How to Make Money with the JVZoo Affiliate Program

The JVZoo affiliate program will help you make money online, even if you are a beginner. ​

You may agree that it is a pretty bold statement to make. Lots of people ​scorn JVZoo for the amount of low-quality digital products.

​I will show you how making money with JV​Zoo can be done, even if you are new to affiliate marketing.

What is the JVZoo Affiliate Program?

​​JVZoo facilitates and automates online sales, marketing, and delivery. ​It sells mostly digital products worldwide created by entrepreneurs. ​Furthermore, JVZoo has recently authorized sellers to offer physical products.

Sellers can develop and sell their products through the JVZoo affiliate network. Customers order products through the seller's secure order forms paying by credit card or PayPal.

As a member of the JVZoo affiliate program, you can promote the sellers' products and earn massive commissions.

Affiliates use a JVZoo-provided referral link to direct customers to the seller's site. If a customer then buys a product, you receive a percentage of the sale that is credited directly to your JVZoo account. ​

The remaining discussion will focus on the affiliate role in making money with JVZoo.

Who ​Is JVZoo for?

The JVZoo affiliate program is for bloggers and marketers who want to provide solutions to meet the needs of their target audience. JVZoo also enables product creators to sell their products on JVZoo.

Beginner and experienced affiliate marketers can do well, making money with JVZoo.

The JVZoo Knowledge Base has an article on signing up. The link to the sign-up page is here.

How to Find Good JVZoo Products

Making money with the JVZoo affiliate program depends on picking the right products.

Your primary focus should be providing value to your target audience. Value is providing solutions to their problems or challenges. 


​​I bought many JVZoo products over the years. To this date, I still use most of them. So, if a product works as advertised and provides excellent value, I will recommend them.

I recently purchased a product creation tool called DigiProduct Lab Pro. I am using this tool to create an ebook with cover. So far, it looks like a winner.

How do you find the right products?

First, understand your target audience and their needs. Then provide information or product recommendations that fulfill their ​needs.

The selection process can be done in a few steps. The steps are:

  • Step 1. Search the marketplace and find your niche among the product categories.
  • Step 2. Create selection factors to pick the best choice among alternatives.
  • Step 3. Create a list of potential products to promote.
  • Step 4. Review the products.
  • Step 5. Review the seller's sales page and affiliate promotional material.
  • Step 6. Decide how you will promote the product.
  • Step 7. Select the product to promote.

Step 1. Search the Product Listings

You can head over to the JVZoo affiliate back office after you have signed up. Look through the products listings to become familiar with it. You will find thousands of products to select from. JVZoo has several search options, including top sellers and featured products.

JVZoo has excellent products available. But there are low-quality products as well. So you should be careful when evaluating products to promote.

When searching the marketplace, you will see below each listing the sales statistics for each product.

screenshot of the JVZoo product listing

​Example of JVZoo products available with statistics.

Step 2. Identify the Selection Factors

You can use JVZoo statistics to choose products.

Ideally, you are looking for products that have good demand, high commissions, and low refund rates.

The number of sales represents sales volume since the product launched. It is a reflection of product demand.

Unless you ​create lots of traffic, I would choose a product with higher commissions. Furthermore, some products may offer periodic subscriptions. ​Recurring payments result in an income stream for you.

Many JVZoo products have sales funnels, which are additional, related products such as deluxe versions. Upsells are additional higher priced products in connection with the first. Often, the upsell offers a deluxe version of the original product. These other products usually have a higher conversion rate, allowing you to make more commissions.

If a buyer declines an upsell offer, the vendor may offer an inferior product or a monthly fee-based subscription to a membership site at a lower cost. This is a downsell.

You should also include quality factors. Factors could involve ​your opinion of the product, quality of the vendor website, and the quality of the vendors' promotional material. Unfortunately, I have requested refunds for products that did not live up to the ​ad copy.

Ask yourself,

Would you be proud to offer this product to your mom? In other words, does the product provide value for the price?

What the numbers tell us (from the JVZoo product page):

Launch Date: This is the date the product was made available for sale.
Sold: This number is the number of products sold to date.
Conversion: Conversion rate which is the percentage of clicks that result in sales.
Earnings per Click (EPC): This figure is an average commission stated in dollars per click. EPC is calculated by taking the total revenues you have generated over a period and then dividing that by the number of clicks you have created for that same period.
Average Price: This is the average price of a product sale and related products in the sales funnel.
Commission Rate: The commission rate stated as a percentage of the sales price.
Refund: The refund rate is stated as a percentage of the number of sales.

This information gives you an idea of how much you can make and the competition you may have for a given product.


​Simple Rule:

​Avoid products with high refund rates. The refund rate can be a reflection on the quality of the product or bad sales ad copy where the benefits of the product are grossly overstated.

Step 3. Create a Potential Product List

I recommend creating a spreadsheet or list of possible products to promote. Your list should include product name, seller website, and your selection elements and data.

Decide whether you want to promote new products being launched or older products with established track records (statistics).

Popular or new products may have more competition than established products. However, older products may be obsolete.

Step 4. Review the products

You can review products even if you have never purchased or inspected them.

Start by reviewing the seller website and promotional material for product specifications and descriptions. Assess product features. Do the features provide the benefits potential customers expect from the product? I occasionally find that the seller's ad copy is not very clear describing the features and benefits.

Your opinion matters.

If you are looking at multiple products, assessing the numbers may be the appropriate deciding factor.

Step 5. Review the Seller Sales Page and Affiliate Promotional Material

JVZoo seller reputation can have a significant impact on your profitability.

This is where I look for the "cheese" factor. 

Does the seller promotional material rely on overly hyped language to sell the product? Also, does the vendor make unsupported claims about the effectiveness of the products?

I have seen slick promotional material that made me wonder if the cost of making the sales copy was more than the product development costs.

Step 6. Decide How You Will Promote the Product

How you promote the product may impact your decision.

Should you decide to use paid advertising to promote products, the commission earned must be more than the advertising costs.

Using Google or Facebook ads can be expensive for beginners to use. I have heard tales of newbies spending lots on paid ads and not make enough sales to cover the cost. Bidding on valuable ad keywords can be budget busters.

You may want to consider writing product reviews. Product reviews are a great way to promote or recommend a product to your target audience.

Step 7. Select Product to Promote

Once you have picked a product to promote, click on the REQUEST APPROVAL button on the right of the listing. This will open a request form to send to the seller for approval. Generally, describe how and where you will promote the seller's product.

Affiliate request form goes to the vendor for approval.

​Tell the seller why and how you will promote the product.

The seller will either approve or disapprove your request to promote the product. The approval/disapproval will show up in the affiliate back office. An email will also be sent to your email address of record.

How JVZoo Affiliate Program Pays its Members

Until recently, JVZoo did not pay the affiliates.

Let me explain.

Until JVZoo made a fundamental change in the payment process, customers paid the vendors directly, and vendors paid affiliates directly for commissions using PayPal.

JVZoo Seller you can choose to accept payments through one or more of the following payment processors: Paypal, BlueSnap,, Zift, and Stripe.

JVZooPay is JVZoo's newest option for automated affiliate commission payouts. JVZooPay offers Sellers who use BlueSnap and/or PayPal as their payment processors to have the opportunity to pay their affiliate commissions through JVZooPay.

Since losing my PayPal account in 2018, I had no way to be paid affiliate commissions unless the vendor was willing to pay by check.

Now JVZoo collects the affiliate commission and fees at the time of the sale.

Collecting fees at the front end has fundamentally changed the relationship between the affiliate and the seller. ​Previously, two sellers did not pay commissions owed to me. One finally paid after six months even though they agreed to the JVZoo seller agreement.

You can receive payments through the following methods:

  • Check
  • Direct Deposit
  • JVZooPay – ACH payment to a bank account, Payoneer or PayPal accounts
  • Manual Payments

JVZoo Pros and Cons


  • ​Fast, easy, and free to join
  • ​Commissions up to 75%
  • ​​Refund statistics available
  • Recurring commissions
  • ​Great payment record
  • ​Multiple ways to get paid


  • ​Some poor quality products
  • ​Most of the products are in the Make-Money-Online niche
  • Potential exists of not being approved to promote popular products

JVZoo Affiliate Support

JVZoo has a variety of training sources and tools for affiliates.

Training is in the form of a Knowledge Base. If you cannot find an answer, you can open a support ticket. JVZoo uses a support ticket system. So there is no chat or telephone support (that I saw). The few times I submitted support tickets, the responses were timely.

Issues with the seller or seller's products should be addressed to the seller. My experience has been good. Most sellers are responsive because they want good relationships with the affiliates. On the other hand, I have experienced sellers who are unresponsive.

So, if I find an unresponsive seller, I will stop promoting their product. And I will write a product review calling out the seller, if the product is bad enough.

Affiliates have access to the JVZoo reporting system. The analytics tool provides statistical reporting of payments, transaction details as the image below shows.

JVZoo provides affiliate stats

​JVZoo tracks affiliate statistics.

Summary of the JVZoo Affiliate Program

Your key to making money with JVZoo is selecting great products to promote.

I don't have a problem with the low-quality products found on JVZoo. If they don't work, then I ask for a refund. I have purchased a few low-quality products and have received refunds as requested.

Like me, you will find great products as well. I still use many of the products I have purchased for my own use. The latest purchase as an example is the DigiProduct Lab to create my own digital products for sale.

Hopefully, I have provided a useful overview of JVZoo emphasizing the importance of doing your homework and research.

The 7 steps to making money are:

  • Step 1. Search the product listings and find your niche among the product categories.
  • Step 2. Create selection factors to pick the best choice among alternatives.
  • Step 3. Create a list of potential products to promote.
  • Step 4. Review the products.
  • Step 5. Review the seller sales page and affiliate promotional material.
  • Step 6. Decide how you will promote the product.
  • Step 7. Request approval for the product to promote.

If you have questions or comments or wish to share your experiences with the ​JVZoo affiliate program or affiliate marketing, please leave them below. I will be happy to reply. Please share. 

JVZoo Affiliate Program


User Friendly











  • ​Commissions up to 75%
  • Free to join and use
  • Multiple ways to get paid
  • Popular and new products
  • Detailed statistics


  • Number of Low-quality products
  • MMO products dominate
  • Sellers must approve affiliates

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