Online Selling Tips

Here are online selling tips for new online business owners and those currently struggling. Anybody who has been involved with online businesses know the difficulty of selling. The Small Business Administration data shows a very poor success rate for new businesses. Hopefully, these online selling tips will help improve success rates.

Reasons why people fail at selling

While not inclusive of all reasons, my experience online shows these to be very common.

1. It is easy to start an online business. Easy to start, easy to fail. Anybody with an internet connection can create a website or blog and immediately start promoting  products and services online. You could be “in business” in less than an hour.

The problem with an easy start is that many people have little commitment, time or money to make a business work. Many lack the skills and knowledge to create a successful business. Starting a traditional bricks-and-mortar business requires a strong commitment and sufficient resources.

Online selling tipsWithout a commitment, resources or skills and knowledge, failure is easy to predict.

2. Selling is not as simple as many people think. Too many people fall for the idea of easy money or the automated sales funnels promoted on the internet. They do not understand that successful sales only comes from the hard work of learning and promoting their online business. “Building a website and they will come” is the wishful thinking traffic generation method. Online business owners should have an understanding of different traffic generation methods of getting visitors to their websites.

3. A clear marketing strategy is necessary. Business owners need to generate leads and convert them into sales. A lot of the process CAN be automated, such as advertising, lead-capture and email follow-up. Unfortunately, most people get started without any clear idea about how to build a compelling and effective advertising campaigns.

4. An urge for anonymity can be a detriment to online selling success. Many failing online marketers are unwilling to engage directly, one-to-one with potential clients. The Internet seems to offer a way for people to mass market anonymously and sit back while money pours in. Many potential clients do product research to learn more about a product or service they want. Purchasers want to have trust before they commit to a purchase. The more open and communicative an online seller is, the more likely it is that he or she will be able to convert leads into customers and build a successful business.

5. Finally, even those who commit to taking action often fail simply because their actions are often inappropriate. One area where this is most evident is the message they communicate to potential customers. Too many people believe that the best way to make sales is to sell, sell, sell. It seems logical, but overselling often has the effect of turning off potential customers. It also weakens the seller position by making him or her seem desperate for the sale.

Online selling tips

Online selling tips makes me happy.The best tip is do your homework. Learn about online business models, marketing channels, sales process, types of purchasers, customer engagement plus some ad copy skills. Or hire someone to do it for you.  You can learn as you grow.

Have a plan. Establish goals for your business and yourself. For more information about planning, click here.

A better strategy is to stop worrying about the sale and start thinking about how you can advise and serve the purchaser. Good advice, given freely, builds trust, and trust builds sales faster than anything else.

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