Setting Goals for Your Home Business

Setting goals for your home business is an important part of developing a business strategy. Consequently, it is essential to take the time to set goals that are measurable and directly under your control.Home Business Goals

Static Goal Setting

Most people tend to set goals based solely on their outcome. These are often referred to as “static goals.” An example of a static goal is to increase your subscriber count by 100 people this month, or make 10 additional sales. The problem is that you have no control over the outcome. You could work hard to achieve your goal. But you could still fail because people did not respond in a predictable or timely manner.

Static goals are often more of a detriment than not setting goals at all. This is because it can be very frustrating if you do not meet results oriented goals. The frustration could lead you to give up on your process which, given a little more time, would prove to be very beneficial. This type of situation is especially true if you are just getting started out with your online business. You may want to get 100 new customers, but the time frame may be unrealistic. As a result, you change strategies even though your original strategy would have been effective given more time.

Dynamic Goal Setting

To set effective goals, you need to make them “dynamic.” Dynamic goals are internally driven, which means you are in control over whether or not you meet them. With complete control, it is easier to gauge how effectively you are achieving them. Additionally, you may evaluate your progress against your plans.

As an example, here is a quick look at a few dynamic goals that can be combined with a traditional static goal of increasing the number of customers.

One of the best ways to get people to visit your website is to have useful, up-to-date content. A dynamic goal would be to publish two useful posts to your blog every week. This seems like a very simple goal, but over the course of several months it can improve your website dramatically. Repeat visitors will see up-to-date content.

Another method of increasing the number of your customers is to write three detailed and helpful comments on different, related websites or blogs every week. These comments may help give you an aura of authority, and encourage people to visit your website.

In summary, your business success is determined by setting goals for your home business. The best goals are dynamic in being measurable and under your control. The number of dynamic goals that you can create are limitless.

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  1. Glen what an awesome article you have written!
    I think it’s great that you distinguished between static and dynamic goals!
    I have both set but I noticed I get more satisfaction from my dynamic goals rather than the static ones.
    Thanks for illuminating the differences


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Mike. I believe having the right goals is critical. Nothing worse than having impossible goals. Totally frustrating and a set up for failure. r/Glen


  2. It is really great to set goals in pushing your business to success. Measuring your progress motivates and marks how far you are getting near with your goals. I agree with you that setting goals dynamically is more helpful since you have control over yourself and the efforts you put towards achieving your goals. I do that everytime and monitoring progress keeps me motivated.


    1. Thanks, I appreciate your comments. Glad to hear you set goals that keep you motivated.


  3. great information. You are correct every success story starts with goals. What do yo meant limitless goals?


    1. Sahan, thanks for commenting. What I mean by limitless goals is that you control whatever goals you set. Any goal you want.


  4. Hi Glen,
    Very important to make the distinction between static goals and dynamic goals. And then choose the dynamic ones.
    Clearly picking dynamic goals will keep stress and frustration at bay. Not to mention feelings of inadequacy not reaching a planned static goal.


    1. Tezsie, thanks. You are right about goals. One of the reasons I left my last job was because management gave us goals that were impossible to meet. Everyone complained but goals did not change. Of course no one met the goals.


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