How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest is rising fast.

Experts say Pinterest is now the number 2 social media network behind only Facebook.

Yet, according to VPDM Digital Marketing,  “Pinterest is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, that Google doesn’t own.”

Which is it? A social network site or search engine?


Pinterest for Business is it worth the effort

If it is a social networking site, it still ranks high!

Pinterest ranking in social media February 2017

Source: eBizMBA

Pinterest ranking on Alexa shows it in the number 4 spot.

Source: Alexa

But is it worth your time as a small or home business owner to include Pinterest in your marketing efforts?

Can Pinterest for business really help you drive traffic and make more sales?

Sounds like it is time for an experiment.

Now first let me say this… I’m not big into social media. Sure, as you can see at the far right of this page, I do not have many followers on Facebook. But I don’t do much with Facebook other that post my newsletter issues and contact potential partners occasionally.

I never really got into Twitter or Instagram either. I guess I would rather spend my free time on the golf course rather than posting in social media. In know, shame on me. I really need to be more involved in social media — especially if I want to generate more free website traffic and the passive income that comes along with it.

Each time I write a post I send out an email to my subscribers,my traffic and sales get a nice boost. I also get some organic traffic from search engines.

But since I kinda missed the boat with Facebook (I am reluctant to pay for advertising there) and other social media networks, I figured why not try out the next fast rising star Pinterest.

So I  joined for free at the Pinterest for Business sign up page awhile ago. I have not really done anything with my Pinterest account. I just put up a couple of Pin boards and pinned a few images. Totally haphazard.

You can see from this picture, I was not getting much activity at all. Until…

Change in Pinterest Impressions

Well, after watching my Pinterest analytics for awhile, it is clear that I needed to more to get ahead or just quit and give up on Pinterest.

From the chart above, you can see I did not give up, but made changes.

I did a lot of research. A lot!

I ended up going to Jennifer Ledbetter’s (Also known As the PotPieGirl) site after reading one of her newsletters. I know her from the old Squidoo days before it was bought by HubSpot in 2014. Squidoo was a revenue-sharing article writing site where she wrote many articles (“lenses”). I only wrote a few.

Jennifer introduced me to her Pinterest Success Strategies.

What a difference the Pinterest Success Strategies training package has made!

Would you be happy with a massive increase in website visitors? I know I am!

I started by reading “The Core of a Successful Pinterest Strategy” followed by “The Main MEGA Guide.” Then I implemented my strategy following Jennifer’s guidelines.

Once I finished setting up my Pinterest boards, I went back and read the additional ebooks in the Pinterest Success Strategies package. The books are “Beginner Pinterest “Startegies” and Advanced  Tips For Growth” plus the “Pinning With Purpose – Advanced Pinning Tips & Strategies.”

Overall following along with Jennifer was easy to set up my Pinterest strategy. All I did was:

  1. Set up my Pinterest account by adding some unique “boards” on topics I like,
  2. Create or find some interesting content and images to share,
  3. Start pinning up my images and link them to my website pages, and
  4. Monitor my Pinterest numbers to see if it is working

It became very obvious to me that I needed to adjust my website graphics for pinning on Pinterest boards.

I am now working on changing all my website graphics to create visual content. So I am using an online graphics app called Stencil.

But here is the thing…. as I mentioned, I am kinda lazy.

So I can’t see myself working their platform every day, creating and pinning up images and what-not. That sounds like a lot of work! Therefore, I’ve decided that…

I am going to take a short cut. When you are a sole entrepreneur, it is best to use as much automation as possible.

I found and signed up for Tailwind. Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram marketing, scheduling and analytics tool. Tailwind has bulk image upload, drag-and-drop calendar, Multi-board pinning, and many more shortcuts built with your busy schedule in mind.

That’s right, instead of doing everything manually, I’m using an automation tool called Tailwind. It will automate virtually my entire Pinterest for business campaign so I can keep working on my golf game.

I am now doing the happy dance! 

Because I am getting lots more website traffic, making better graphics, and saving time.

Doing the happy dance because Pinterest Success Strategies work!

If you want to improve better results, then check out the PotPieGirl’s Pinterest Success Strategies now.

If you have any questions or comments, fill in and submit the form below. I love comments.



  1. Hi, Glen!
    To be honest, I haven’t been using Pinterest so far. After reading this article, I start thinking more serious of including this /search engine to my soc. media group for getting more free traffic and better ranking. I also liked the idea of automation. This Tailwind tool sounds great. I had a look at PotPieGirls Pinterest’s success strategies as well. I’m sure one can find great info and training, by purchasing this product.
    Thank you for such a great information!


    1. Thanks for commenting, Vesna. I use Pinterest because it has proven to send more visitors to my website. The PotPieGirl’s Pinterest Success Strategies system was worth the money to me. She provides so much detailed information that it is very clear as to how it all works.


  2. Great Post, I keep seeing the pininterest marketing courses around but wasn’t sure what it was all about. This helped clear up a few things and I will definitely be checking out the Tailwind And Stencil. Thanks!


  3. Pinterest is new for me. I try to create one but still don’t fully understand it. So I still work about it. Fortunately, I found your post and it helps me about Pinterest. I bookmarked your site. I’ll try to follow your steps. Thanks for sharing it


  4. Hi Glen,
    I am one of those persons who gave up on Pinterest. I just could not find my way around it. I could not post on it because everything goes in their Spam file. I am going to give it another look now that I have read your post.

    I will visit PotPieGirls Pinterest’s Success story. I need the traffic so I will give it a try.
    Did it cost a lot to sign up with Tailwind?


    1. Tailwind is free to sign up. They do have an upgrade which I didn’t take. PotPieGirl’s success strategy does cost. She provides a lot of information and how to do Pinterest. (When I say a lot, it’s a lot!) But the bottom line is the strategy she shows us works. I am still implementing some of her techniques. I am currently getting just over 10,000 views of my Pinterest pins which helps with website traffic. (Not all views translates into website visitors, but about 30% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest.)


  5. Hi Glenn,

    You have some really cool ideas on how using Pinterest could help a website owner. I use Pinterest, but don’t use in the way you were talking about. I didn’t know how much this site could be of help. It’s free, no paying extra money to promote your business. Sounds like a real win-win. Thanks for sharing this information on Pinterest!


    1. The Pinterest Success Strategies have made a big difference in my business. 35% of my traffic comes from Pinterest.


  6. Pinterest is indeed the Fourth best search engine overtaking Yahoo. For reasons I don’t know I found it difficult to utilize with my business but this is really helpful. I already bookmarked this article fro reference purpose.
    I like how you introduced Tailwind for easy automation.

    Thanks for this.


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jimmy. Tailwind is a good app to schedule pins on Pinterest. I use StumbleUpon to surf the net. So Tailwind makes it easy to pin things I find. The Pinterest Success Strategies training has made in big difference in my business. 35% of my traffic comes from Pinterest.


  7. I have set up a Pinterest account to try to promote my webpage however I was a little unsure of what to do and where to go. Your article revealed a lot of insights to me and I am definitely gonna put these knowledge into good use. However there are so many social media out there nowadays and it can get a little challenging trying to manage everything on your own.


    1. hi Leo, you are right about so many social media networks out there. That is why Ihave chosen to focus only on several. Pinterest and Google+.


  8. Thank you so much for the information posted on your website. The info was easy to follow and easy to read.
    It is so nice to find a website that covers a problem you may be having with your website and offers good solutions. Your site is well organized and very helpful.


    1. You are very welcome, Sarah. The Pinterest training was very beneficial for me. I just followed the guide and now am seeing the results!


  9. I have a pinterest account but am not really seeing any traffic from it. I fell that I don’t properly navigate it, but I do the best I can. I think that with the training you suggested that I will do better. Thanks


  10. Thank you for posting such great information on your Pinterest journey! I am excited to use the same material that got you up and running.

    Also thanks for mentioning Stencil, I went and tried it and I love it! It makes things so simple. I will definitely be using this tool!


    1. Hi Matt, I appreciate you taking a look and commenting. Thanks! If you have questions or comments, please send them my way.



  11. Glen,

    Your article is very interesting. I can see that I have a lot to learn still about the social media world.

    I just signed up for Pinterest a few days ago, but not as a business, and I have not gone back to the site yet, basically because I really didn’t know what my next step should be.

    I appreciate your article and I will make sure to read the suggested articles. Thanks for the good information.



    1. Hi Judy. I have had my Pinterest account for quite awhile. I really didn’t know what to do with it. So I was not generating much traffic to my websites. Since reading Jennifer Ledbetter’s guide, my results are starting to take off. Jennifer says following or getting followers is not important on Pinterest like it is on Facebook. That’s because Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social site.


  12. Thanks for this.

    I was surprised to see that Pinterest ranks over Google Plus when it comes to Social Media.

    i can understand why Facebook hit the number one Spot, but the Pinterest surprised me.

    I have my own website and I do use social media to compliment the work I am doing.

    I wanted to share with you though that out of the four Social media sites I use most of the social traffic does come from Pinterest.

    More than Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus combined to be honest.

    i think that because Pinterst is visually based it has a lot more appeal. What do you think?

    Thanks for the information here. I learned something today!



    1. Chris, I think most marketers overlook Pinterest. But I just don’t know why. It may be the demographics. It also may be the visual appeal because visually Pinterest does not look organized. Bottom line is it’s their loss for not using Pinterest.


  13. There are definitely alot of people roaming around Pinterest so anything that clues us in on how to get some of that traffic is great. The Pinterest success Training package sounds interesting. I think we will have to stay current on all these social media platforms. I notice in my own children that the next generation doesn’t always use the same platforms that we do so depending on your target market, you will have to keep that in mind as well.


  14. It’s so interesting to me to see how pins from my site get passed around once one person finds it and manages to pin it to their board.
    How exactly does automation work? does it pin up random stuff on your behalf or do still have any control over what kind of content your profile interacts with? I’d hate to find my automated social media accounts randomly liking and pinning stuff that I don’t want.


    1. Hi Ryan. Pinterest is similar to Twitter where tweets are retweeted. On Pinterest, the pins (posts) are repinned. Basically, Pinterest members will pin something to the boards they create. If another member likes what they see on your board, they can repin it (share) to other boards. You control what gets pinned to your boards. Pinterest works more as a search engine than a social media site. The Pinterest search engine results are dependent in part on popularity of pins as well as keyword matches.


  15. Hello there,

    This is a very interesting post, I have an account on Pinterest from a long time & I am not seeing traffic coming from it so I understand what you said in this article, but Jeniffer strategy seems promising so will give it a try.

    I really would like to know what plugin do you use for the newsletter, or what is the way you follow to send emails to your visitors? appreciate your answer.

    Cheers, Ehab


    1. Hi Ehab. Pinterest acts like a search engine. If you pin interesting things (with keywords), your pins will be re-pinned by other members. With decent keywords, people searching will be able to find your profile and boards. This should send more traffic to your websites.

      I use MailerLite for my newsletter. With MailerLite, I can create optin boxes and landing pages to collect subscribers. It is free up to 1,000 subscribers with unlimited mailing per month.


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