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At some point as an online business owner you will want to improve your copy writing skills.  You will want to write ads to promote your business or products.  Or you could hire a professional copywriter.

The better your ad copy writing skills are, you will get more visitors and better results. There are a few simple things you can do to create ad copy that improves your results. Here are five quick tips to help you write better copy.

headline copy writing skillCreate great headlines

Your headline or subject line is the first thing people see. So it needs to be great. If your readers do not find the headline interesting, then they are not going to view the rest of your message.

When you are developing your ads, spend 50% of your time on your headline. Write different versions (the more the better) and look at how you can condense your message into fewer, more powerful words. Words that reflect a benefit or solution for the reader.

Keep the story simple

Great or compelling ad copy is concise and focused, but also conversational in tone. Do not lecture your readers. Write as if you are speaking to them. You want to engage with them to help them solve a problem, not persuade them. Keep your sentences short and simple. A nine or ten year old child should be able to read them without difficulty.

Size matters

size matters in copy writing skillsIf you are writing a blog post, do not be afraid to write longer posts than is often recommended. Experts usually recommend around 500 – 1000 words per blog post. However, quality content in depth on a specific niche topic can prove very effective in helping a customer solve his problem. 2,000 words is not unreasonable.

For a sales page, the general rule of thumb is the more that a product costs, the longer the sales page should be. However, with more video and audio being added, the recommended length is always changing. In general, your copy should be as long as it needs to be to tell the story.

This means that you need to make sure that your ad copy includes everything that a prospective buyer would want to know, while also not adding more than they want.


You can help your readers by keeping your paragraphs short.  Create plenty of white space. Each paragraph should contain just one point, with some supporting content. A paragraph should be two or three sentences long. Sometimes shorter or longer. Use headings and sub-headings, as well as bullet points or lists to help the reader scan through your article.

Check your spelling and grammar

copy writing skill proofreadingYou cannot convey a professional image if your content is littered with spelling mistakes (or typing errors) and bad grammar. Aim for an informal and conversational style, but pay attention to grammar and spelling. Do not simply rely on a spellchecker because a spellchecker may not know in which context the words are being used. “Their” and “there” will pass a spellchecker. Print off a copy of your article and go through it manually, if necessary.

In summary

If you improve your ad copy writing skills, you should see an immediate improvement in your results. Tailor the length of your ad copy to the needs of the topic you are discussing, or the product or service that you are promoting. Keep your sentences and your paragraphs short and simple for readers to digest. Pay attention to your formatting and double check for typing and grammar errors. Above all else, give your headline the attention that it requires to pull in your readers.

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