Email Advertising Tips

This article provides a few little known email advertising tips. These are based on all the email advertising I have done or read over the last 20 years. I have seen some great email ads with some unique formats. But the vast majority of email ads could use major work. Consequently, I have listed some quick fixes in no particular order. These should increase your email advertising response rates.

email advertising tips

1. Always add your first and last name in your signature block. Unless your name is Cher, Kanye, or Elon. There are many Bobs, Sharons, Bills, among others advertising by email. Adding your last name is important in identifying YOU and creating your personal brand.

2. The body of your email ad copy should not be any more than 60 characters wide (preferably 55). Add line breaks if you must. I use a 60 character ‘map’ like this:


A 60-character wide email keeps the copy appearance tight and the readers’ eyes focused on one side of the page. Ad copy that extends to the far right side of the screen appears sloppy and unprofessional. It also makes the ad copy harder to read when it goes across the page. Also, the text is easier to scan for the readers.

3. Use sentence case when writing; minimize the use of all capitalized words. Occasionally capitalize SOME words for EMPHASIS.

4. If you use a safelist mailer that sends all email in text format, then add a line above your salutation and below your postscript. Use special characters like (-, _, +, =) to create a line. This will separate your email from ads, links or comments the safelist admin includes in the email.

5. Include a link to the Sign/Buy/Join page near the top of the page. If you still insist on writing a long sales letter as your email, then include a link to the Sign/Join page or order form and not a splash page or another sales page. If the reader has decided to click your link after reading a long email, the reader probably has made up his mind to join or buy your product. He does not need to read another sales pitch.

Give these email advertising tips a try. Split-test them with your usual style to see if they make a difference in your email advertising response rates.


  1. These are actually some very solid pieces of advice you got there!

    Go to admit, I kind of knew all about these -except for #4, that’s pretty interesting to consider.
    I wonder if some email providers can catch up to this and still block you out.

    Anyway, I liked reading this!

    Cheers, Vlad!


    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Vlad. I appreciate you taking the time. I never have had a problem with #4 from any of the providers I use. The tip does help my email message stand out. Another tip is to add additional line breaks before and after the email ad.But I don’t use it or recommend it because it just adds too much white space in the email.


  2. Hello,
    thank you for sharing very informative article about email advertising. When it comes to online bussines, it is very important to know something about email advertising. I think that your advices and tips are very useful and definitely helpful. I also love your overall site as well.
    Best regards


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading, Karlo. I am glad you found them useful. I appreciate your kind words about my website. 🙂


  3. Email advertising is one of the oldest, but still the most powerful way of advertising.
    Your post is short, simple, but to the point.
    I often go against the third point not realizing that emphasizing should be careful, and even if it has to be frequent, there are different ways by which I can do that.

    I’ll try to keep that point in mind remembering that it can impact my email advertising efforts.
    Thanks for the tips 🙂


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