Military Skills in a Home Business

How your military skills apply in creating a home business

Veterans are able to easily apply their military skills to a home business environment. Veterans, as a group of people, do well in the business world. With the extensive military training, variety of assignments around the world and challenges of complex problem solving, veterans succeed with home businesses every day.

Infographic of military veteran skills

The following military skills list shows how military veteran can succeed with their own business. The military veteran has learned:

Systematic planning and organization – Veterans have learned military operations and exercises require careful planning and resource management. They have learned to apply the correct mix of resources to effectively achieve specified objectives. And assessments and evaluations are used to determine required adjustments. The same kind of planning and organizational skills are essential to creation of a successful business.

Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines – Pressure and deadlines is integral to military operations. Extensive preparation goes into doing it right the first time. The same thing applies in the business world, where the loss of sales to competitors means less profits.

Multi-national training

Multi-national training

Ability to get along with and work with all types of people – The armed services attracts all kinds of people from all walks of life regardless of race, sex, gender, age, religion or intelligence. The military has been in the forefront of many societal changes including integration and acceptance of women in combat roles. In the business world, business owners deal with customers as diverse as found in society.

Leadership – Veterans have had military training to accept and discharge responsibility for others, resources and including their own behavior. This in turn has an impact on the ability to create a successful home business.

Ability to follow directions – Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have learned accountability for their actions. They understand and use discipline in life. Discipline translates easily in the business environment where attention to detail is important in achieving objectives.

Flexibility and adaptability – Veterans have learned to change with the situation and needs of the mission. This skill readily translates to the business world because of constant change. By overcoming and adapting, businesses stay flexible to meet changes in economy, competition, regulations and the like.

Strong work habits – Veterans stay and finish projects. They complete missions in a timely and effective manner. They get the job done. The same thing applies in creating a successful business. Where others would give up, veterans continue strong.

Specialized training skill

Advanced training

Specialized advanced training – Veterans frequently have taken advanced training and cross training learning new skills. Training could be in classroom, on location, or on the job. When operating your own business, it is not uncommon to discover new skills are required.

Standards of quality and commitment to excellence – Veterans have learned and applied individual and unit standards of conduct, and committed to applying quality in meeting missions and unit goals. Successful businesses are committed to excellence and quality of products and services.

Initiative – Veterans have learned the ability to originate plans of actions & milestones or tasks to solve complex problems across functional fields. In the business world, initiative is a prized skill in meeting company goals and objectives.

Country music singer Tim McGraw poses with a Sailor

Singer Tim McGraw poses with a Sailor

This list of military skills above reflects the kind of skill set that leads to business success. A home business owner needs to be able to plan, adapt, learn new skills and deal with all kinds of people from customers, suppliers and other business people. These military skills can help a veteran make his vision of his future a reality.

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