How to Master Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2019

Today, it is all about Amazon affiliate marketing. 

You will learn how to create your own account with Amazon. This will be your Amazon affiliate marketing account so you can start making money. You will see what your dashboard will look like. Furthermore, you will learn about and use Amazon product links.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or have no clue how even to get started, this tutorial is for you. I am going to cover what Amazon affiliate marketing can do for you.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Associates is the Amazon affiliate marketing program. Bloggers and website owners join for free to promote Amazon products. They promote products using the links Amazon provides.

Amazon wants associates who are a value-add for Amazon customers. If you're a passionate reviewer, stylist, content creator, or curator who would like to refer your audience to products on Amazon, you may be the "right fit."

An "associate" is the Amazon term for an affiliate. The associate's goal is to bring customers to the Amazon website to buy products. If they buy, the associate earns a referral fee.

For the rest of this post, I will refer to the Amazon Affiliate Program as the Amazon Associates Program.

The process is simple. Join, advertise, and earn.

Why Join the Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon is one of the world's largest and most successful programs may have something to do with it. Amazon was a pioneer in the development of an affiliate network.

Promoting Amazon products is an easy way to make money with your blog, website, or YouTube channel.

Many affiliate marketers join Amazon Associates after starting a new blog or website. Amazon wants active, current blogs, and websites.

Becoming an Amazon associate is a great way to build your business in the beginning. Beginners have problems creating trust with customers. But the Amazon name is well known and trusted.

How to Join the Amazon Associates Program

Start by going to the Associates' site here.

Learn more about the program or click the "Join Now for Free" button.

amazon affiliate marketing

Free and easy to join.

If you are already an Amazon member, they will ask you to log in to your account. If not, then you must sign up as a member.

If you visit your Amazon account page, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the "Make Money with Us' section. The following image shows the part.

Amazon will take you to the start of the application process.

Hint: Use your real name because this is your payee name on your commission checks or direct deposit.

Furthermore, include all the required personal information, including primary account contact. Enter a valid telephone number because Amazon will call to confirm and provide a pin number.

Amazon will also ask about your websites and how you are going to promote products.

This can be tricky for some people. But you need to have an active website or another platform like YouTube with a following. Amazon wants to know if you can promote products.

Amazon will ask that you confirm you will not sell to underaged children.

Further along in the process, Amazon will ask that you create an Associates ID. You can use your real name, business name, or nickname.

Amazon will also ask about your website, traffic, and monetization as well as promotional efforts. (They use item lists to check off.) Traffic methods may include blog or website content, social media, and others.

Amazon will also ask for tax information. Skip for now and complete it once Amazon accepts you as an Associate. Amazon will not pay you otherwise.

Amazon may accept you on a contingent basis. But they will cancel your application if you have not made any qualified sales within 180 days.

How to Promote Amazon Products

You have 180 days to make a sale.

The following image is a screenshot of my Amazon Associate dashboard. I am going to jump right into the advertising section.

Amazon gives Associates a variety of ways to find and promote products.

Associates search, choose products and create the product links to display.

Associates can create product links from either their dashboard or using the SiteStripe. The two following screenshots show how.

This image shows the product from within the dashboard.

Amazon associates marketing

Product link shown from within the associate's dashboard

The following image shows the product page with the SiteStripe links.

product link from product page

The Amazon SiteStripe makes it easy to create a product link.

Amazon provides 5 types of product linking:

  • Product Links - Display and link to a specific product from the Amazon catalog.
  • Banners - Choose the kind and size of the banner to display on your website.
  • Native Shopping Ads - NSAs are dynamic product recommendations placed in responsive ad units. Associates can add the units to their content.
  • Mobile Popover - Mobile phone users will see these javascript-based ads when you add the script to your website.
  • Link to Any Page - Use the Amazon tools to build links to specific pages like featured items or product search results.

The following is a live example of a Native Shopping Ad in a grid format.

How to Create Amazon Tracking IDs

I recommend using Amazon tracking IDs for your product promotions. It is an excellent idea to understand where your traffic originates.

For example, if I have a product advertisement on my blog, I may create a tracking ID that looks like:


In the following image, Amazon added "-20" to the end of my tracking ID. 20 identifies what country I am in.

Amazon product tracking ID example

My product link with tracking ID to copy and paste into my website.

The "Manage Your Tracking IDs" function is in the drop-down menu under your email address at the top of your dashboard.

Using tracking ids helps focus promotional efforts on the best traffic sources.

Amazon Associates Reports

Amazon provides a variety of reports to help associates track and improve their performance.

You can track the results within your dashboard under Reports. The following image shows the Report page.

The following image reports the result for one tracking ID yesterday (5 clicks and no sales).

Example of an Amazon report

My report for one tracking ID from yesterday.

There are more reports and summaries further down the page, including Click-Thru-Rates (CTR). CTR measures the ratio of clicks to impressions. Impressions are the number of times an ad is displayed.

Conversions and sales are also shown. Conversion rates are the number of sales to the number of clicks. (Sales are not reported until product ships.)

The reporting information is useful in evaluating your promotional efforts. It teaches associates what works and what doesn't in getting the right product in front of the right people.

How to Earn with Amazon Associates

Amazon pays associates commissions (fees) and bounties.

Associates earn fees when Amazon sells and ships products. Amazon pays 1-10% in fees. Earned fees accumulate on all purchases a visitor makes while the tracking ID (and cookie) is active.

In the example of the Acer computer above, I share my link with others. If they buy the laptop, I earn the advertising fee (commission). Should they decide to purchase other products, I make fees on those products as well. It does not matter.

A while ago, I sold a kitchen appliance. The purchaser also bought home and bedroom furnishings. So I made commissions on all the products. Yet, I only promoted the link for the kitchen product.

How cool is that?

A bounty is a one-time fixed fee paid when your visitors sign up for valuable services and programs. Programs like a baby registry or Amazon Prime.

Amazon pays its associates either by direct deposit, gift certificate, or check. There is a $15 processing fee for check payments.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Summary

I enjoy being an associate of Amazon. Affiliate marketing works for me, and it will work for you.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But over time, people can become full-time, stay-at-home marketers.

I love feedback. Please fill in the form below if you have any questions or comments about this Amazon affiliate marketing review. Please share this page. 

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