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IBOTOOLBOXDate: October 29, 2016
Name: IBOtoolbox
Overall Ranking: RECOMMENDED
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Owner: IBOTOOLBOX Inc. (Paul Williams)
Website: ibotoolbox.com

Independent business owner (IBO) tool box is a business marketing platform designed to help business owners create their brand, network, build, and market their independently owned businesses.  IBOtoolbox is an active social networking sites for business owners.

All tools are free… No upgrades… No memberships… 100% free

Mr. Paul Williams, founder of IBOtoolbox stated the purpose of IBOtoolbox as “The main goal of IBOtoolbox and IBOsocial is for people to brand themselves.”

Introduction to IBOtoolbox

Since starting in 2010, IBOtoolbox has grown to be a very popular destination for independent business owners. As of today, Alexa.com ranks IBOtoolbox as the 33,657th most popular site in the world and the 18,328th most popular site in the United States.

The success and popularity of IBOtoolbox is due to achieving it’s goal!

IBOtoolbox provides a full set of tools for IBOs and very active social community, based on the volume of posts on the IBO wall.  The tools available include:

  • Advertising
  • Contact Manager
  • Facebook app
  • Business blogger
  • Lead generation
  • Traffic System
  • Press Release tool
  • and a bunch more!

Of particular note are several IBOtoolbox benefits as discussed below.

Two Key Benefits of IBOtoolbox – Independent Business Owner Marketing Platform

Of all the tools available to members, I find the Press Release tool and IBO Social Profile to be the best benefits. Others may say that the advertising resources rank on top.

The Press Release (PR) tool enables members to create and publish business blog posts about almost any topic (only limited by the Terms of Use). The PR content must be at least 250 words and may include graphics, videos, html coding, and text stylization.

IBOtoolbox is considered an authority site by the major search engines. Consequently, members’ published PRs will be indexed quickly by the major search engines. As a result, IBOtoolbox prefers “authentic content.” And plagiarized content will be deleted and the member’s account suspended.

The second key benefit is the member’s IBO Social Profile. This is the key to personal branding! The social profile enables a member to display a personal image, business and contact information, business and social network links, video links, and a front page editor to create a social profile web page. Members are also able to monetize their social profile with Google Adsense.

Please click on the following image to visit my IBO social profile.
My IBOtoolbox social profile

IBOtoolbox Pros and Cons


  • IBOtoolbox is free. There is an optional paid Club IBOthat provides additional advertising among other things.
  • Strong, active community of business owners
  • IBOtoolbox Press Release tool (business blog)
  • IBO Social Profile 
  • Ability to earn credits for advertising – Members have the option of buying additional advertising credits. (This is how IBOtoolbox generates revenue.)


  • IBO Wall posts scroll off screen quickly during very active sessions. There is a filter function to select types of posts viewers prefer to see.
  • IBOtoolbox is not a training site. It appears the assumption is that members are established business owners. However, there are webinars and separate training provided. Kris Karafotas runs a IBOtoolbox training platform. Also, IBOtoolbox has introduced a new function called IBOAnswers. IBOAnswers functions much like Quora.
  • Scammers are among the membership. Membership is open to all without qualification. So there are people who promote dubious programs. As with any program, due diligence is required before joining any of them.

IBOtoolbox Recommendation

I recommend IBOtoolbox for anyone looking for an independent business owner marketing network. It is a “safe haven” for those wanting to network with other like-minded business owners. IBOtoolbox provides the opportunity to meet people from around the world and all walks of business life.

I have been a member since January 13, 2014 and like to network with others.

If you have any questions or comments about IBOtoolbox, please fill in and submit the form below. I love feedback. I also would like to hear of other members’ comments about IBOtoolbox.


  1. Hello, I recently joined IBO and so far it has been a really great experience. I have been able to network with other business owners and I can advertise my business links. My favorite part of the site is reading others press releases and producing my own content each week with the business blogs. There are so many features it will take time to get acquainted with everything but I believe it is a great place for marketing and for learning.


    1. Thanks for commenting, Laurie. I appreciate seeing one of the IBOToolbox’s best members visiting my site.


  2. Thanks for a great review!
    I really appreciate your honest reviews, Stephanie! I was on the verge of joining this program and I did a little bit of research in order to assure that it is legit.
    Although IBO Toolbox doesn’t stack up too well against Wealthy Affiliate, the training, help an support is there, live too which is a huge benefit when comparing to the many scams out there.
    Are there any up to date promotional strategies to learn from as I read that most are outdated and that ain’t good for an ever evolving web based business?
    I am a blogger and looking to expand my business and certainly require some training on receiving visitors via Social Media into my website.
    How would you say their Social Media training stacks up against what Wealthy Affilite can provide as I’m looking to expand my skills through this avenue?


    1. Hi Dave. Thanks for commenting. I have been a member of IBOToolBox since January 2014 and Wealthy Affiliate since May 2016. IBOT’s strength is the ability to network with other business owners. Wealthy Affiliate’s strength is in the training. Both are good at identifying trends in marketing and promotional strategies. But WA provides more training with regards to social media. The predominate method of training on IBOT are the individual member Press Releases (blog articles). WA provides weekly live webinars on Fridays on current topics or issues. Plus members publish training articles on the onsite blog.

      One trend we are seeing now is the development of content that displays well on mobile devices. Google search engine results pages still give lots of weight to long, in-depth articles as well as video. But highly focused shorter blog posts seem to be trending well.

      Since IBOToolbox is free to join, it is worth signing up and checking it out. I also reviewed Wealthy Affiliate.


  3. IBOtoolbox is well explained. The article is very thorough. I think it well written and really catches the heart of the reader. I did not know about IBOtoolbox, but because of this site, I do have an understanding of what it is, Key benefits are pointed out and there is the section on pros and cons, which shows how honest the business is.


    1. Thanks, Jenn. I have been a member of IBOtoolbox for 3 years now. I probably don’t spend enough time there as I should. But at least it has been a good source of traffic to my websites.


  4. i like the idea of a website to help veterans earn $$$$$, i know how a lot of places treat people returning home, even here in my country, i think to fix the scammer problem they should ask for proof of being a VET, and they should offer a good training program to help em, but on the whole A++ for site, i think we should off something here in AUST too


    1. Thanks for commenting, Kevin. It really is unfortunate that people would pose as veterans. I know an FBI agent who used to track down people and even military veterans who claim to be Medal of Honor recipients. It’s done under the Stolen Valor Act.


  5. Wow! That was very helpful and very thorough. I’ve done both Real Estate investing and flipping and worked as an agent and the snaggs are what messes up so many people. If you don’t have a mentor/coach most people will give up just when success is around the corner. Thanks for paying the money yourself so that others don’t have to.


    1. Thanks, Jim. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I hope you had a chance to visit the IBOtoolbox site. It’s a great place to network as well as promote your business.


  6. Hi Glen,

    I took your advice and just signed up. I’m not entirely 100% sure what to do with it yet, but I’ll take a tour and see what else is on offer. Thanks for sharing this, it’s nice to get any kind of tools for free.

    I’ve added my badge and filled in my profile. Time to check out what’s on offer. Thanks for pointing out about the possibility of scammers using it. I’ll keep an eye out.


    1. Thanks, Craig. I appreciate you taking the time to review and comment as well as join IBOtoolbox. Tony Hamilton, an active Wealthy Affiliate member, has been selected as the IBO Featured Member of the Day a number of times. I hope you find IBOtoolbox useful and the training worthwhile.


  7. It seems to have a lot of the tools one would need for branding themselves online and being free it is definitely worth it.

    I do have a question though.

    See as a website creator myself and one that handles my own SEO efforts I am wondering that if there are folks there that have their URL tied to scams wouldn’t that by association tie my URL to the same scams when I sign up for a membership.

    Or do you not have to enter your website information when you are creating an account to the IBO tool box.

    Thank you for the review it has really captured my attention and I will check back soon for your response.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Jason. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I don’t think there would be an association between your URL and those tied to scams.There may be an indirect impact if the overwhelming numbers of links were spammy/scammy. This would lower the domain authority for IBOtoolbox, which is currently less than Wealthy Affiliate’s. You don’t have to enter your website information to my knowledge.

      I hope this helps.



  8. Thanks for sharing this tool and I will definitely look into this in the future. Surely, I needed some way to brand myself and to get my site out there and it feels painful that no one actually knows me.

    I believe in the concept of branding because it creates your identity. And definitely meeting new people to network with is always good for your business. Thanks for reminding me about those scammers, I’ll be looking out for them.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Dominic! Since it is FREE, definitely stop by IBOtoolbox and check out how to brand yourself. It will make a big difference in your results. I receive comments from people who have said they recognize me and my ads on the internet.


  9. These days it’s somewhat of a rarity see stuff given away for free like this – so it’s definitely refreshing at the very least!
    There really isn’t much resistance to just go and check it out, although scams might be a bit of an issue it still wouldn’t take from the over all *free* experience!

    Cheers, Vlad!


    1. Hi Vlad, I am glad you stopped by and commented! There a lot of exceptional people on IBOtoolbox. Most of the business blog posts are very good and worth reading.The less experienced and beginners are in the minority and seem to be the ones promoting dubious opportunities. They just don’t stay around very long.

      To your success,



  10. Hi Glen,
    Regarding IBOXTOOLBOX, I am presuming you can blog away by creating landing pages but who hosts the blog posts. Do you require a separate hosting service or is this included in the package?
    I’m very impressed with all the various apps and tools related with this software. It doesn’t surprise me with you recommending this program.
    Thanks for your recommendation – I like the sound of it.


    1. Hi Simon, I appreciate you taking time to review and comment. Thanks. IBOtoolbox hosts all the content members create. So they place members’ ads on the blogs. There is also space for members to place their Adsense ads as well. I have only posted 12 PRs (blog posts). But there are members who have posted hundreds. I just posted my first video yesterday. It was a short video about Wealthy Affiliate. I have already had 20 views. 🙂


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