How to Unlock a Big Fortune with Kindle Ebook Publishing

People wanting to start a home business often start by looking for an easy and fast way to make money online. Kindle ebook publishing is one way.
Kindle readerAnd while there certainly is no shortage of business opportunities online, most people discover the hard truth within a month or two…
Making money online is not as easy as many gurus would have you believe. It requires determination, planning and follow-through, and fortitude in the face of obstacles. You have to be willing to pursue your goals regardless of obstacles. Your vision of a better future will keep you focused and able to overcome anyself-doubt.
And you need to understand that success in online marketing requires you to be willing to take risks. That means getting past your fear of people thinking you’re not good enough or not qualified enough.
I like to think of it this way; there is always someone out there who knows less than me. There are people who don’t know how to shoot a rifle or pistol or grow a garden but don’t know seeds from fertilizer. There are men and women who would like to play golf. But they are are so embarrassed about their swing they won’t even practice at a driving range.
If you ever have any doubt about your qualifications, look back at what you have done in your life. Focus on people. They want someone to lead them. Let me ask you this. Would you rather follow someone who is so far past you, they have forgotten what it was like to be a newbie?
No! You want someone who has the skills and ability to teach you, while keeping in mind where you are in your journey.
This is what your target audience will want from you. They want you to guide them. By deciding to become that person, you’ll be matching your skillset with the needs of your audience. And helping people with their interests.
If you want to make some money while helping people, or maybe even just entertaining them, then you need to know about one of the easiest ways to get started doing that online…

Kindle Publishing May Be Your Perfect Doorway To Success Online

 When you have a story or information to share with the world, you need to get it out in the easiest way possible. — a book or ebook. And most people think that means getting published by a traditional publishing house. Not anymore.
Nowadays it is all about self-publishing.
Because agents and editors are the gatekeepers of the traditional print publishing world. They keep far too many would-be authors stuck in limbo. When you use the old publishing route, a few people will determine your success or failure. But their opinions can miss the mark.
There are so many people in the world who’ve had their dreams dashed because publishers said no.
Publishing houses have assistants or interns who read the manuscripts, or “slush piles.” Often fresh out of college and with very little experience, they act as gatekeepers. They decide if the work is worthy of consideration by the editor.
It is the same setup at most literary agents’ offices. An intern will make the decision. While this may not seem fair, it is difficult for editors or agents to see hundreds of manuscripts every day.
Now it’s easy to see why your manuscript didn’t get the attention that it should have received.
So if you’ve experienced rejection, take heart. It is likely that the rejection had nothing to do with your work. But that the person who saw it wasn’t experienced enough to realize it. And that it should have gone on to an editor.
An example of this is J.K. Rowling, author of the popular Harry Potter series. She struggled to get any publishing house to take interest in her work and yet, her writing was top notch.
So if you have heard no, or if you want to see your work in print, there is a better way. and that’s by using the Amazon Kindle publishing method.
Kindle is a wide open door that levels the playing field when it comes to writing. Many authors (both experienced and brand new) have done it. They are making a lot of money in the digital publishing world.
If you have a dream of writing, then you should consider trying Kindle ebook publishing. The program is perfect for anyone who has some insight or wisdom that they want to share with others.
An amazing number of niches have audiences willing to pay for quality information. It can range from topics like how to set up a garden to getting started in dog training and more. There are so many things that people want to do, but they do not have the knowledge.
Beginners find Kindle publishing is easy. And is also used by anyone who already has an established business looking to expand.
Self-publishing on Kindle means doing the work that a publisher would do. Except you have complete control over the content of your book.
With Kindle publishing, you do not have to get approval for anything. Unlike traditional publishing, you publish your book with as many or as few pages as you want. Even a short, 15 minute story is viable!
You can publish as many books as you want. Unlike traditional publishing, which often demands a series. Even if the author had no intention of creating an entire series.
Kindle digitally publishes books. So people will receive ebooks immediately when they order. Authors can also use Createspace for customers who prefer print books. – so you reach a bigger audience.

How to Get Started with Kindle Publishing

Well, this may sound silly, but the best way to get started is to sit down and, well.. START WRITING.
Writing is like any other job in that you need to show up at a regular time every single day and make some progress.
The first thing that you need to decide is whether you are going to write fiction or nonfiction.
There are some similarities between the two. One is making sure that you research if you’re mentioning a real place or event, they are very different animals. Fiction writing requires a creative and imaginative mind. But that is not a strong suit of mine, and you need to recognize whether it applies to you or not. If not, then do like I do and stick to non-fiction.
The next thing that you need to do is to pick a genre. A genre means a category. It is where the book will fit. For example, horror is a genre. Children’s books is another very popular and profitable genre. In fact, I provide resources at the bottom of this post. So you can download free software from Amazon that creates kids books!
For non-fiction writers there are biographies, self-help, how-to, instructional manuals and more.
My best advice about choosing a genre is to pick one that you enjoy. If you love to read action stories, then you will enjoy writing about them. If you like to read to kids, you will love creating books for them. The real secret is to choose a genre that feeds your passion. Because writing can become a full-time career.
As far as the actual writing process, you’ll hear a lot of conflicting advice about which process is the “right” way. But the bottom line is that the right way is the one that works for you.
There are two main methods that writers use. They either outline or they don’t. Either one of these methods is correct. Your personality will be a determining factor. If you enjoy making lists and bullet points and subheadings, then using an outline would be good for you.
In fiction, outlining is another word for plotting. There are plenty of authors who plot. Then there are those who don’t. Authors who don’t plot or outline write off the cuff. Another word for that phrase you’ll run across is the word pantser.
It means writing by the seat of your pants. You have no idea what’s going to happen next in your story because you haven’t looked ahead at the plot. With that type of writing, the author is often surprised at the way the characters will behave.
Some authors like writing this way because they don’t want to know how the story ends. They want to be like the reader and learn the story as it unfolds. There are valid writing reasons to both methods. If you have an analytical mind, it’s likely that you’ll find writing off the cuff more difficult.
All writers must have the time to write. If you don’t make time, you won’t find it. You need to learn to treat writing as a job, with times that you’re supposed to show up and produce a word count.
It takes a lot of discipline to sit down every day and write. You need to have a goal. If you want a book done in thirty days, then take your projected word count and divide it up by 30.
And you will have to let go of the desire for perfection, which is something that causes a lot of writers to freeze. Get the words down into whatever writing software you like to use, such as OpenOffice or Word. You can go back and edit and tweak, but you should always finish the story first. Remember that you can fix something that’s written, but you can’t fix something that is not written.
Some writers will sit down and start writing, allowing the words and ideas to flow from the action itself. Other writers can’t work that way. They need to warm up, so they do some prewriting first.
What prewriting does is get the creative juices flowing. It can jumpstart you into writing mode. Freewriting can also help. This is an exercise where you write about whatever topic comes to your mind. This loosens up your creative thought process.
Brainstorming is a method that writers have long used. This can help writers figure out all the ins and outs of a plot. It is also used to help when a writer has written himself into a corner.
When you use brainstorming, you think about your story. Some writers will write down their thoughts as they’re brainstorming. Others will type them into a document.
But the purpose behind either way is to generate ideas about your story. This can be a new idea or expanding on an idea that you already have. You can brainstorm to fix a plot hole or to help you reach a conclusion about the story.
If you’re writing and you feel completely blocked, brainstorming can help. If you do reach a point where you feel the story has nowhere to go, it means that you’ve written yourself into a corner.
You need to back up and see where the story veered off track. You can start thinking about character options. Instead of your characters doing or saying one thing, what if they did something else? Brainstorming can jumpstart a stalled story, but it can also lead to the creation of new ones, too.
That’s because this method allows you to look at your story from a different angle. Some writers choose to brainstorm alone. And others enlist the help of fellow writers. This can be helpful, because sometimes writers are too close to their own work to be able to see it differently.

Submitting Your Work

When you submit your work to Kindle publishing services, it does not take as long as traditional methods. In traditional publishing, the manuscript approval process takes time. Months can go by before a manuscript goes to print.
Publishing through Kindle is fast. The Kindle publishing guidelines state that your book availability will be one to two days. It usually only takes a couple of hours until you receive the confirmation that it’s gone live.
If you don’t receive a confirmation, it means that something could be wrong. Your book may need fixing.
When you use the Kindle publishing program, you will need a great looking cover for your book.
You do not want to skimp here, because a cover can make or break your book. How long it will take to have an ebook cover depends on the cover artist that you use. How much customization needed also impacts time.
Many cover artists have pre-made covers that you can view. If you choose one of those, the artist will add your title and name on the cover and the files sent to you. The more intricate work that you want done, the longer that it will take.
Ecover artists may use stock photos, which the author pays for as part of the cover price. Once you choose the stock photo, the artist will make your cover. If you choose a popular ecover designer, you may end up on a waiting list.
Many nonfiction authors can designe their own ebook covers. It takes a good graphic program and a little bit of knowledge. But working with a fiction cover is different. You don’t want one that ends up somewhere on the Internet on a list of worst book covers.
Once you’re done with the editing process and have a cover designed, you’re ready to publish your work.
Go to the Amazon’s Kindle publishing link when you’re ready to publish.
You can also build an author page using Amazon’s Author Central.
This is a great marketing tool because readers like a personal connection. You can use your author page to put up a biography about yourself. You can include your professional author photo and link the page to your author blog.
Author Central is only a tool, so you need to make sure that you have your own domain. The reason for this is that an author should have as much control over his work as possible.

In Conclusion

Amazon Kindle publishing is a good business model. It adds to your online business efforts for several reasons.
As you grow your line of books and series on Kindle, you can publish your book and get paid for your efforts. You don’t get that same option with traditional publishing. Your books must fit with the publisher’s vision of what kind of books he publishes.
Kindle publishing can create a stream of passive income for as long as your book is for sale.
A benefit of Kindle publishing is the ability to create your own brand. You may become an expert and authority in your niche. This may lead to other opportunities that leverage your expertise. Such opportunities may include joint ventures and even speaking engagements.
Using Kindle to self-publish books may fulfill your dreams and increase your income!

Kindle Ebook Publishing Resources

Kindle Kids Book Creator – Free application from Amazon
Adventure Path – Creating interactive Kindle books
Createspace – Self-publishing and free distribution of ebooks


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