Global Virtual Opportunities Review

Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) Host Then Profit Review

Not another Global Virtual Opportunities review!

Global Virtual Opportunities Host Then ProfitYes, indeed, but with a twist. This is a review of Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO)/Host Then Profit. GVO has repackaged its product into two segments, Host Then Profit and Pure Leverage. Pure Leverage is an upgraded version of HTP with bigger products, upgraded training and different affiliate compensation structure. This review will not cover Pure Leverage.


GVO is an internet marketing company that provides web hosting and related internet marketing tools. GVO was created by Joel Therien, an experienced internet marketer. He is the founder of the 7minuteworkout, a highly popular fitness program and business opportunity.

GVO/Host Then Profit is advertised as the one stop hosting shop. To quote the GVO/Host Then Profit website, it is “turning web hosting essentials into an automated profit machine!”

The Global Virtual Opportunities Host Then Profit Product

The basic product is a package of web hosting and business building tools. The highlights are:

The web hosting account (4 hosted domains) with these features:

  • 4 Domain Hosting
  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Cpanel Access
  • Reseller hosting accounts available.

These are the business building tools included in the basic web hosting package:

GVO Eresponder Pro email marketing systemEresponder Pro Email Marketing System which includes auto responder and tools capable of rapidly sending text and HTML email and building a big list of contacts.

GVO Easy V ideo Producer

Easy Video Producer enables members to edit their videos and add them onto their websites. 100+ templates are available for member use in creating their videos.

GVO Blogger BuilderBlogger Builder enables members to create four WordPress enabled blogs. Host Then Profit provides 100’s of themes and 100’s of headers for local businesses.

GVO Conference RoomGVO Conference is a full audio and video communications tool for hosting up to 5 attendees. It comes with complete desktop sharing and enables a member to record sessions with a click of a mouse. Add the recorded session to your website or blog later. Conferencing is useful for anyone doing business online or working long distance.

GVO AcademyGVO Academy provides live training, streaming video and Question & Answer sessions. Members get daily and weekly training from experts in internet marketing, blogging and more.

GVO Prospecting SystemProspecting System is a complete, automated custom video lead capture system. Everything is pre-made from the videos, capture pages, auto responder messages. Members just choose the templates they want to use. Members can either promote their capture pages or buy into the lead cooperatives that are routinely offered.

The support is worth mentioning. GVO Host Then Profit has a triage-based support system in place to address web hosting issues as well as issues with other products. There are three forms of support – live chat, ticket submission and emergency service. Emergency service applies only when websites or servers are offline. Issues are escalated to higher technical levels depending on severity of issues.

The basic web hosting package (4 domains and business building tools) is $9.97 per month.  The monthly price includes affiliate program membership. The money-making opportunity consists of inclusion in a 4 by 10 hybrid forced matrix.

The Good

  • GVO Host Then Profit offers an affordable, integrated web hosting and marketing tools package competitive with other web hosting offered in the marketplace. It is designed by experienced internet marketers for internet marketers. As your business grows, there are upgrade options to the hosting package.
  • The training is first rate. Experienced, successful internet marketers provide a great deal of useful, helpful information. There are weekly live webinars.
  • The support is organized to provide responsive resolution to issues with the priority given to hosting issues.
  • For those internet marketers wanting pre-made marketing materials such as lead capture pages and auto responder messages, the GVO Host Then Profit material is excellent. As it should be since it was developed by experienced, successful marketers.

The Not-So-Good

The affiliate program over shadows the basic web hosting product line. There is more emphasis on promoting GVO Host Then Profit as an affiliate business than offering the hosting services. Consequently, there are constant “up sell” offers made to members/customers. (Note: If you promote affiliate or make-money-opportunities or are looking for one, then Joel Therien’s program may be considered.)

The affiliate compensation plan is difficult to understand. (This seems to be an affliction common to affiliate and multi-level marketing programs.) There are a number of bonuses available for those meeting certain selling/promotion criteria. There is not an affiliate income disclosure statement available on the home page. To become a reseller of the upgraded products such as Pure Leverage, members need to pay monthly reseller fees.

For online business owners and marketers who want to go beyond pre-packaged marketing materials, there is little training about creating content-based websites. For more information about building websites, please read my How to Build Website article.

My recommendation is to pass on GVO Host Then Profit. However, if you want basic web hosting with business building tools at a reasonable price, then GVO Host Then Profit may be considered.

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