Surf to Cash Formula Review: Can You Make $500 a Day or Not

Before joining, read this Surf to Cash Formula review because you may want to pass on this business opportunity.

Surf to Cash Formula (STCF) promotes itself as a marketing funnel system to promote your business as well as STCF by using free traffic sources.

I signed up for free (only Vira Lightning) after receiving the following email. I wanted to see the “secret” automated traffic system that would make up to $500 a day. After all, it was my “lucky day.”

surf to cash formula review

​Who could resist clicking on this money maker?

I have seen enough overly-hyped offers in my 20+ years marketing online to be cynical of promotions like this.

Read my Surf to Cash Formula review to see my shocking conclusion.

What is Surf to Cash Formula?

STCF is a multi-step Done-for-You (DFY) marketing funnel that combines several proven income producing programs. The formula is designed to make money by promoting the funnel system using free surf-type traffic sources. The traffic sources are traffic exchanges and safelists as well as Facebook. STCF functions as a downline builder. By joining STCF and signing up for the included programs, members can promote their STCF affiliate link instead of all the individual affiliate/MLM program links.

STCF includes modular training to help members join and set up the various programs. Training also includes videos to help members promote not only STCF as a business opportunity but their programs as well.

The Surf to Cash Formula program gives members marketing tools (banners, email swipes, and text ads) to help them promote STCF.

How Does Surf to Cash Formula Work?

Surf to Cash Formula combines several existing make-money-online sales funnels (Vira Lightning and Power Lead System) with a systematic approach to using free traffic sources to promote the one money-making system.

Step 1: Sign up for vTrafficRush, a free viral ad system.

Step 2: Sign up for Vira Lightning, a income producing sales funnel. People have two options to join Vira Lightning. Either pay $37 for two products (60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula and Fast Traffic Bot) or recruit 5 people for their sponsor. $37 for the two products is half of the price of the products sold separately.

Vira Lightning upsell at Surf to Cash Formula

​Pay $37 or recruit 5 people for my sponsor. Tough decision!

People buying the two products will receive a coupon code that will unlock the Vira Lighting application and access the two products. 60 Minutes Free Traffic Formula is for Facebook advertising. Fast Traffic Bot is useful for automating the use of safelists.

Bryan Winter developed Vira Lightning. He also created other income-producing products, including 5 Figure Day, 5iphon Hardcore, Dual Squeeze, and My Traffic Coop.

Step 3: Join the Power Lead System, which is proven (5+ years) marketing platform with business tools as well as an affiliate/MLM program. The business tool suite includes autoresponders, lead magnets, lead capture pages, video sales pages, tracking tools, and more. The sales funnel is designed to sell the business tool suite (business in a box, if you prefer). The sales funnel includes upsells and downsells, including a monthly subscription and upgrades.

Complete the Training and Related Tasks

Once a member completes the three steps, they can start the training and related actions. The training consists of 6 modules.

  • Module 1 - Activating your traffic systems. The free traffic systems include 21 safelists and seven traffic exchanges of which you join if you have not already.
  • Module 2 - Setting up your marketing system. Your marketing system is the Power Lead System (PLS), which requires setting up your free traffic and Facebook links within PLS. STCF account information is added to PLS as well as part of your sales funnel system. At this point, you can add your primary business link to the Viral Traffic Rush ad system.
  • Module 3 - Creating tracking links. STCF uses subdomains to track traffic status and results.
  • Module 4 - Setting up the automated traffic formula is using the tracking links created in module 3 and adding them to the free traffic sites. If you unlocked the Vira Lightning system, you have access to the Fast Traffic Bot.
  • Module 5 - Your daily action plan focuses on setting goals, strategies for surfing the traffic exchanges for credits to promote your links. Strategies include setting up safelist email ads and schedules based on individual safelist mailing policies.
  • Module 6 - Done For You Traffic System focuses on paid advertising using solo ad sources. Module 6 also includes motivational material to help members stay motivated and consistent.

What I Like and Don't Like

You CAN make money with the Surf to Cash Formula. But it will take work and lots of it. The STCF training shows that it will take effort on your part. Else, they would not have included motivational training knowing that people will give up when results do not come as expected.

Surf to Cash Formula Pros

  • You can sign up with STCF and see the entire ​training.
  • Proven income programs and tools with Power Lead System and Vira Lightning
  • Clear, precise steps to set up your marketing system
  • A complete training program with videos

Surf to Cash Formula Cons

  • Surf to Cash Formula does not disclose the minimum costs necessary to promote the program effectively.
  • I am not sure why they added vTrafficRush as the free viral ad system. VTR only has two payment options, PayPal and Payza. PayPal has been aggressively closing Make-Money-Online type business accounts since these accounts are contrary to PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy. Furthermore, Payza has been shut down for use in the United States.
  • The free traffic sources (traffic exchanges and safelists) are time-intensive to earn enough credits to promote your STCF program link unless you upgrade in them. Some people consider using traffic exchange and safelist surfing as a "bottom-feeding" form of marketing the low quality of traffic and a waste of time.
  • The STCF does not work unless you upgrade in the Power Lead System to use the STCF-coded landing pages and autoresponder.
  • The promotional material overstates the make money quickly idea. While the potential is there to make $500 a day, you need the skill set to do it

Is Surf to Cash Formula a Scam?

The short answer is: NO.

When I first saw the email promoting Surf to Cash Formula, my initial reaction was it's a big-time scam.

After all, I have seen so many get-rich-quick systems over the years. I am cynical that they work as promised. However, I ​looked at ​this one with the idea to create a Surf to Cash Formula review to expose it as a scam. And at the same time, offer my #1 recommended program as an alternative.

To make money with Surf to Cash Formula requires you to promote it. If you don't, you WILL NOT make money. And, unless you upgrade at the free traffic sources, you will need to surf a lot.

Unlike content marketing focused on search engine optimization, STCF is not passive income. It takes action.

Surf to Cash Formula Review Conclusion

If you follow the step-by-step instructions, complete the training, take the necessary action, and stay consistent and patient, you can make money with Surf to Cash Formula. That is a lot of IFs.

If you do not like writing, then blogging or content marketing are not for you. So STCF may be an alternative.

I hope my Surf to Cash Formula review has provided useful information. If you have questions or comments, please fill out and submit the form below. I am looking forward to responding.

Please share.

Surf to Cash Formula


User Friendly











  • Proven income programs
  • Complete business tool set
  • Clear set-up process
  • Complete training


  • Costs are not displayed
  • Upgrades required
  • Hyped promotional material
  • Traffic source quality questionable

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