Getting Started with a Home Business

Over the years I have tried a number of online home businesses without success. No doubt you may have seen many of the same scams and get-rich-quick schemes as I have. So many people promote systems, their systems, to make money for free. It just does not happen that way. I want to help you get started the right way.

I have seen scams that tell people that they, the scammers, will do all the work. Just join up they say. It is free they say. But the rub is, once you have signed up, you really cannot make money unless you buy their upsell product.

I have seen (paid my money) for some low-cost business opportunities. Only I find out there is no support. Worse yet, there is no response from anyone to help me succeed.

We Want You

I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made

It is all about getting started the right way.

Turn your passion into profit.

Getting started means doing these FOUR things:

  1. Identify or choose a personal interest.  Something like a hobby or something you that gets you excited.
  2. Build your very own website.
  3. Get visitors to your website.
  4. Earn money.

You have several options for starting your home business. Build everything from the ground up. Take your kitchen or garage hobby to the next level by making a business out of it. Or look at franchise opportunities in your chosen interest. Another option is joining an affiliate program such as Amazon. People with a passion for writing start home businesses based on publishing ebooks.

The next section addresses a number of reasons people start their own home business.

7 reasons why more people start their own home business.

1. Financial freedom – you no longer have to rely on a job where your pay raises are controlled by someone else (your boss). You gain financial freedom when you learn how to make a profit online. Your income is no longer determined by how many hours you work. But if you are looking because you do not have enough money for paying your bills, then try lowering your expenses.  There are a number of ways to reduce costs and save money.

2. Big earnings potential – With an online business, your profit potential is unlimited. With success comes scalability. Grow your business to meet customer demand. As rapidly as the internet evolves, more income-making opportunities arise. You can create multiple streams of income. Save more for retirement or your children’s education. Or both!

3. Flexibility – A home business enables you to determine your own hours. You choose your own place and time to work your business. You are the decision maker. Need some time to go to a ball game with your son or daughter? No problem. You don’t have to ask for time off.

4. Personal fulfillment – Having a home business means you get to choose the business field or niche that you want. You get to identify or choose a personal interest. Something like a hobby or something you that gets you excited. Success with your chosen niche is very gratifying. There is nothing like turning passion into profit.

5. Low cost – Starting an internet-based home business is low risk because it does not cost much to start. A bricks-and-mortar business can be expensive and time-consuming to start. Even franchises are expensive to start when you have no money to pay franchise fees or start-up costs.

6. Quality of life – Take control of your life and your time. Your vacation days are no longer controlled by your boss. Take the vacation of your dreams or the three week trip to visit family and friends. You no longer have to take a vacation day to be at home for the plumber or go see the dentist or doctor.

7. Tax advantages – Do you know there are two tax systems in the United States? One for business owners and one for wage slaves. The IRS lets you deduct business expenses related to meals, transportation, business car expenses, home offices and more. The individual tax filers with W-2 tax forms do not get these kind of deductions!

Success means happiness

What’s your reason for starting a home business?

Brainstorm some ideas. Write them down on paper. What’s most important to you?

If you are trying to improve your financial situation, look at cutting living expenses.

Seven critical factors in selecting the best home business

I prefer programs that let you start for free. Try it before you buy it.

It is easier to evaluate a business if you use the following criteria. These are not in any particular order because we all have personal preferences and tolerances for risk. By honestly assessing potential home business opportunities using these criteria, it lessens the impact of associated hype or making an impulsive decision.

  1. Company reputation and management/leadership experience – Does the company have a successful track record or is it a new start-up? The company leadership should be experienced and acknowledged experts in their field.
  2. Products and services – There must be a demand for the products and services offered. Does the product or service fill a need in the marketplace?
  3. Training – You will want to see the quality of training and support. Everyone does not learn the same way. Therefore, the training should include videos as well as text lessons. Live webinars are even better.
  4. Support – You will want to see the support that is available to help you. Large, active communities reflect the success of the program. Members should interact and provide guidance requested via live chat, tutorials, blogs and private mail. The company should provide sufficient “back office”administration and information.
  5. Proven System – The company and leadership should have a proven process in place that can be duplicated by anyone. Are there examples of success?
  6. Profitable – Can everyone make a profit in a reasonable amount of time if they follow and apply the training and marketing material provided? Does the company provide an income disclosure statement?
  7. Tools and resources – You need the tools to create a successful business. The business should provide tools to include hosting for your websites, website building tools, keyword tool, link tracking and more.

There are many companies that meet these criteria and may be viable candidates for a home business. To find potential candidates, you can search Google. For an appropriate search term, add the following into the search bar, your personal interest” + affiliate program. Just substitute your chosen field for the words “your personal interest.” My personal interest is golf so I use the search term golf + affiliate program.

How to get started with a home business

I chose Wealthy Affiliate to turn my passion into a successful affiliate marketing business.

Getting started is easy.

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I am absolutely committed to changing our financial success together. If you have any questions about Getting Started online, I would love to help! Contact me at or fill in the form below.


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