Starting from Zero Audiobook Review

If you are looking for a Starting from Zero review, then you are in the right place. This is a review of the Starting from Zero audiobook edition 2.0 written by Fred Lam.

If you want to start an eCommerce business selling products from your new online store, then Fred Lam shows you how to start​ and build a successful online business.

​My review will tell you what it is and whether it's worth you checking it out​.

starting from zero audiobook review

​Starting from Zero, 2nd Edition

But first,

Who is Fred Lam?

Furthermore, why should you listen to what Fred says?

Fred Lam​ is very successful in e-commerce ​entrepreneur​ generating 7-8 figure income from online e-commerce​ sales. You can read more about Fred on his website.

In case you don't what to read what Fred says about himself, then how about what experts say about Fred?


​​​He’s literally a guru and helping people go from zero to starting their own business and earning millions of dollars.

another Fred Lam testimonial
​Les Brown


​This dude ​here is an eCommerce specialist. 

starting from zero testimonial
​Grant Cardone

​There’s a lot of brilliant marketers but there’s very few brilliant marketers that has the heart that Fred has.

Anik Sinal photo
Anik Singal

Robert T. Kiyosaki, best-selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," wrote the the foreword to the book and is clearly endorsing Fred’s Starting From Zero product. He said,

"Read this book by Fred. Consider Fred as your possible rich dad. Fred built his business from the ground up from his kitchen table. His system is ingenious. Fred will show you how you can sell any of over 1 million products - without a dime of investment! His system saves you from needing employees, or investors, or a factory. You just need a computer and your kitchen table.
Read this book, consider what Fred is teaching. Maybe this is the opportunity you need to grab.”

​Many people don’t have ​experience and knowledge about online business and are starting from zero. But if you are committed and determined to learn even without experience, no time and little money, Fred Lam’s Starting From Zero can help you to start your online business venture.

What is Starting From Zero?

Starting From Zero is an audio book by Fred Lam that ​describes his 5-step formula to ​creating an E-commerce business ​as if he were starting over. This audio book will train you to create your own online store, source products and target the right audience and multiply your profits using the same process again and again. 

The following image shows the 5-step process.

5 step process to creating an eCommerce business

Successful businesses use processes to improve success rates.

Starting From Zero ​gives everybody a chance to ​learn information to create and succeed on their very own online business.

The audio book and digital copy is the first product in the Starting from Zero product line. The following chart briefly describes the OPTIONAL products.

Product Name



​Brilliantly Strategic Framework


​New ​media ​buying training shows 6 different business models with traffic tactics for anyone to start an online business. 


$147 for 3 mo. +

​​12-Week training ​for becoming an eCommerce Entrepreneur PLUS access to two results-driven automation tools, Shopzie & ​Shopzie is an automation tool for Shopify dropshippers to save time and money. Best part is, all orders placed with Shopzie will get up to 6.9% cashback! Price is $147 for 3 months plus $49 monthly. There is a $1 7-day trial + $49 monthly option.

​Influencer Masterclass


​Step-by-step training on influencer marketing by Connor James – a successful 7-figure Instagram Expert + my top student! He will show how to build, grow, and scale your business through the power of influencers. Earn up to $98.50 in commissions! Optional payment plan of $79 X 3.

​How does Starting From Zero Work?

Starting From Zero follows ​Fred Lam's 5-Step System:

Step 1 – Store Creation - With the technology today, you can easily create an online presence, something that you c​ould not do decades ago. You will be ​shown the resources to create an online store ready in just a few minutes.
Step 2 – Inventory Arbitrage - You want to sell but don’t have money to have your own products? Well, you can sell products without risking any of your money and you don’t even need a place to store them or worry about how to ship them.
Step 3 – Targeted Visitors - Generating traffic to your business is ​essential to your success. It can be confusing, but with this audiobook you will be taught how to do it easily with simple instructions.
Step 4 – Profit Multiplier - Once you gain customers, ​scale up your advertising. Remember, the more money your customer spends means more earnings and more traffic.
Step 5 – Rinse and Repeat - With this system, you can create more businesses that you can improve, ​,or leave it as legacy to your kids.

Follow these 5 simple steps to create your own success just like Fred Lam’s successful students.

The following short video gives a quick introduction to eCommerce and Fred Lam.

​What I Like about Starting from Zero

  1. ​The Starting From Zero Foreword ​was written by Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" that has sold millions of copies worldwide!
  2. The audiobook provides lots of information on eCommerce saving time searching for it online.
  3. The audiobook and digital product were written by an acknowledged expert.​
  4. ​The cost of the audiobook is very affordable. For something that is packed with valuable information and simple, easy to follow steps to creating your own success online, ​the book provides lots of value.
  5. ​The audiobook provides a good overview of ​Fred Lam's 5-step system that is proven to work. ​
  6. ​You don’t need a ​lot of capital for this business nor a huge space to keep inventory.
  7. ​Anybody can do this business, even those with no experience, with little time and little money.
  8. ​This 2nd edition updates and adds more information and techniques to build your business successfully.
  9. ​It has a 30-day money-back guarantee​.

​What I Don't Like

  1. ​Currently, it can only be purchased online.
  2. ​An eCommerce business is not for everyone, even if it sounds easy to do.
  3. The audiobook is a lead in to higher-priced training.

​Starting from Zero Audiobook Review Summary

You don’t need to worry anymore if you lack the experience or the money to start your online venture. Start From Zero will definitely aid you to build your own business making you a successful online entrepreneur.

Whether you want a spare cash or an income generating business that will give you the time and financial freedom that you have been dreaming of, Starting From Zero is a great way to start your success.

Have the life that you want, take back your life and use your time according to your own terms, you can be successful using this 5-Step System to Success.

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starting from zero review

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Starting from Zero Audiobook


User friendly











  • Excellent overview of eCommerce
  • Proven system for success
  • Affordable price
  • Convenient audio format
  • Content is upated and current


  • Only available online
  • Book is lead in to higher-priced training

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