SFI Marketing Group Review – Is SFI a Scam?

SFI Hompage

SFI Homepage

September 21, 2016
Name: Strong Future International (SFI)
Overall Ranking: RECOMMENDED
Price: $0.00
Owners: Carson Services Inc. (Gery Carson)
Website: sfimg.com

Strong Future International (SFI) is an E-Commerce business opportunity started in 1998. Starting with 1 product they have expanded to offering over 89,000 products worldwide. SFI products and services are available in 190+ countries. SFI affiliates are provided professional websites to promote SFI products and services.

This review and many SFI online business reviews recommend SFI. Yet, you will find SFI home business scam reviews as well.

SFI Marketing Group Introduction

SFI Marketing Group is composed of two parts, the SFI affiliate Program and TripleClicks, the E-Commerce website.

The SFI Affiliate Program

The SFI affiliate program has been in existence since the last century! And is popular within the Internet Marketing niche. Free to join, SFI has over 1 million affiliates worldwide.

The SFI affiliate program uses a multi-level marketing business model. As such, affiliate compensation is dependent upon sales of products and services through TripleClicks. Every product or service sold has a commission volume associated with it. Affiliate compensation is then determined by the amount commission volume generated by the associate, the associates’s personally sponsored associates and their sponsored associates, as well as TripleClick customers (members).  Furthermore, affiliates do not earn compensation for recruiting new associates.

For more information about the MLM business model, please click here.

SFI Affiliate Center

“The SFI Affiliate Center is the back office for SFI affiliates,” stated Captain Obvious. This screen shot shows the SFI Affiliate Center menu bar.

SFI Affliate Center

The green tab reflect the daily actions were completed for September 21st. SFI uses a point system that ultimately determines an affiliate’s ranking within their system. In addition to completing training lessons, affiliates earn points doing daily tasks and reviewing reports and other activities.


SFI Income Training

SFI Income Training

The SFI affiliate program has an extensive library of training. For example, the Getting Started Training has 61 lessons. The lessons cover introductions to TripleClicks, internet marketing, compensation, sponsoring, team building, and more.

SFI affiliates have an incentive to complete Getting Started Training lessons. As they complete lessons, they earn activity points that ultimately will determine their award levels within SFI. The point system applies to a number of daily or routine business activities within SFI.

Additional training includes the Internet Income Course 2.o, Strategies for Recruiting E-Commerce Associates, generating TripleClick Sales, Sponsoring Affiliates, and a bunch of other courses.

Supporting the training is the members’ forum. The forum provides affiliates the opportunity to communicate with other members and support staff to resolve issues, brainstorm ideas, and network.


The TripleClicks E-Commerce site is a combination of different things. It is a combination of a live auction site, storefront for E-Commerce Associates (companies that sell their new products on TripleClicks), storefront for SFI products, and a game site. TripleClicks also enables members to sell their used, unwanted items much like a garage sale.


TripleClicks Homepage

TripleClicks Homepage

Currently, there are 3,150 E-Commerce Associates (ECA) approved for selling their products and services on the TripleClicks E-Commerce website. TripleClicks features hot products, featured stores as well as highest rated stores (members can rate the stores).


Our Price: $400
Not a TripleClicks Member? Learn more about the many benefits HERE.


PRICEBENDERS™ is the TripleClicks’ live penny auction site that allows members to bid on and win hot, name brand products for a fraction of the retail prices. Every auction starts at one penny! Every bid increases by one penny!


PriceBender deals

PriceBender deals

TripleClicks is free to join for those interested in becoming members to shop at this E-Commerce site.

Good/Not so Good


  • SFI owners and leaders make it clear this is a business and requires commitment and effort. They have provided extensive training and marketing materials to assist with TripleClick sales and affiliate/member sponsoring.
  • Training is extensive. The Getting Started training lessons are essential for all members to get off to a good start, particularly beginners. The training is designed so that affiliates earn as they learn.
  • FREE to join. SFI  provides the affiliate websites and back office support without cost.
  • Amazing pricing at the PriceBenders! The penny auctions are a great way to buy name-brand products at significantly reduced prices. PriceBenders also features Buy it Now for members that want to buy immediately instead of bidding.
  • Personal support is good! The responsive, active groups enable beginners to start quickly as well as experienced members resolve challenges.
  • Huge number of products and services available. 89,000+ which includes local and foreign sources. Need I say more?


  • Free to join. Being free to join means many tire kickers and lookie-lou’s join to check it out. New members should adjust their expectations that new members they sponsor may not stick around or build the business. While free to join, monthly purchases of products may be required to meet qualifications for compensation.
  • The amount of training and reference material may be over whelming for someone new to internet businesses or marketing. Fortunately, leadership stresses the importance of starting correctly and not worry about sales or profits.
  • Compensation Plan. SFI compensation plan is not the easiest to understand because of the different ranks and qualifications like so many other MLM businesses. One the plus side, active, successful affiliates have the opportunity to make life-changing income.

SFI  Summary

If you are looking for an E-Commerce affiliate program, then SFI is worth a look. Hopefully, this SFI Marketing Group review has answered the question, “Is SFI a Scam?”

As an MLM business opportunity, the focus of the SFI affiliate program is clearly on sales of products and services.

SFI Marketing Group Review Final Verdict

The SFI home business opportunity is:

Contact List Builder is Recommended



As with any program, your due diligence is required. SFI is not a get-rich-quick deal. It takes time and commitment to work.

I make commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

If you have any questions or comments about SFI Marketing Group, please fill in and submit the form below. I love feedback.

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