How To Legally Get Free Blog Images

Want free blog images or graphics for your website, but do not know how to get them? Grabbing them from the internet is not cool!

OK, so taking an image from the web and using it on your site without permission probably will not land you in jail.

Don\'t end up behind jail bars because of violating copyright laws.

But many webmasters have paid hefty fines for doing just that. There are copyright owners that go after unauthorized users for copyright infringement in violation of the Copyright Act, Title 17, United States Code.

Don’t be one of those webmasters who get a nasty letter in the mail along with a hefty bill!

So why take a chance when the solution is so simple.

I will explain how you can get free images and graphics easily and safely.

I am not a techno-geek.  And I am awful at finding and putting images on my websites.

Whenever I need a picture for my site, I spend literally hours looking for something decent to find, or even buy. And they are all so expensive! I understand why copyright holders go after illegal use of their images.

Sometimes I have such a hard time finding a free image, it gets to the point it is easier to buy a licensed image.

When it comes to customizing the image and saving it, it takes me forever. I do not know a crop icon from a resize to a jpeg to a png. Pitiful isn’t it?

And yes, I’ve tried Gimp, Paint, Photoshop and even many web based image editors.

But with every program I open, all I can manage to do is stare at the screen with no idea what to do next.

After clicking around blindly for an hour or so trying to find and edit a single image, I will still not like the results. It is frustrating to spend so much time with so little to show for it.

Well this week I was saved. No more hours of frustration trying to find images and edit them.

Now I use a simple, little WordPress plugin called FotoPress.

This thing is a cool tool.

Each time you add a page or post to your WordPress site, you just click this little button in your WordPress dashboard. The red arrow is pointing to the FotoPress button. You do not even have to leave WordPress to do any of this.

This screenshot shows the FotoPress button within the WordPress edit screen.

You then simply type in what kind of picture you’re looking for and it searches multiple sites for royalty free images you can use.

Then, and this is the best part… it lets you edit the image right in your browser with no external tools necessary.

See the image of that jail cell at the top of the page?

I made it with FotoPress in 3 minutes flat.

To show you how simple this really is, and that even a photoshop failure like myself can do it, I am going to add another image right now.

I’ll tell you how long it took me as soon as I post the image. Here goes…

Bam! I found that image and added my text in 4 minutes flat. It could have been done in less time, but I added an image description and “alt-tag” for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

Home business office picture showing office desk and chair.


This is so much fun, I’m going to do another one…

My alternate home office

That one took me 3 minutes. I added the words to the image. Super easy!

I could go on and on about how cool it is, but instead, I think I’ll just add some more pictures of some of my favorite things, for your viewing pleasure…

Multnomah Falls Oregon
Multnomah Falls, Oregon

If you have epic struggles with images like I did, or if you just want to save time and money, grab this plugin before the creator hikes the price again.
Here’s a demo…

YouTube Video

If you have any questions or comments, please fill in the form below. I would love to help.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Glen! This has always been a pain for me as well!
    I certainly don’t want a knock-knock at the door for cyber police taking me in for a picture snatch! I will definitely look into Fotopress!


  2. Hey Glen, this is a fab plugin for finding royalty free images, I never knew there was a WordPress plugin for finding them plus with the added benefit of being able to edit them too removes all the hassle.

    What attracts me here is that you don’t have to leave your website in order to find them, it’s all done within the WordPress suite.

    Whenever I require a free image I go onto Google and search for their free images or websites like Free Images or Wikimedia Commons and as you say it takes ages to find something suitable, then download, maybe edit it then upload into your website yet this cuts all these frustrations out.

    Thanks for the heads up here, sounds ideal. How long have you been using this plugin?.


    1. Hi Simon, thanks for visiting and commenting. I just started using FotoPress several weeks ago. I wish I had found it sooner considering how much time it used to take me. Instead of spending hours trying to find and edit suitable images, I can spend more time on researching, writing content and promoting my businesses.


  3. Glen,

    Great work, thank you for taking the time to review and post. 20+yrs in the Marines, currently in Oki, and I’m am peeking around the corner for retirement (We’ll be in Thai this coming Xmas). It’s really great to see such a content filled website dedicated to this topic! It’s nice to know we not only have 9-5 options, but the all desired work-at-home options. As you know, we’ve been away from home far too long and it’s time to come inside from institution. Keep fighting the fight, I for one appreciate the effort!



    1. Hi Howard. First of all, thank you for your service. Secondly, thank you for your kind words.

      Even in my time, there were scammers trying to take advantage of veterans and even active duty guys. And these days, we have all kinds of scams being promoted on the internet. But there was really very little information for veterans who want to start a small or home business in their spare time or even part time. So I started this website.

      Best of success to you.



  4. hi thank you for this tips, indeed it is very helpful.

    May i know, is this plugins will accomodate searching HD images with premium quality?

    On the other hand, may I know, what is your advice for people that has been using illegal images? is there any quick way to rsolve this issue?

    Thank you


    1. Good questions. The plugin search function does not specify image qualities. You would have to look at each image to determine specifications.

      My advice is to replace all illegal images. I don’t know of a quick way to do it. But I am going back through my media library as well as website pages and checking/replacing all my images.


  5. Wow excellent tool.

    I also have my own website and I am always crawling around for new images.

    To be honest I go out with my camera a lot and take the pictures myself, but sometimes this is just not possible,

    I know I can get free images online, but like you say it takes time to find them, then time to filter them to see if you are allowed to use them.

    I like the look of this plugin, I am going to give it a try and let you know what I think!

    Thanks for the heads up!



    1. Hi Chris. I like to use my own pictures as well. But just have not had the chance to use many. So I am left with either finding free ones or paying a license. The plug-in is working well shortening the time to find and add an image to my website.


  6. Awesome! Thanks for the information. Like you said in the article, I have to open a new tab and search several sites to find images for my posts. Then I have to go to another website to edit it and add wording to it. This can get time-consuming. This plugin will definitely eliminate that and get my posts done faster.


    1. Andres, thanks for reading and commenting. The plug-in is working well for me. As I mentioned in my article, it saves a lot of time and reduces the frustration of adding images.


  7. Great post! Very helpful. I too struggle with getting images. I enjoyed your conversational style and your honesty in your struggles with learning this on-line business. I sometimes feel like this is all way over my head, but posts like this encourage me to keep working and learning. I look forward to more of your posts.



    1. Thanks, Jeannie. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I have been doing this internet marketing stuff a long time. Yet, graphics and videos have always been difficult for me. At least now I have the graphics challenge solved by using FotoPress on my websites. But videos are still super challenging for me. I have made one last year; but it took so long to make. So I can’t say they are impossible.


  8. Hey

    This is one of the problems I also face – finding proper pictures for my posts without paying a fortune and abusing some copyrights. The indicated price for this plugin – is it one time fee or monthly fee? What categories of images does this plugin offers? If my blog is about fashion, will I be able to find proper images there?


    1. Arta, thanks for reading and commenting. In response to your questions, it is a one time fee. There is an upgrade available. I did not buy the upgrade. The plugin provides photos and clip art. I did a search for “fashion” and it returned 500 images. The search function also allows to search for attribution required and no attribution required.


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