Why Affiliate Marketing?

OK, so you want to make money online. Whether it is to make more money for retirement or replace a job, there are many ways to do it.

Why affiliate marketing?You could get into e-commerce and drop shipping. You could start informational product creation. Maybe you have thought about local marketing consulting, site building, SEO and well… I could go on and on.

And while all those choices can work, this wide array of options overwhelms so many people. And end up taking no action at all!

That’s when I usually tell people to keep it simple. Avoid the paralysis of over analysis. Try a no-cost/low cost method that I consider one of the easiest ways to make money online…

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is good fit for both newbies and established marketers. Here are five reasons why…

1. Zero to low start up cost

If you are on a limited budget or not, affiliate marketing is usually a low-cost strategy.

The investment you’ll be making will be mostly  your effort, not money. Some people will want to jump start their business. They could spend money on websites, hosting, and some advertising. But it’s not necessary to get started.

When you are just getting started , you will see so many different business models.  You may not be sure which one to pick or even enjoy (or profit) some of them.

When you find a strategy that’s no or low cost like affiliate marketing, your financial risk is lower. Some business models need a huge investment up front.  And if it fails, then not only are you wasting time, you’re out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars.

Another great benefit is you can be successful using free resources as you can using a paid ones.

So lets look at the minimal requirements…

It’s always best if you can go with your own domain. You can find great deals on domains. For example, you can search on Google for a coupon code at a domain registrar like GoDaddy.

Just enter a search term like “Godaddy coupon” and then the month and year that you’re searching. Sometimes this can knock a domain’s price down from over $10 to just a dollar or two!

And hosting does not cost much at all. Hostgator often has great deals. You can get a plan that costs under $10 a month. And if you’re worried about building a website, don’t be.

There are people on fiverr why will do complete blog installations for $5. Or, find the instructions on how to install WordPress free online and do it yourself.

Once you have completed the blog installation, you can start creating content. All you have to do is log in with a username and password and start publishing content as an affiliate marketer.

You don’t even need sales experience to become a great affiliate. Your job is recommending solutions and then let the vendors’ websites do the selling!

2. Affiliate marketing is easy for newbies to master

A big benefit of affiliate marketing is ease of use.  So many people find it intimidating to create their own products. There are so many production factors to consider.  Factors include finding quality materials and having technical skills to manufacture products.

But as an affiliate, you will need to learn some basic marketing skills such as:

Blogging – Blogging is simple when you’re on a free platform. You’re going to pick a name and URL for your blog and start publishing posts. Just learn what people want for blogging such as what is popular or trending. People also want to see personality. They want you to share insight, opinions and advice with them. Blogs are a great place to review products and share your results. Reviews are popular as they rank well in search engines.

Social Marketing – Social marketing is all about networking and sharing. Use your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest social media sites to share your blog posts.  Include links to good products that you think will help your audience.

Video Reviews – If you like video, then you will want to start using YouTube and embed those into your blog. Create videos talking about the problems and recommended solutions. Provide links to affiliate products you sell.

3. No hassle of product creation to worry about

Creating a product can be daunting to newer marketers.

  • You must learn all sorts of things such as:
  • niche research
  • product creation through multi media platforms
  • how to launch a website
  • create high converting sales copy, and more.

Plus, there are production costs involved. Costs such as graphics, product launches, and delivery of your product.

With affiliate marketing, you’re not burdened by these costs or the inconveniences.

The affiliate marketer identifies a problem people have and introduces a recommended solution. This means going go into a niche hoping to bring together buyers and sellers. You’re the liaison between the two.

This can be as rewarding as being the product creator. For example, let’s look at how this would work for an affiliate marketer:

Let’s say you pick the acne niche.

Your job as a product creator would be to provide a solution that helps people cure or treat their acne.

As an affiliate, you would find people suffering from acne and send them to the sellers for the solution.  The key to becoming a super affiliate is to finding enough people with problems.

Many successful marketers build subscriber lists that believe and trust to provide good advice.  The affiliate marketer becomes their “go-to person” whenever they need advice.

Someone they can trust.

You’re not providing the advice – you can if you want – but you’re just saying, “Oh you need help with acne scars? I know a good product for that – here’s the link.”

Of course, building a stronger rapport with your readers will increase conversions.

If you take the time to review products and share your results, that will help you convert even better.

When it comes to product creation, you’re limited on time and the creation process. It might take you months to take a product from conception to completion.

But as an affiliate marketer, you can begin promoting products or services immediately. There are sources for hundreds and thousands of products for your readers.

You’ll profit from them all, not just one income stream. Plus, you can have recurring sales. Once you have a followeing, you may be the first person to recommend new solutions.  New products enter into the marketplace all the time.

4. Affiliate marketing allows you to test many products for profitability


Diversity is one of the best perks for pursuing affiliate marketing. You get to try dozens or even hundreds of niche markets to see what works best.

You get to determine:

  • Whether it’s easy to compete in that niche.
  • How much you can earn.
  • Whether you find it satisfying.

All three of those are important factors for your online success as an affiliate. Some niches will be harder to break into than others. So as an affiliate, you can test the waters. Determine how easy it is to dominate before you creating a domain and pour your heart and soul into it.

Potential earnings should be of concern to you. If it is hard to convert visitors into buyers, then it may be better to change. You may prefer to go with another target audience and product solution.

Personal satisfaction is what this career path is all about! Online marketing in general is about being your own boss. And not having to pursue tasks and topics that don’t fulfill you.

As an affiliate marketer, you can dabble in many or as few niches all at once. It is about getting a feel for what satisfies you.

You’re going to hear a lot of advice about keyword volume and competition. But it’s important to pay attention to which niches make you feel like getting up out of bed early. The things that create a passion within you.

5. Your Customer Service Is Non Existent

Handling emails and requests from customers is one of the most time consuming tasks. Whether online or not.

Customers may have product or download issues, need product help, or want other help.

As an affiliate, none of these are your problem. It all rests on the shoulders of the product creator. It’s their job to handle after sale issues. So you can continue working on what matters most, converting new customers.

In closing….

Affiliate marketing is right for just about everybody. Even product creators use affiliate marketing. Because an affiliate marketing strategy complements the product development branch of their business.

It’s time you add a serious affiliate marketing plan to your online business tool bag.

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