What is 12 Minute Affiliate?

Today, I am reviewing Devon Brown's new 12 Minute Affiliate system. Devon calls 12 Minute Affiliate your new affiliate profit machine.

I am going to give you ​close up 12 Minute Affiliate review so you can decide if it is a profit machine that will help you make money online.

​12 Minute Affiliate Summary


​A new done-for-you marketing system from Devon Brown with pre-designed landing pages and pre-written emails.


​With done-for-you system, start making commissions earlier. DFY traffic will boost speed.


​Monthly and lifetime purchases available, plus other upgrades. Autoresponder costs are additional.

Overall rating :  4 / 5

​12 Minute Affiliate done-for-your sales funnel system can be deployed and functioning quickly.  The system has a speed advantage over do-it-yourself systems. Some optional upgrades add flexibility including the addtional DFY traffic package.

If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, it is a way to make money online. Briefly, affiliate marketing is about the following:

  1. Someone else creating the product,
  2. Someone else creating the sales page or website,
  3. Someone else processing the payments,
  4. Someone else delivering the products,
  5. Someone else handling the customer service,
  6. You get buyers to the sales page or website, and
  7. You receive the commission checks from sales made.

There are many ways to make money online, one of them being Affiliate Marketing, my favorite. It is an online business model that is a simple concept of earning commissions. However, many people still fail. There are many reasons why people fail to make money online. However, I believe the two biggest reasons are people fail to plan and have unrealistic expectations of making lots of money quickly.

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate?

12 Minute Affiliate is a done-for-you sales funnel system with pre-designed landing pages and pre-written emails designed as plug-and-play for anyone to make money.

Devon Brown and David Sloan designed it to be easy to use and set up as they have done all the heavy design work and copywriting.

The name 12 Minute Affiliate reflects how simple it is to set up and operate. However, I doubt that the average person can set it up in only 12 minutes. Some user testimonials indicate that it may take up to 60 to 90 minutes. From a marketing perspective, 12 minutes sounds much better than 60 to 90 minutes.

12 Minute Affiliate is a plug and play system that only takes 12 minutes to set up for it to be up and running. It emphasizes that affiliate marketing is easy and profitable. With 12 Minute Affiliate, making money online becomes easy as 1-2-3 with ZERO technical skills and ZERO prior experience required. However, having some skills and previous experience is a plus.

what is 12 minute affiliate

12 Minute Affiliate highlights.

You will have access to a one or complete set of sales funnels. The sales funnels include pre-designed landing pages, which are opt-in or bridge pages. Intermediate and advanced members can take advantage of the custom landing pages available to all members.

Note: Opt-in pages collect email addresses for your autoresponder. If you are unfamiliar with autoresponders, then read my AWeber marketing system review. You can load the 12 Minute Affiliate pre-written emails into your autoresponder to send periodically to people who subscribe to your list.

For members who decide not to use an autoresponder, the landing page becomes a bridge page (without opt-in form) that pre-sells the product and links the visitor to the product sales page.

I always recommend setting up an autoresponder to help you build an email list. The reason is that most people do not buy at the first opportunity to do so. People must be exposed to the product several times before they decide to buy. An autoresponder drips your offers and promotions to subscribers over some time.

The following demo video provides a quick overview of what 12 Minute Affiliate is.

​Who Created 12 Minute Affiliate?

The man behind this breakthrough system is Devon Brown. He is a well-known internet marketer, who has created other products ​including Webcopycat. He is an entrepreneur ​who believes that success does not happen overnight because it took him ​seven years to figure out how to successfully earn money online. That is why he is sharing this powerful system because this can give you the best chance to succeed in affiliate marketing without spending seven years to figure out how.

He has created other systems in the past that have helped thousands of people and many in the internet marketing industry know him. So you can be sure that his system works and is not a scam.

Who Should Use 12 Minute Affiliate?

Anyone who does not have time to create their products or develop their website and sales funnels will benefit from a done-for-you system. Included would be people wanting a side hustle or part-time income, but have little time available.

People without design skills or copywriting ability would benefit from pre-designed landing pages and pre-written emails. Otherwise, they would need to find training to learn the skills.

It is suitable for beginners who want to try affiliate marketing without having the trouble and cost of building websites or writing articles and posts for their sites.

People who have struggled to make money online because they cannot get enough people to look at their offers would benefit from 12 Minute Affiliate.

How to Use 12 Minute Affiliate?

After purchasing the system, you will get a checklist with step-by-step instructions on how to start. Within the member’s area, you can choose from a variety of products to promote within the three available niches. The niches are large, evergreen niches with lots of products available, home business, weight loss, and personal development.

Once you have chosen your niche and products, you follow the three simple steps.

Step 1 – Personalize the System - Add your affiliate link to the products are promoting so that the commissions go to you.

Step 2 – Get Website Visitors - Promote the landing pages yourself or buy the 12 Minute Affiliate done-for-you traffic that only takes as little as 2 minutes. Optionally, users order website visitors to their automated system that does all the selling. My 20+ years of marketing online has taught me that it is challenging to get people to go to your pages or websites.

Step 3 – Collect your Affiliate Commissions - Deposit your commission or get a commission check.

What Does 12 Minute Affiliate Cost?

12 Minute Affiliate has a variety of options available for members who join.

First of all, there is a 14-day trial offer for $9.95. After that, you will pay $47 per month or $97 per month, depending on either the Basic or Gold membership level.

The following chart shows the two membership levels available.

12 Minute Affiliate membership options

​Chart shows the differences between the basic and upgraded membership options.

12 Minute Affiliate Pros and Cons


  • Pre-made landing pages and pre-written emails eliminate the need to develop your own
  • Integrates easily into your autoresponder
  • Set up in popular, high-demand niches to increase success rates
  • Video and documented training available as well as private Facebook group and member training sessions
  • Affiliate marketing is a business model that works well if done right.
  • It is a simple system with easy to do instructions
  • Optional upgrades to enhance your basic package, including done-for-you setup and traffic.
  • Backed with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked!


  • Limited to three niches. So if you find another product to promote, then you will need to create your own sales funnel
  • May be challenging for beginners, particularly those without a budget to pay for traffic and need to rely on free traffic sources.
  • Making $460 a day is not a realistic expectation for a beginner.
  • Relying on done-for-you systems does not teach you essential marketing skills to build your promotional materials.

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate Summary

Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, and 12 Minute Affiliate is a powerful system that can make earning easier with affiliate marketing using profitable niches.

Members who plan and do the work using the system should benefit over time. Devon Brown nails it in this short video.

With the 60-day money-back guarantee, 12 Minute Affiliate is worth a test drive.

Check it out now.

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