Direct Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Results in 2019

Today I am going to talk about a few direct email marketing tips based on email marketing best practices.

You may agree that it is frustrating to receive an irrelevant email. Alternatively, a waste of time because you want to read content that matters to you. Marketers and bloggers often fail to recognize that trying to provide instant gratification to readers is a losing strategy.

You are probably wondering:

“How can I find email marketing tips that help my readers?”

I am glad you asked!

Learn about the six direct email marketing tips that impact your results the most.

The tips are:

  • Storytelling
  • ​Segmentation
  • ​Personalization
  • ​Focus on the subject line
  • ​Frequency and scheduling
  • ​Test, test, and test some more

Tell a Good Story

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment.

If you want to connect with your audience, tell a story. We connect with people every day through emotional stories.

Applying the same practice to your email marketing can prove to be insanely helpful. Storytelling is an effective way to provoke feelings in your recipients and convince them to buy your product without pitching to them.

If you can't tell a good story, you can't sell your products.

direct email marketing tips include telling a good story

Happy couple reading a story.

Segment Your Reader List

Segmenting your reader list helps you send relevant content to your readers.

Once you get a new list subscriber, you can start collecting information. Segmented email campaigns drive higher revenue than unsegmented, so what's not to like? If, for instance, you run an e-commerce store for toys, you might see what kind of toys they have bought in the past. Alternatively, see the subject lines of the emails they opened.

The more emails they open, the more you can engage with readers to build trust and a relationship that benefits them. Otherwise, they may unsubscribe. Worse yet, mark your email as spam.

Ultimately, you could create tailored mail campaigns based on a variety of segments such as toys for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, or others. Sending the same email to your entire list is old school and not as effective.


Make your emails like you are writing to one person.

Personalizing subject lines and the email greeting make readers feel as though you are writing directly to them.

Generic, anonymous one-size-fits-all messaging is ancient history. Instead, modern marketers are striving to leverage email personalization that feels like they are custom-made for the individual.

As I mentioned previously, no one wants to read an email which it's not meant for them and how do we win audience mind? Personalization is the key. It helps boost the success of email marketing strategies across a wide array of industries.

Focus on Your Subject Line

Focusing on your subject line is critically important. A better subject line is the first step to get a user open your email. That means you should do everything within your power to set yourself up for success here. If your subject line does not draw attention, readers will not open your email.

However, there is an exception. If you are known for providing valuable and useful content, readers will be waiting eagerly for your next email.


​Quick Subject Line Tips:

  • Use short subject lines, 5-7 words and no more than 40 characters.
  • Add one or two emojis.
  • Avoid spammy words.
  • Personalize the subject line with the reader's name.
  • Ask a question.
  • Use an action word (verb).

  • Use "How to" do something.
  • Include a benefit (value proposition).

Research and tinker with your subject line to find the two best options possible, then A/B test among those with a small subset of your subscribers. Then, repeat this process for every single email you send.  For example, by changing one word in my subject line increased the email open rate by 85%.

Frequency and Scheduling

You should consider the frequency you send an email. Email marketing is a powerful tool for digital communication. However, that doesn't mean that ramping up your email frequency will make your message more effective. Sending too many emails to your recipients will likely achieve the opposite result. Recipients may unsubscribe if they feel overwhelmed with your, or worse they may even decide to mark your email as spam.

Start slow, and test how your audience responds to your email sending frequency. Learn more about fighting email fatigue.

Make your email schedule smart.  The best day and time to send your emails depends on your product and audience. However, you can make some educated guesses using the research others have already done.

Test, Test, and Test Some More

Nearly all email marketing service providers have A/B testing functionality as part of their service. Others offer testing as part of an upgrade. Either way, there is absolutely no reason for you not to test your emails.

You should test subject lines, preheader text, send times and days of the week as well as format and layout. Testing images or Call to Action (CTA) text and placement is a great idea.

The following image shows how you can test within the AWeber email marketing system. In this instance, I am testing subject lines.

testing is essential to maximizing results

​I am split testing a broadcast message by changing the subject line.

AWeber users can test headlines, existing messages, or draft new email to test. Drafting new emails allows users to test the email content, including design, format, buttons, CTAs, and other elements of the email.

Email marketing is not sending and forget about it. Once you send an email, you're just onto the next step.

Periodically review your email analytics to compare how well the email did against your predictions and similar emails you've sent.

The data to review includes:

  • ​Open rates
  • ​Click rates
  • ​A/B test results
  • ​Conversion rates
  • ​Popular content
  • ​Overall assessment

Summary of Direct Email Marketing Tips

I hope these direct email marketing tips help you improve your email marketing campaigns.

The key take-away is to test your email against the results. You will see a significant improvement over time compared to now.

​Tell me about ​your email marketing tips​ by filling out and submitting the form below. I am looking forward to re​ading what works for you.

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