DigiProduct Lab Review for Easy Digital Product Creation (2019)

If you are looking for a DigiProduct Lab review, you have found my personal review of my experience using the software.

You will learn what the software is, how it works, what it costs, and what I like about it.

I also provide a summary review and my rating for the DigiProduct Lab software application.

What is DigiProduct Lab?

DigiProduct Lab is a cloud-based software application used to create digital products such as ebooks, lead magnets, landing pages, reports as well as ebook and report covers.

You can use the software to:

  • ​Create stunning eBooks, lead magnets & digital info products in MINUTES - without writing a single word of content.
  • ​Create easy point & click eCovers - never pay for expensive designers or software again.
  • ​Create top-converting landing pages, delivery pages - with hosting included — zero ongoing costs!
  • ​Leverage your existing website content - by entering your URL and scrapping your content directly into the software.
  • ​Generate traffic, leads, and sales by using your newly created digital products.
  • ​Make passive income from viral traffic, affiliate commissions, and product sales.

​Top DigiProduct Lab Benefits

You never have to write content again for your digital products. However, I always recommend editing the content to include affiliate links or adding images to enhance the user experience.

You can design your eBook covers without needing to hire an expensive designer.

Create your own digital products for sale. Most successful online marketers generate lots of money with their own products. This software gives you the chance to create your own in a matter of minutes.

Produce professional digital products without needing technical skills.

With this cloud-based software, you can create excellent products in just a few minutes. You don’t need any special “tech skills” or experience to use this software.  It’s super easy​ and you’ll be able to boost your opt-ins and make more sales instantly.

The complete DigiProduct Lab software is packed with everything you need to save time, get more leads, and boost your online income.

Who Should Use DigiProduct Lab?

DigiProduct Lab is ideal for people who want to:

  • ​Create their own digital products for sale.
  • ​Create ebooks, lead magnet, and reports as freemium products, incentives, or upgraded content.

The following groups of people would use DigiProduct Lab:

  • ​Marketers - affiliate, online, and social media
  • ​Entrepreneurs
  • ​Business, E-commerce site owners
  • ​And many more

How DigiProduct Lab Works

You can start by either creating your digital product eCover or digital product. I have elected to start with creating an eBook.

Log into your DigiProduct Lab dashboard and click on create eBook in the left-hand navigation menu.

DigiProduct Lab review shows how to create ebook

​This DigiProduct Lab review shows how easy it to create an eBook.

STEP 1: How to Create Your eBook

DigiProduct Lab gives you the choice of creating your eBook from:

  • ​DigiProduct Lab Articles library (250,000 articles),
  • Manually by uploading your content,
  • Website URL (see warning note below),
  • Upload an existing eBook, or
  • Done-for-You ebooks.


NOTE: While scraping content from a website is legal, how it is used later may ​result in a copyright violation. You may be liable and subject to a lawsuit. YouTube has deleted accounts due to violating Terms of Service based on videos using text-to-voice technology. YouTube members created video voice-overs using copied website content. Just because you can, does not mean you should.

For this DigiProduct Lab review, I ​selected creating an eBook from the Articles Library.

DgiProduct Review backoffice

​How to search for articles using a keyword.

Enter your ebook keyword (subject) and the number of articles (10 - 500) to retrieve from the library. In this example, I retrieved 10 items with title and text. There are boxes in the right-hand column to check to include the articles in the eBook.

To complete the creation of the eBook, you would click the Create button on the bottom of the columns.

Once your eBook is created, you can edit the text, add pictures, links. The following image shows the first page of the first chapter with a block of sample text added on top.

DigiProduct Lab editor screenshot

​Edit your ebook with drag and drop simplicity

STEP 2: How to Create Your eCover

You may be as surprised as I was on how easy it is to create an eCover. It was a matter of minutes putting together a professional looking cover.

The following images show the steps to make a cover.

DigiProduct Lab includes ebook cover creater

​I found it easy to create an ebook cover

​The first step is clicking the orange button to set up the link to the template images. Then click the blue Create Cover button. 

Clicking the blue button will give you the option of a 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, or CD cover. Clicking the option you want brings up the template window.

includes a variety of ebook cover templates

​Pick a template or create your own.

Add the name, choose a template, and click the create button. Or you can click the blank template and design your own cover.

Clicking the create button opens the eCover work area.

DPL includes work space

DigiProduct Lab gives you the option to upload your own images to change the background. Once you have created your cover, save, and close.

Here is the eCover I made using one of the pre-made templates.

My new SEO book cover

​My eBook cover

STEP 3: How to Create an Optional Landing Page

You can create landing pages using the DigiProduct Lab software. Hosting is included. ​

Landing page creation is also included with DPL

​My Library includes editing functions including managing landing pages.

The Landing Page manager function, including creating and edit landing pages, is accessed through My Library window by clicking on the landing page symbol.

The landing page editor is much like the eCover creator. There are background templates available as well as an editor to text, video, and images.

You can add your autoresponder code to enable people to opt into your email list and optionally download your digital product.

The following image shows a draft landing page I created. The "%form% symbol is a placeholder for where the autoresponder name and email blocks go.

What Does DigiProduct Lab Cost?

I purchased the basic DigiProduct Lab Pro package (first item). DigiProduct Lab comes with a bunch of enhancements which I list below.

There are several options for you to choose:

  • DigiProduct Lab PRO* | 100% Done-For-You Products! ($23.97) - Create 10 digital products a month.  
  • DigiProduct Lab LITE ($22.97) - Comes with fewer templates and images.
  • DigiProduct Lab UNLIMITED ($97.00) - Unlimited digital products monthly
  • DigiProduct Lab TRAFFIC ($97.00) - Limited offer of unlimited traffic from the creators' traffic sources (unspecified)
  • DigiProduct Lab DONE-FOR-YOU ($97.00) - DFY funnels with digital products, eCovers, landing pages, and thank you pages created and added to your library.
  • DigiProduct Lab LIST BUILDER ($47.00) - List building add-on package training you to create list building funnels
  • DigiProduct Lab BONUS BUILDER ($67.00) - Bonus page builder package with training to create bonus page funnels.
  • DigiProduct Lab LICENSE RIGHTS ($197.00) - Reseller license to sell the DigiProduct Lab as your own earning 75% commissions.
  • DigiProduct Lab TRIAL ($3.00) - 7-day trial of the DigiProduct Lab for $3.00.

I like the ala carte approach to product options. I purchased the first item. Other buyers can pick and choose the additional packages they want without paying for the others they won't use. For example, someone struggling with list building may decide to buy the List Builder option but does not need the Traffic package.

Note: Prices are subject to change since DigiProduct Lab is a new product currently in launch mode.

DigiProduct Lab Support

Training is available within the member dashboard menu as is help support via a trouble ticket system.

You get step-by-step training that covers BOTH the primary use of the software and how to maximize your results. Tips from 7+ figure marketers are provided.

I watched several of the twelve training videos. I found them informative and easy to follow.

DigiProduct Lab Review Summary

I was impressed with the great features of this software. ​This digital product tool is a welcome addition to my affiliate marketing resources.

​My DigiProduct Lab review shows this is an easy tool to use. While the developers promote the idea that a user would never have to create content again. This is a stretch.

Anytime you use PLR content, it should be edited to reflect your style of writing. After ​reviewing a few articles, I noticed that some of them are over ten years old. While some of the content is still valid, updates are in order.

DigiProduct Lab is worth consideration and is recommended for anyone looking for a software tool to create digital products quickly.

If you have questions or comments ​about the DigiProduct Lab review, ​please leave them below. I will be happy to reply. Please share.

DigiProduct Lab


User Friendly











  • Easy to use
  • Multiple ways to create products
  • Optional enhancements available
  • No technical skills needed
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Able to scrape other site content
  • Uncertainty over price increase
  • Only video training onsite

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