Done for You Business Factors to Consider Before Buying

Done for You Business evaluation factors

Today I am going to show you 8 critical factors in selecting a Done for You (DFY) business

I prefer programs that let you start for free. You may agree that trying something before buying is a smart decision.

But not many programs will let you in for free.

So what do you do? 

It is easier to evaluate a business opportunity if you use the factors listed below. These are not in any particular order because we all have personal preferences and different tolerances for risk. By honestly assessing potential home business opportunities using these criteria, it lessens the impact of associated hype or making an impulsive decision.

But first,

When it comes to creating an online business, potential business owners have several options:

1. Create a business from the ground up. Create, develop, and sell your own products. Or sell someone else's products (affiliate marketing). Or buy an existing business.

2. Buy a Done For You (DFY) business. A DFY business may also be called a business-in-a-box or a ready-made business.

Note: When I say business in a box, I am not talking about the business software named "Business-in-a-Box" document templates software developed to increase at-work productivity and efficiency.

Done for you business infographic

8 factors to consider before buying a DFY business.

What is a DFY Business?

A Done for You business comes in a variety of forms. Some are pre-made, right out of the box. While others are provided as a done-for-you service by a web business design company. Ideally, it will be a complete online business system so that all you have to do is "turn it on." 

The idea behind a DFY business is to have the business and website development work already complete. So you can focus your efforts on marketing and building customer relationships.

A comprehensive DFY business will have:

  • Sales funnel - marketing term for sales process that leads prospects through the sales and purchase process in profitable niches. The sales funnel may include a sales page and lead magnets.
  • Website including hosting and domain name - at a minimum, the website would be a company-hosted affiliate replicated page. But, ideally, your own website and domain name.
  • website content - articles and posts including free reports with associated images/graphics as well as product information.
  • Prepared email or newsletter series - expertly developed and written email sequences that include informational and promotional material to maximize reader engagement. 
  • Training - comprehensive training to successfully implement and operate the DFY business.
  • Support - specified level of support to address technical issues as well as business or marketing related problems discovered during operation of the business.

Often, a DFY business is nothing more than a website with a handful of pages with the developer's recommended products in a pre-determined niche. 

That's what happened to me years ago.

I did not have time to build an online business from the ground up. Working full-time and raising five kids left little time to learn how to start an online business. Plus, it also turned out to be in a niche that I had no real interest in pursuing when it became difficult to get enough website visitors.

I did not know how to:

  • write sales or promotional material,
  • build a mailing list,
  • promote my business, or
  • hire someone to write the content even if I had the money to pay for it.

So I needed more than just a website with a little content. My lack of results proved that!

And it showed that I needed a better way to evaluate business opportunities other than believing what the marketers were telling me.

From my experiences and further research, I put together the following guidelines to help me, and others, evaluate business opportunities.

8 Factors in choosing a done for you business

Choose wisely, grasshopper.

8 Critical DFY Business Factors

  • 1
    Selecting the right niche. A niche is a segment of the market with a unique product line for a specific group of people. An appropriate niche would be something for which you have a passion, interest, hobby, or subject expertise. People who succeed mostly are passionate about their chosen niche willing to overcome obstacles and challenges they may face.
  • 2
    Company and management reputation. The company should be a recognized expert in their chosen niche or industry. But it may be worthwhile to look at a new company or start-up as the payoff may be huge as is the associated risk. Furthermore, online businesses carry additional risk because of the ease of entry into the marketplace and the focus on digital products.
  • 3
    Product or service demand. There must be a need in the marketplace for the product. Or is the demand for the product artificial. Artificial demand is created in pyramid schemes where sales representatives buy products to qualify for commisssions. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission defines pyramid schemes as businesses that focus of recruiting more representatives than selling products.
  • 4
    Profitability. Can the average person make a profit in a reasonable amount of time if they follow and apply the training and marketing material provided? Does the company provide an income disclosure statement according to the Federal Trade Commission (16 CFR Part 437)?
  • 5
    Training. You will want quality training as well as updates as business conditions change. Since people learn in different wasys, training materials should be provided in different formats. Providing a 1-on-1 mentorship or coaching is a big plus.
  • 6
    Support. The company should provide defined levels of support and different methods of contacting company representatives or obtaining requested support (ticket system, live chat, telephone, email, knowledge base, tutorials, troubleshooting guides, etc). The presence of a large, active membership community reflects a successful program.
  • 7
    Tools and resources. You need business tools to create and operate a successful business. The business should provide tools to include hosting for your websites, website building tools, keyword tool, link tracking and more. Even if they do not provide tools or resources, the training should provided information and material on how to find and use business tools.
  • 8
    Payment methods. Paying for products and services should be easy. (Most all businesses have merchant accounts to process credit card payments for purchases.) However, it is more important to know how to get paid commissions for products sold. And when you get paid for sales commissions. You will want to know if the company has multiple ways of paying commissions, whether by check, direct bank deposit, PayPal, or other payment processors. More companies are accepting payments and making payouts in cryptocurrency.

How to Find a DFY Business

To find potential candidates, you can search Google. For an appropriate search term, add the following into the search bar, your personal interest” + affiliate program. Just substitute your chosen field for the words “your personal interest.” My personal interest is golf so I use the search term golf + affiliate program.

I am also familiar with these two programs, which are worth a look:

AffiloJetPack AffiloJetpack gives you your choice of five 80% completed affiliate websites (out of 17 profitable niches). With AffiloJetPack, the website content, design and hosting as well as the email marketing content is taken care of for you. All you need to do is tweak it (the remaining 20%) to your satisfaction and you are ready to go. Traffic strategies training is also provided. 

Aversity Gold Masterclass -  AGM is a step by step online affiliate marketing training program created by Sean Bagheri. Sean is a well-known internet marketer who has done exceptionally well selling Clickbank products as well as using YouTube. As a result, he created Aversity to help people build successful businesses using Aversity training, courses, and business solutions.

Issues with DFY Businesses

Regardless of whether you have a DFY business or built your own, getting visitors to look at your website or offer is a challenge.

There are only two ways to get visitors.

Free or paid.

You may not  want to spend money on promoting your business or have a large budget. And you are looking for great ways to get free website traffic or at least low-cost traffic. Here are 15 free ways to increase website traffic.

Otherwise, you will have to use paid search (Google, Bing ads), social media advertising (Facebook ads), and display advertising (Adsense for example).

The other problem I have with DFY businesses is that they are not unique to you specifically. The developers sell many of these off-the-shelf business packages. While they may sell DFY businesses in a handful of niches (or industries), they still take a cookie cutter approach to developing and selling their product.

YouTube channels are important marketing tools.

YouTube is popular for promoting a business.

At least it is better than using a replicated sales page many companies pass off as an online business. Particularly, in the internet marketing or make-money-online niches.

Cost is an issue with online DFY businesses. Companies want to be paid for the cost of developing the websites, website hosting, sales material, website content, and the other parts of a business in a box. 

But for people with limited time, buying a DFY business may be a good choice.


The benefits of buying a done for you business include the ability to start fast without worrying about the technical aspects of website development or developing promotional material and website content. This is a big benefit for people with limited time or just want a side hustle.

A DFY business gives you the opportunity to make a profit quicker than learning to do it yourself.

On the other hand, the DFY business cost can be a budget buster. But recognize the effort to do it yourself (DIY) can be a time buster and difficult if technical skills are lacking.

If you have questions or comments, please fill out and submit the form below. I am looking forward to responding.

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