Eight Webhosting Review Reveals Very Cheap Hosting

If you are looking for an honest Eight Webhosting review that ​shows how to get eight years of very cheap hosting, then you are in the right place.

This review is not to convince you to buy website hosting services from the new Eight Webhosting company because I am not affiliated or earn a commission for promoting Eight Webhosting company products.

​​Eight Webhosting Co. - Summary


​​Quality TBD. It is a new company with limited operating and technical support history.


​​Uses LiteSpeed hosting for fast server speeds. It includes C​DN to boost performance.


​​Very cheap hosting for webmasters that do not need VPS ​or dedicated servers.

Overall rating :  ​3 / 5

​The Eight Webhosting Company offers long-term very cheap website hosting services at a one-time affordable price without monthly payments. Users sign up for an eight-year term and can renew their plan at the same low price.

What is Eight Webhosting?

Eight Webhosting is a new website hosting company offering an eight-year term of very cheap hosting service for a one-time low price and no monthly charges. At the end of the eight years, users can renew for the same price.

The JVZoo affiliate network is selling the website hosting plans through it affiliate marketer network. For those unfamiliar with JVZoo, its ​affiliates sell digital products to earn commissions. ​

What Are the Eight Webhosting Plans?

Silver Package: $27 - Host 1 Website with 1 GB storage

Gold 4 Package: $47 - Host 4 Websites with 4 GB SSD-Optimized RAID Storage

Platinum 16 Package: $97 - Host 16 Websites with 16 GB SSD-Optimized RAID Storage (currently there is a $15 off coupon)

The company just launched its products on August 7, 2019, and is offering promotional prices during its launch period.

The following chart shows the Gold 4 and Platinum 16 features.

  • LiteSpeed Powered Premium Hosting to Capture Your Visitors
  • Unlimited WordPress Installations to Grow Your Business
  • SSD Storage for OS and MySQL with RAID Enterprise Storage
  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificates that Protect Your Shoppers
  • Unmetered Bandwidth for Unlimited Growth and Traffic
  • Premium Drag-and-Drop SiteBuilder with Over 120 Themes
  • Over 450 Web Application with One-Click Installation
  • Premium Spam Protection, Malware Protection to ensure your site safety
  • DDoS Mitigation to Keep Your Website Online Even When Under Attack
  • sFTP Support to securely transfer files at lightning speed
  • Create Unlimited Email Accounts, Autoresponders, and Aliases
  • 100% cPanel Compatible DirectAdmin Control Panel for Easy Management
  • Cloudflare Worldwide CDN Integration Server Pages Closest to Your Visitors Location
  • Cacheboost Enabled Ensuring Fastest Website Delivery During Peak Traffic
  • Generate Revenue with Eight Webhosting Commercial License
  • Host Your Clients Websites on Your Eight Webhosting Account
  • 120x Uptime Guarantee. If a site is unavailable? Receive 120x Credit
  • Eight Years of Premium Webhosting for A Single Payment
  • Create/Restore WordPress Backup and Store Off-Server
  • Limited-time Special Offer During This One-Time Launch
  • Two Domain Registrations for Eight Years with Domain Privacy
  • Eight Webhosting Premium WordPress Control Hub
  • Clone Unlimited WordPress Sites to Simplify Your Business
  • Import WordPress from Remote Server in Under 60 Seconds
  • Create WordPress Master Image to Create Personal Blog Networks
  • Install from WordPress Image as Often as You Like
  • Update all WordPress Installations with a Single Click
  • Stop Paying Crazy Expensive Monthly Recurring Prices for Webhosting
  • Simple Bulk Changes on WordPress Core/Themes/Plugins
  • Create Unlimited WordPress Staging Environments to Test and Develop
  • Push WordPress Staging Environment to Production Environment in Second
  • Generate Revenue with Eight Webhosting Commercial License
  • Host Your Clients Websites on Your Eight Webhosting Account

Note: The items in blue bold are Platinum 16 features not available to the Gold 4 plan.

Eight Webhosting Upsells

People who buy the hosting plans receive One-Time-Only (OTO) upgrade offers.

OTO1: TripleUp package is three times the original hosting plan purchased (silver, gold, or platinum). For example, a Triple Silver plan would be 3 websites, 3 GB storage, and 3 SSL certificates.

OTO2: PowerUp package is an upgrade to 100% pure SSD storage, 4x MySQL, 4x CPU, 2x Memory, 2x Mailbox Size, and Bitninja Protection (server security tool).

OTO3: AddOn Packages (Gold and Platinum) provide additional WordPress Themes, Unlimited SSL Trust Seals, Free Hack Cleanup, and Priority Backup & Recovery. Platinum also includes Done For You White Glove cPanel Migration and 50 GB Cloud FTP Storage.

OTO4: Domain packages include additional domains with domain privacy.

OTO5: Reseller packages provide reseller licenses for silver, gold, and platinum hosting plan buyers to sell (25, 100, 500) hosting plans and offer discount coupons to buyers.

What Is Good About Eight Webhosting?


If you are looking for website hosting based on price, then Eight Webhosting should be considered. It is hard to find basic hosting prices this low for WordPress websites.

Most first-time buyers can find great deals from other web hosting companies. As the Eight Webhosting sales page shows, the renewal price is the same as the initial purchase price.

Most web hosting companies offer deeply discounted hosting plans for the initial hosting term. However, the renewal or standard prices can be, and usually are, much higher.


Eight Webhosting provides hosting using LiteSpeed server software. You may like the fact that Eight Webhosting offers LiteSpeed server software at such a low price.

Bear with me while the discussion gets a little technical. Typically, you will find web hosting servers using Apache software. Unfortunately, Apache server software can struggle with hosting WordPress websites. When you start adding lots of beautiful images to a WordPress site, the site becomes server resource intensive.

LiteSpeed software design makes it 2 or more times faster while using far fewer server resources. While the server may be quick, your Eight Webhosting website can still load slowly for a few reasons. Poorly designed WordPress themes and plugins and sub-optimized images can reduce page loading speed.

For the technically-inclined reader, there are more server software explanations here.

Bundled Features

Eight Webhosting includes domain privacy with domain registrations, unlimited free SSL certificates, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services as part of their hosting packages. Often these features require an upgraded plan.

What Is Not So Good About Eight Webhosting

Some features usually found on other company basic hosting packages require one or more of the Eight Webhosting OTO upgrades.

DirectAdmin vs. cPanel Management Panel

Eight Webhosting uses DirectAdmin instead of cPanel for website management. cPanel, the most popular website management panel, recently announced a significant price hike. Most of the best website hosting companies provide cPanel within their hosting packages.

The DirectAdmin panel that comes with Eight Webhosting does not have the amount of functionality that cPanel has. For beginners, that may not matter.

I have used cPanel for years. While it may look cluttered because it lists many functions, it is easier to find the applications. On the other hand, DirectAdmin uses multiple menu options. So unless you are familiar with which menus to open, searching becomes tedious.

Sales Material and Lack of Transparency

The Eight Webhosting sales page lacks transparency in several essential areas.

First of all, there are references to Eight Webhosting's parent company and 17 years of web hosting experience. However, the parent company is not identified, nor are the seven different companies the parent company owns. Not knowing which companies makes it challenging to evaluate their experience claims.

I searched for information related to Richard Madison, the vendor of Eight Webhosting. He is involved with several other hosting companies, Three for One Hosting and Lifetime.Hosting. Lifetime.Hosting customers are not impressed as you can see from the following image.

lifetime hosting review

SiteJabber has Lifetime.Hosting reviews.

The 120x Uptime Guarantee is not defined in the Terms of Service. The sales page states that for every one hour of "downtime your account experiences, we will give you 120 hours account credit." The industry-standard uptime target rate is 99.9% annually, which means on average, a website will be down for about 8 hours, 45 minutes a year. The better website hosting companies will provide one month of free hosting if they guarantee a standard level of service above 99.9%. Usually, the Standard Level of Service will not include server maintenance downtime or when the user causes their website to go down. (I have been there and done that.)

If you are experiencing excessive downtime, adding 120 hours for every hour at the end of the 96-month term is not much of a guarantee. More than likely, you would have moved to another hosting company.

The 24/7 technical support is not defined. The best website hosting companies offer multiple contact methods, which are by telephone, live chat, and a trouble ticket system. Using a trouble ticket system is time-consuming and frustrating when someone hacks your website. You want to talk or use live chat to get your problems resolved immediately.

Until Eight Webhosting operates for a while, you cannot determine the quality of support. Hopefully, it will be better than Lifetime.Hosting.

Eight Webhosting offers unmetered bandwidth. However, the Terms of Service state:

"Customer is responsible for bandwidth utilization, and monitoring bandwidth uses to ensure the Web site does not exceed the bandwidth allocated for the account(s). Eight Webhosting will use its best efforts to email Customers who are at or near their bandwidth utilization limits, but Eight Webhosting does not take responsibility if email notification(s) is not received by the Customer. Eight Webhosting reserves the right to discontinue service through the beginning of the next month for your account in the event that it exceeds the bandwidth allotment."

How often have you been unable to reach a website because you saw something like this?

Can you afford customer seeing bandwidth error messages?

Not a good sign when this error message shows up, which happens with bandwidth limits.

The availability of Solid State Digital (SSD) storage is not clear. The sales page refers to "SSD Storage for OS and MySQL with RAID Enterprise Storage." This statement tells me that only the operating system and database files are using SSD storage media. This tells me that website files, including image files and HTML files, are non-SSD drives, which could impact the website user experience.

OTO2 is the PowerUp package which includes 100% pure SSD storage. That tells me the SSD drives will store website files.

Unfortunately, Eight Webhosting does not provide daily backup. Nor do they maintain backup copies of Customer Web sites or email. Lack of backup copies reflects the storage space limitations indicated in the Terms of Service.

Other Eight Webhosting Reviews

I found many reviews online promoting Eight Webhosting. My check of some of the reviews shows that the reviewers are affiliates promoting the hosting service to make commissions.

One reviewer used more words describing all the bonuses he was offering to potential Eight Webhosting customers than he used relating to the hosting service.

I do not promote this web hosting service, nor do I receive commissions or payments for writing this review.

Summary of My Eight Webhosting Review

If you are looking for a low-cost website hosting provider without a "track record," then Eight Webhosting may be a solution. However, do your homework, including analyzing Three for One Hosting as well as Lifetime.Hosting.

I would not use the Eight Webhosting. Without an operating history, I cannot evaluate the factors that are important to me (security, speed, and technical support).

To learn about the top web hosting sites rated by experts, read my recent blog post, "Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketers."

Fill in and submit the form below if you have questions or comments about the Eight Webhosting review. I look forward to responding promptly.

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Eight Webhosting


User Friendly











  • Very cheap hosting
  • SiteSpeed hosting
  • Bundled features
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No history to evaluate technical support
  • Space limitations
  • Bandwidth restrictions
  • Lacks cPanel website management panel

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