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You may agree that Instagram for business users has been difficult.

Or is it? 

Nowadays, online marketing is essential for every business to thrive. Online marketing helps businesses to reach a large target audience compared to other forms of marketing. Today, one of the most successful online marketing tools is through social media platforms such as Instagram.

My Instagram profile showing the Shorby link

Screenshot of my Instagram account with Shorby link. See Shorby screenshot below.

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Instagram App

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Starting a $9


Shorby is a tool that optimizes your Instagram traffic with clickable links, messengers, and social networks.


To increase traffic to your business or offer, you need the right optimization tools. One of the newest optimization tools is Shorby.

I am going to give you a detailed review below to help you determine if it is worth your consideration or not.

What is Shorby?

Shorby is an Instagram optimization app.  Shorby lets you to redirect your visitors from the Instagram page through links, social networks, and messengers. 

Bloggers, influencers, business owners, content creators, and artists find it a very useful. 

Shorby allows users to create links that lead the target audience to the custom profile. Instagram is an online marketing tool that has been proven to be very successful.

Shorby phone example

Shorby is easy to set up.

Shorby allows users to drive your Instagram followers to the website and other social media platform. Getting started with Shorby is easy since it requires users to create an optimized profile.

The following image shows my Instagram account with the link in my bio. Clicking on this link leads to my app with my website and social network links added. 

My Instagram and Shorby accounts linked

Shorby makes it easy to provide linking to other websites and social media accounts.

Key Features of Shorby Optimization Tool

My Shorby account set up for Home Business for Veterans

My Shorby Screen

1. 3 Bio links increases engagement One of the key features, why Shorby is a very famous tool for optimizing, is the three bio links. Users may include three links to redirect visitors to other websites and social networks. The benefit is to increase traffic and high returns on investment. 

2. Unlimited clicks With Shorby, the target audience can click on the links an unlimited number of times. This feature is crucial since it allows visitors to come back for more information on the user’s profile. Unlimited volume of clicks improves the user experience while ncreasing traffic flow. 

3. 3,000 tracked clicks are very crucial for every user who is trying to analyze traffic. It allows you to know how many visitors clicked your links and where they went. It also helps you determine your return on investment. This enables users to check whether they should continue using the optimizing tool. 

4. Unlimited links enables users to have as many links as they want. And they can direct the links to to any site they want. The results you get are increased web traffic. With unlimited links, users can reach a large audience. Note that the links are all clickable hence it increases the credibility of the blog or website. 

5. 10 branded links increases loyalty. The branded links allows users to build their brand name increasing loyalty. When the visitors click on the branded links, they can see the name of your company and the products offered. So, the branded links are another way of advertising business through linking. 

6. 1 ad platform Shorby users get 1 ad platform. They can retarget their visitors to an ad network such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. 

7. Updates start after the creation of an optimized profile on Shorby. Users will start receiving regular updates. The update notifications are quite helpful ensuring their Instagram page is optimal. 

Shorby Benefits 

There are many benefits that make Shorby a popular, useful Instagram optimization tool. Before purchasing this tool, it is important to understand the benefits below. 

1. User-friendly. Shorby is easy to understand and use. The process of using the app is not complicated, and users do not need any training or a user manual. When you get the Instagram optimizing tool, you can start using it immediately. 

Shorby bio links for Instagram

Shorby has a variety of themes and colors.

2. Support. Shorby has excellent customer support for their customers. The market offers a variety of optimization tools for Instagram. But it's hard to find one that offers good customer service. Whenever a user requests help from Shorby, they are quick to help and reply to messages and emails. Plus, they offer live chat where you can ask any questions or forward a complaint. 

3. Automation. Shorby has various automation features for its users. These automation features allow one to enhance their engagement with visitors. The automation features in Shorby allows users to measure their performance and track the success of the tool. 

4. Pricing. Shorby is one of the most affordable Instagram optimizing tools in the market. Before you buy, Shorby offers a five-day free trial to determine if it works for you or not. Using the free trial period, you are not required to provide credit card details. 

They offer various pricing plans to fit your budget as well as get the features you want. You can select start, pro, or agency packages. It is important to know the features you want and also have a budget before selecting a package. The tool comes with a lot of features that are beneficial hence it is worth your investment. 

Shorby Review Conclusion

Since its release, Shorby has gained popularity among a large audience of Instagram users. It is the best tool for optimizing Instagram pages. The features that you get from Shorby are unique, and you cannot find them from other tools. Shorby keeps everything super simple because that’s how they roll! 

With more than 800 million users, 25 million business accounts and two million advertisers, Instagram is one of the most used social media sites. Shouldn't you be using Instagram?


The Good Stuff:
  • Simple to use
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Great technical support
  • Different packages
The Bad Stuff:
  • Five-day trial
Shorby Instagram App Review

Shorby for Instagram business users

Want an app that supercharges your Instagram marketing?

I recommend Shorby because it enables me as well as YOU to use a popular social media network without the imposed limitations. It makes the user experience better and helps create better interaction with readers and clients.

If you have questions or comments, please fill out and submit the form below. I am looking forward to responding.

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