ConvertKit Review Exposes Easy Email Automation for Beginners

This ConvertKit review shows an email marketing software platform that is easy to use for bloggers and affiliate marketers alike, including beginners. The simplified design and interface make ConvertKit a powerful platform for those technically challenged among us.

You may agree that email marketing is important to our business. If not, did you know that for every one dollar you spend on email marketing, the expected return is $44?

Yes, that’s right. That return of investment should be reason enough to consider email marketing with one of the best email marketing platforms available.

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    Powerful automations to simplify marketing efforts
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    No charges for duplicate subscribers
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    Limited form customization
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    Only 14-day free trial
ConvertKit Review

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a popular email service provider that provides powerful automation capabilities. Nathan Barry, a blogger, designed ConvertKit for bloggers and creators. It is easy to use, providing the capacity to organize subscribers by interests, activity, and more. By organizing subscribers, readers get a more personalized experience. ConvertKit gives you the ability to create marketing funnels for your readers. It ensures they see the right content improving your ability to help and serve them. 

The following short video describes how ConvertKit works.

Nathan Barry created ConvertKit software not long ago. But what I like about the ConvertKit is that Nathan is very transparent about the entire process. 

In one of his blog posts, Nathan illustrates how the product emerged as a total failure. But with his full-time focus, he turned it around by worked like crazy to meet the needs of his audience. And within a few months, he was making over 5,000 a month. Now he and his team are doing over a $1 million in a month due to the success of his clients.

Nathan and his team are on edge now, and this is the number one reason why it’s worth learning more about this product.

5 Top Reasons to Use ConvertKit Email Marketing

After using ConvertKit for a year now in my affiliate marketing business, I find these to be the best ConvertKit features.

1. Email automation and segmentation

ConvertKit allows you automate email distribution as well as segment subscribers. What this means is that it can segment every email using tags. So let’s say you want to create one email to all subscribers, but want to add a bonus coupon to a select few. They may include those who purchased a product.

How do you do that?

automate and segment your subscriber list

​ConvertKit uses a visual approach to automation.

In most email marketing systems, you will have to do it manually. ConvertKit allows you to personalize the email based on subscriber’s action, interest, or only with a tag indicating they opened or clicked. All you need to do is change the tag, update the content, and you are good to go.

2. Seamless visual automation editor

I like ConvertKit's visual automation editor, and you may as well. It is easy to use, especially when compared to other visual editors I have used. Of course, I have not used all email marketing systems, especially the high-end ones.

Every editing step in your automation workflow is seamless. It even gets better, and everything is done inside the editor itself. So you are not going to lose the context. You can also edit the forms pretty much the same way.

3. Lead Magnet Double Opt-in

People often think that double opt-on is better than single opt-in, while others believe otherwise. But, having a double opt-in improves your email. In most cases, it hurts your conversation. 

Using a lead magnet may solve this problem. When a user clicks a call to action, to get their freebie, they opt-in, and this means getting the best of both worlds.

ConvertKit will let you use single opt-in. When people click the subscribe button, ConvertKit adds them to your list. They do not need to confirm their email address. 

4. Auto Resend Broadcast

There are chances that every time you send a broadcast email, only 25% will open it. 
Some of the reasons 75% did not open; it has to do with your content, your headline, or some other simple reason.

ConvertKit has a neat feature. It allows you to resend the broadcast to those who did not open it. But this time, you can make changes to your email.

5. Third-Party Integration

ConvertKit integrates with the most popular third-party applications, so for the vast majority of people, it will incorporate what they need it to do.

As ConvertKit grows and matures, I expect that they will add additional third-party applications. But in the meantime, here are the ones they have.

Third-party application list

Integrated third-party applications.

My Least Favorite ConvertKit Features

The following features prevent me from giving ConvertKit five out of five stars in this ConvertKit review. 

1. Limited Form Templates

ConvertKit provides a limited number of form templates. The limited number reflects ConvertKit's focus on ease of use and design simplicity. 

For advanced users, ConvertKit provides Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) functionality to adjust the look and layout of forms.

The following two screenshots show the available types of forms and template options.

ConvertKit form options

ConvertKit display form options with Modal form highlighted.

For the inline form option, there are four basic templates available. Experienced or advanced users with some knowledge of HTML and CSS can modify the templates to meet their needs.

ConvertKit includes form templates

Inline form option provides four template options.

ConvertKit Landing Pages provide some additional form options. The following screenshot shows a ConvertKit landing page I created. It indicates that attractive forms without coding. 

ConvertKit includes landing page templates

My landing page example shows what can be done without knowing CSS.

2. Pricing

Some consider ConvertKit prices on the high side. It costs $29 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers.

For any affiliate marketing or email marketing services considered, functionality and features outweigh cost. As I mentioned, I have used some email service providers over the last 20 years. Also, I am a current ConvertKit user.

ConvertKit is relatively new compared to others. As they continue to mature, ConvertKit adds new features. Recently, they added many new landing page templates, as seen in my example above.

As I always recommend, online business owners and those starting a new business should have a plan and budget. A plan and budget keep the focus on the business while minimizing expenses. A budget also helps avoid chasing shiny objects.

Key ConvertKit Benefits

1. Ease of use

ConvertKit features easy to understand processes. Nathan focused on making email marketing easy to use for someone like you and me. Being easy to use is one area that ConvertKit has to managed to take the lead. You can build email automation the first time without the help of anyone.

2. Automation

I love the automation features on this system. You can automate your email to all your subscribers, as well as segment them based on their interests.

Segmentation means that, regardless of the action they take, you can interact with them about their interests. Segments let you group subscribers for broadcasts.

So whether you want to offer discounts, product launches or want to introduce them to new blog posts, everything can be done automatically. All you need is to select some tags.

3. Outstanding customer service

One of the key benefits of this platform is the support system. Most email tools out there have inadequate support. You will have to browse Google or Youtube to find solutions to a problem.

ConvertKit offers 24/7 support through live chat and email. They also provide video tutorials and support documentation. The documentation takes you through to all the steps you need to perform on the system.

Shout out to Aweber. Years ago, when I was using the Aweber email tool, I wanted a specific subscription box layout. But Aweber's package boxes did not include the design I wanted. So Aweber's customer support team coded a new subscription box layout for me. At no extra cost!

With a focus on the customers, ConvertKit makes it easy to migrate from another email marketing provider. They provide information for switching from many popular providers, including Aweber, MailChimp, and Infusionsoft. They even have a concierge migration service for switching large lists.

4. Pricing

0–1k subscribers




3k–5k subscribers




ConvertKit Review Conclusion

Hopefully, this ConvertKit Review provided a good overview and answered your basic questions.

ConvertKit has not been in the market for long, yet has earned high marks. It often ranks well with most prominent email service providers. To me, that says a lot about the ownership and service provided to customers.

Some of its features like the segmentation is not something you see on its competitors. It provides everything that a blogger, writer, musician, artist, or others need in an email tool.

I am a highly satisfied ConvertKit customer. Over the last 20+ years online, I have used Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and others.

I made the switch from Aweber. I stopped using Aweber was because they double count subscribers. Their Knowledge Base describes how they count subscribers. They are list-focused. For example, if a user has two lists and a subscriber email address is on both lists, that counts as two subscribers.


The Good Stuff:
  • Simple to use
  • Flexible
  • Visually oriented
  • Great technical support
  • Excellent training
  • Has form builder
The Bad Stuff:
  • Limited pre-made email templates
  • 14-day free trial
ConvertKit Review

ConvertKit review

Want a Subscriber List that Converts?

I recommend ConvertKit because it enables me as well as YOU to focus on the creative side of our businesses yet remain in contact with people. It makes the user experience better, and readers get the info they want.

Tell me your experiences with your email marketing efforts or service provider. ​Please fill out and submit the form below. I am looking forward to re​ading.

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