InstaCash Formula Review

​Before you join the InstaCash Formula program, I encourage you to read this InstaCash Formula review. I highlight the pros and cons as well as explain why I did not join. As a former owner of a similar program years ago, I explain the concept behind these types of "businesses in a box" and why they are popular.

Instacash Formula review

​InstaCash Formula not to be confused with Insta Cash Machine or other Insta Cash programs.

​InstaCash Formula Review


​Income Potential




InstaCash Formula is a money-making system based on getting referrals and building downlines in selected online business making programs.

​InstaCash Formula Overview


​March 2, 2019


InstaCash Formula





​$5 admin plus $5 or $20 membership fees (both are one-time)

Overall Ranking:

​Not Recommended

InstaCash Formula Introduction

InstaCash Formula promotes itself as an amazing marketing training platform and digital cash machine.

ICF uses a concept often referred to as a downline builder. The owner/operator selected a variety of optional money-making sites. New members are encouraged to join them either as free members, but preferrably as paid upgrade members. So the sponsors can earn a commission and residual income.

Instead of promoting a number of separate money-making programs, members can promote just one affiliate link, their ICF link.

​What is InstaCash Formula?

By joining ​and paying the one-time admin fee of $5 and paying either the $5 (Silver) or $20 (Gold) membership fee, members can join a number of incoming generating programs. They also have the opportunity to promote the InstaCash Formula "business in a box" program to others. Should a member be successful in sponsoring new members, they would earn the new member's membership fee.

In addition to earning income by sponsoring new members into InstaCash Formula, members can develop separate income streams from the recommended optional money-making programs. ORU is an exception. Paid membership in ORU is required and a condition for signing up with InstaCash Formula.

The InstaCash Formula recommended programs ​include:

  • ORU Network - ORU offers a “one-stop global social sharing, financial, trade and marketing software” tool for its customers for a monthly fee.
  • CashJuice - CJ is a community of people focused on networking, advertising, and making money online.
  • LeadsLeap - LL is an established (2010) online lead generation and advertising system and includes a revenue sharing component.
  • So Many Hits - SMH is a URL tracking and shortening service, meaning you can shorten all your affiliate links and track how many clicks they receive. Plus, it includes the ability to build an email list.
  • Traffic Ad Bar - TAB is a well-established Traffic Exchange where members can earn visitors to their own websites simple by visiting other members' websites and reading through ads.
  • Easy Hits 4U - EH4U is one of the oldest Traffic Exchanges with over 1 million members.

​By promoting the InstaCash Formula affiliate link, members are promoting the multiple income producing sites ​at the same time. 

I tried joining the InstaCash Formula program. However, membership in the ORU Network is required. Consequently, the ICF signup form will not process without the ORU membership information included. Read more below.

​Downline Builder programs are common in the internet marketing and make-money-online niches. They are often promoted as money-making programs or done-for-you (DFY) funnels or income builders.

Most are free to join as are the money-making programs promoted in the downline builders. They will include options to upgrade with larger commissions and other incentives, usually more advertising benefits.

​Some ​examples of other downline builders include:

​Why I Did Not Join InstaCash Formula

​I did not join InstaCash Formula because membership in the ORU network is required. InstaCash Formula uses the ORU payment processor to pay commissions.

Among other things included in the ORU network is​ ORUPay, which is a peer-to-peer payment ​app. ORU membership is not free. In addition to the $​24.99 registration ​fee, there is ​the monthly fee of $5.95.

ORU Marketplace claims ​ORU is neither a Multi Level Marketing, Networking, Direct Sales or Affiliate organization. FAQ #23. Yet, ORU members benefit from sponsoring new members. And InstaCash Formula promotes ORU as an income source.

InstaCash Formula promotes ORU as their #1 income source

​ICF lsits ORU as #1. Get paid daily from referring others is network marketing in my book.

​So the bottom line is that I ​am not willing to pay $30.94 to join a program to see if it is something I want to do or promote. 

Furthermore, the following video demonstrates the ORU compensation plan. Looks like MLM to me (having been in Amway in the 1990's).

​NOTE: From my experience, people who do well in MLM understand their role is to develop effective sales teams by recruiting, training, motivating, and supporting their team to make product sales. 

​The other reason for not joining InstaCash Formula is that I already have another international payment processor called UPHOLD​ which does not require a membership fee.

With PayPal limiting or canceling thousands of internet marketers' accounts recently, ORU members have been aggressively promoting ORU as an alternative to PayPal. Another potential alternative is Initiative Q, which was drawing lots of attention in social media in November 2018.

​InstaCash Formula Pros and Cons


  • ​The ​money-making programs included in downline builder programs provide a variety of useful internet marketing tools.
  • ​Screens out freebie seekers and tire kickers focusing on people will to invest in their money-making efforts.
  • ​Easy to implement and use.


  • Unknown owner. The website does not list any contact information for either the owner or administrator of the website. This is warning sign #7 of my online scams warning article.
  • ​​Only one method for paying commissions.
  • Requires joining a MLM program as a pre-condition of joining InstaCash Formula
  • Underestimates time it takes to be successful, particularly for newbies.


I recommend people PASS on joining InstaCash Formula. If there is a cost associated with joining, it should be a basic level membership and not buying into a payment processor. I am mostly concerned and will not join any program promoted anonymously online.

If the ORU Marketplace FAQ is correct that it is not an MLM business, then select members are misrepresenting the ORU business opportunity. ​

Reviewing ORU VISA card terms and conditions reveals lots of fees including fees for account balance queries and closing accounts.

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