The purpose of the LBC is help visitors join and get started as a Worldprofit associate. By signing up and saying hello to the monitor will qualify the new associate for 50,000 free guaranteed visitors. The following shows the LBC monitor in action.

The other main function of the monitor is to offer the Silver membership upgrade to the new Worldprofit associate.

For existing Worldprofit associates, the LBC monitor provides real-time assistance in answering questions or pointing associates to the appropriate training session.

The Worldprofit use of a live video chat session is unique in the online world. Visitors and members are able to talk or chat with an experienced, trained associate. As always, monitor skill sets and “bedside” manners vary person-to-person.

I find this “sales” process very similar to the real estate investment or time-share property, vacation package, or financial planning promotions. Visitors have to listen or see a sales promotion to receive their free dinner, lunch, promotional prize, “freebie,” or vacation deal. I think it is safe to say that the promoters’ and prospects’ objectives are seldom the same.

Worldprofit Training

Worldprofit training is world class. The training is provided by live video webcasts weekly, recorded webcasts, ebooks, and lessons. It all starts with the bootcamp training. This is a series of videos introducing members to the Worldprofit resources and processes.

The bootcamp training highlights the importance of learning to use the tools. George Kosch states several times throughout the training videos to take it one step at a time. There are so many tools and resources, it is easy to get lost.  (Look at the list above!)

Worldprofit Membership Levels

Worldprofit provides three membership levels; free and two premium levels, Silver and Platinum.  As with any membership site, the type and amount of features available are dependent upon membership level.

The Silver membership is the most popular premium level. The two main advantages of the silver membership level is access to advanced training and the dealership. The dealership enables silver members to promote Worldprofit web-based services including Memberships to earn a commission on services sold. Monthly Silver membership is $99.00.

The Platinum VIP membership offers larger commission percentages than Silver. It also provides access to more advanced training and web services such as Instant Chat and Instant Meeting Center among others. Monthly Platinum membership is $149.00.

The following screen shot of a member website shows what can be done with a hosted website.

worldprofit associate website


Good/Not so Good


  • Live Business Center. The Live Business Center has live monitors that helps associates close the sale of upgraded memberships. This is a great way for associates promoting Worldprofit to leverage sales efforts. Visitors are encouraged to watch the introductory video to receive the “freebie offer.”
  • Worldprofit owners and leaders make it clear this is a business and requires commitment and effort. They have provided extensive training and marketing materials to assist with creating prospects, sales and affiliate/member sponsoring.
  • Training is extensive. The bootcamp training lessons are essential for all members to get off to a good start, particularly beginners. The training is designed so that members earn as they learn. During the live webcast training, members are able to ask questions and receive answers.
  • FREE to join. Worldprofit  provides free memberships for people looking or researching available business and marketing resources and tools.
  • Personal support is good! The responsive, active groups enable beginners to start quickly as well as experienced members resolve challenges.
  • Huge number of products and services available. There are lots of free and paid service options for associates wanting to build their businesses. This is one-stop shopping for business resources and tools.
  • Solid Better Business Bureau rating. BBB, Edmonton, Canada has given Worldprofit a top rating.
  • Long established business. Worldprofit has been in business since 1994. During this time, they have compiled a hugh library of resources for members.


  • Free to join. Being free to join means many tire kickers and lookie-lou’s join to check it out and take the 50,000 guaranteed site visitors. New members should adjust their expectations that new members they sponsor may not stick around or build the business. While free to join, paid membership may be required to access additional training and resources. Silver membership is required to be an authorized Worldprofit product seller to earn commissions.
  • The amount of training and reference material may be over whelming for someone new to internet businesses or marketing. Fortunately, leadership stresses the importance of starting correctly.
  • Some of the resources and techniques offered need updating. Given the extensive library of tools and resources, some show their age and need updating. For example, some of the website templates available to members do not scale to match current browser/website width sizes.

Worldprofit Review Summary

If you are looking for business building tools, resources, and training, then Worldprofit is worth a look. There are enough tools and resources available to give a member options and ability to determine what works best for his or her business. As with any marketing tool, it is important to test your advertising (A/B or split testing) to determine which provides the better results.

The bottom line is a successful business makes enough sales to make a profit. Understanding the sales process, driving traffic to your business, meeting the needs of your customers, and delivering products and services. Worldprofit provides the tools and resources.

For anyone wanting to test their advertising, the free Worldprofit 50,000 guaranteed visitor offer is a great choice. This offer comes with the free membership.

Worldprofit Review Final Verdict

Worldprofit is not recommended. However, signing up as a free member and reviewing the training and tools may be useful.

Not recommended



As with any program, your due diligence is required. Worldprofit is not a get-rich-quick deal. It takes time and commitment to work.

affiliate commissions notice

If you have any questions or comments about Worldprofit, please fill in and submit the form below. I love feedback.


  1. Hi Glen,
    I want to thank you for your great review of Worldprofit. I have been a member for a few years and work as a monitor. I agree that Worldprofit is not the best for everyone, but I have found the resources of great value to me in building my businesses. I wish the free membership was a little better, but I am a Platinum member and save about 60% by paying yearly. It is well worth the price and as you say the training is great.

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and am really impressed by their free training. I wish I had found them 5 years ago when I first started. I would recommend it to anyone just getting started or even those who have a few years under their belt but have never built their own website.


    1. Thanks, Bruce. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I agree with you that the free membership could be better. Or as an alternative, another level between free and silver that would enable new members to scale up their business resource and training requirements as they grow.


  2. I have to respectfully disagree on Worldprofit not being recommended. I am in Worldprofit but I am NOT biased at all, as I can think for myself.

    Worldprofit offers more tools, resources and education than ANY other company of its kind, bar none! Your comment about the amount of information on the website can be overwhelming, is a non-issue, as far as Worldprofit is concerned.

    Why? Because if the resources, training and information are overwhelming for someone, who’s fault is it? It’s not the fault of WP that’s for sure. A business offering you too much so you can succeed? Really? Sounds like the would-be business owner would just need to buckle down, stay focused, and take it a step at a time. That goes with any business.

    As for being free to join, that is also a non-issue. First off, with all the competition out there, almost all companies like WP offer things like free trials, $1.00 trials, etc. Same as free.

    WP’s purpose behind signing up for free is to give the person a chance to take a glimpse into what is offered. Not to keep them there. There is not much you can do with a WP membership for free that is of significance anyway. It is just to bring you in so you can appreciate what is there and go from there. That is called smart marketing and the majority of like companies do it, so you bringing up that point is moot.

    So now, on to the meat of it: In this day in age of people wanting something for nothing, Worldprofit is truly unique. They teach you that you actually have to work to build a business! Wow. What a concept!

    Most businesses like WP don’t preach that. They tell you about the tens of thousands of dollars you will make each month following their teaching. In contrast, WP teaches learning, building your list, marketing and promoting, and does all that without the hype.

    WP offers so much in the way of resources, tools and training. you can literally write a book on what they have and how to use it all!

    The main trainer George Kosch is a very down to earth, tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy. he knows what works and offers the best training available anywhere.

    Sandi Hunter, the President, is a very responsive and nice person, who is also down to earth .

    Dr. Jeffery Lant, the other owner is a marketing genius who has been around for years. Yes, he is a bit of a tough pill to swallow, but the man is a legend and he also just tells it like it is.

    In summary, I highly recommend Worldprofit as the premiere online marketing training, education and resources site in existence. I go so far as to say it is the BEST ever in the history of the internet.

    There are many negative reviews of WP because most people have preconceived ideas of what internet marketing is all about and what they want to hear. WP flies in the face of all that to being you real information of what works and tell you to actually DO the work. Most folks do not like that and want the easy way to success.

    I am also a Marine Corps Veteran and have been on the side of being ripped off by business opportunities in the past while a young Marine. So believe me when I tell you, I research everything I look at and I am here to tell you, there is no company better than WP.

    Thanks for listening.


    1. Thanks, Alan. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. As a current WorldProfit member, I have watched George Kosch’s weekly training webcasts. They are good. And I stated in my review the training is world class. It is very comprehensive. But the training material should be updated. For example, article marketing and getting backlinks as methods for promoting a website or business is severely outdated. Unless you have backlinks from authority websites, Google penalizes your search engine page ranking.

      When a free member logs into their account, they see the promotion for the Silver upgrade front and center as well as the live feed from the Live Business Center. The left hand menu bar promotes specials, traffic packages, marketplace, solo ads, classified ads, etc. The right hand menu bar lists member advertising.

      I have been running my Worldprofit Diamond Rotator ads since October 2016. And the one thing I have learned in 20+ years online is to track and test ads for the best results. This is where WP falls short. Since October my ads have had 68,950 views with 60 clicks. This is a .06% Click Thru Rate (CTR). I am running the same ad at different sites with an average CTR of .21%. One ad site rate is .81% CTR.

      I have also joined Dragon Safelist, Safelist eXtreme, Dragon Surfer, Traffic Ad Links, Email My Ads, Safelist King, Traffic Center, and Ultimate Safelist Exchange. All of which are affiliated with Worldprofit. I am also a member of 200+ other safelists and viral mailers. I have a partial list at I would recommend other safelists than those promoted by WP. Jerry Iannucci’s “Safelist Marketing Tactics” is a good place to start looking for good safelists to use. This is one of the goodies in WP’s Goody Bag.

      Bottom line is I recommend Chris Farrell membership program, Affilorama, and Wealthy Affiliate over Worldprofit.


  3. It wasn’t clear to me just want is offered with WorldProfit. Is this only for generating traffic or does it also teach the basics of building an online business?

    I have a couple of websites and a thriving online business. How would WorldProfit help me?

    You mentioned there three membership levels, including a free level. What do the two other levels cost?


    1. Hello Gary. I appreciate you taking the time to review and comment. Worldprofit does both, trains and provides a variety of traffic generators like solo ads. There is advanced training and services including autoresponders and webcast video services. The premium memberships levels cost $99 and $149 a month. I will update the article with this info.


  4. Good Morning Glen, I am fairly new to internet marketing. Lately I have been putting a lot of effort into marketing and promoting my online business.

    I have never heard of Worldprofit before reading your review. It sounds like a program that could be very beneficial with my promotion efforts but I have a few questions.

    I am a little skeptical about the 50,000 free guaranteed visitors when you sign up for the free membership. What are your thoughts or experience with the quality of visitors that you will receive?

    Did I read that correctly that you can only become an affiliate and earn commissions if you are an upgraded member?

    What are your thoughts about remaining a free member and using the tools, resources, and free bonuses that are offered to promote and market if that is all you are interesting in at this time.

    I have book marked your Worldprofit Review and will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts about my concerns.

    Thank you Glen,


    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Suzette! I am the world’s #1 skeptic. So regarding 50,000 free guaranteed visitors, I am dubious of the quality. However, I am also a fan of free. I look at the 50,000 free visitors offer as an opportunity to split test some ads. If you are unfamiliar with split testing (also called A/B testing or comparative testing), this is a training session on testing. I test headlines frequently. Some headlines draw more visitors than others. So split testing of headlines is very useful. PJ Germain wrote a training lesson on headlines. This is the link.

      Free members can earn commissions; 5% for paid referrals.

      Remaining a free member is a viable choice. Learn and use the freebies and resources. I don’t think any one should think they have to upgrade. A number of online reviews indicate Worldprofit pushes hard to get people to take the upgrade. In a way, I am glad they do that for their members. But I like the try it before you buy it approach like Wealthy Affiliate’s.

      Hope this helps.



  5. I was unaware that this Worldprofit membership plan was in existence. It sounds like it has many various techniques of different ways in helping someone finding customers. Free to join would be the only option for a newbie to discover exactly how they could benefit by being a member of this organization. I am sure there are a lot of people who would be a good fit for this membership site, and I am glad I read this review because now I know about this organization so that I can tell my friends about it.


    1. Hi Kenneth, I appreciate you taking the time to review and comment.

      Worldprofit sure has a lot of way for promoting businesses. Some are definitely “old school.” Not that there is anything wrong with that. For example, article marketing is considered obsolete by many marketers. Yet, I still receive traffic from my articles at EzineArticles. And I wrote those articles going as far back as 2010!



  6. This is a great site. I first thought of all the veterans that are out of work or just handicapped and have a lot of spare time on their hands. I think you are doing a great service to our veterans and anyone in their family. God bless you Glen.


    1. Hello Sherry and John. Thank you for taking time to read and comment. I appreciate your kind words!


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