Contact List Builder Review – Is It the Shortest Path to Success?

Contact List Builder Review

Contact List Builder

Date: September 18, 2016
Name: Contact List Builder
Overall Ranking: RECOMMENDED
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Owners: Janet Legere

Contact List Builder (CLB) is a mentoring and training solution for marketers, both online and offline. But CLB is more than a training community. It is a business in and of itself. As members join, they will see the programs available in the Downline Builder.

Beginners and experienced people will find useful information about list and business building on CLB. Janet and Don Legere are very experienced owners, and are hugely successful. Their training and live webinars teach their successful methods.

From the Contact List Builder homepage,

“Experts Agree … Mentoring, Training and Education is the Shortest Path to Success and Financial Freedom … Hands Down! Discover Inside that Internet Marketing is Amazingly Easy When You Are Part of a Community Who Cares.”

Yes, we all learn how to build lists at Contact List Builder. All businesses, from the largest corporation to the smallest sole proprietorship, have lists. Dell, Amazon, United Airlines, Safeway, Verizon and others have lists. I know because I am on their lists.

The Contact List Builder Training

Building a list is important. Creating a relationship is more important.

Through the Five Step Success Blueprint, of which list building is only 1 part, members learn how to achieve success. Even experienced marketers learn from the blueprint. From goals and mindsets through plans of action, branding, list and relationship building, members learn the foundations of success. A free copy of the Five Step Success Blueprint is available within the Contact List Builder website.

It is one thing to have a blueprint. But to implement it requires a system. Janet and Don Legere have developed the “Ready Set Go” Marketing System within Contact List Builder. The RSG system is broken down into easy steps to enable members to get results fast. It really is a copy, paste and edit simple system.

After the basic steps are complete, there is advanced marketing training. These tasks are designed to help you get even MORE subscribers.

CLB members have training, mentoring and coaching available. It comes in the form of presentations done via webinars, (lots of) videos, hangouts, and skype group chat. I like the skype group chat the best. A number of advanced and beginner members meet almost daily to chat about a variety of topics. Much of the coaching is done one on one via skype, email or voice.

The Contact List Builder Downline Builder

Contact List Builder logo

Contact List Builder

Many online marketing programs or business systems in the making-money-online and internet marketing niches have downline builders.  Downline builders are a way to refer people to the programs or business opportunities you promote. People who join from your referral link become your downline members.

CLB has a variety of programs offered in their downline builder. They are all optional; members may choose to join or not. The CLB programs are:

  • Program 1: Your Primary Business – Each member has the ability to add their program as the #1 program. This gives flexibility to experience members who may have already joined and are promoting their business. For members that have not identified their program, the CLB downline builder will show the primary business of the member’s upline sponsor.
  • Program 2: The Conversion Pros – TCP is the primary Lead Capture Page system used by CLB. TCP has a built-in auto-responder system integrated into their leade capture pages. Contact List Builder has set up lead capture pages for members who decide not to build their own. (The lead capture pages are easy to make with TCP.)  There are also pre-made auto-responder messages for members to use.
  • Program 3: Udimi – Udimi is a solo ad marketplace to buy and sell solo ad services.  Joining Udimi for free enables you to “shop” for solo ad providers (list owners willing to send your solo ad to their member list for a price). Udimi has a rating system in place so that members can evaluate and rate the providers/list owners.
  • Program 4: Viral Mailers  – Janet and Don Legere own four viral mailers (Prospect Geyser, Prospect Geyser Coop, PG Viral Mailer and Genie Mailer) that members can use to promote their businesses and programs.
  • Program 5: Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) – GVO is a web hosting solution for marketers. In addition to web hosting GVO provides marketing tools such as auto-responders, video tools, webinar/conference rooms, blogger builder and more. GVO is no longer the auto-responder of choice since The Conversion Pros system was added. GVO is still useful as a blogging platform!
  • Program 6: Curation Works – Curation Works is CLB’s unique training on how to curate content for YOUR blog. Content Curation is finding, grouping, organizing and sharing content on a specific issue online. It is a great way to add valuable content to your blog. CLB also shows you how to monetize your blog with Google ads.
  • Program 7: Got Backup – If you have ever had a hard drive crash or computer failure and lost irreplaceable photos, files or personal/business data, then you can understand the value of having a backup system in place.  Got Backup is an online backup application that gives you unlimited data storage and backup capability from anywhere in the connected world. Got Backup is automatic so you never have to worry whether you computer was backed up or not.
  • Program 8: Seek & Send – Seek & Send is a useful Skype tool for finding and making contact with Skype users. With Seek & Send you can not only find NEW contacts, but use it to easily connect with your entire list of current contacts.
  • Program 9: Shopping Sherlock – Shopping Sherlock is simple to use mobile application designed to help users comparison shop for products and services. The Shopping Sherlock application is unique in that you can brand the application for your business.  You can offer coupons or simply promote your business worldwide. CLB provides full training on setting up and using the application.

As you promote your new Capture Page for Contact List Builder, your list will begin to grow and you will sponsor many people into CLB. Once they join CLB they will see and learn about the programs in your Downline Builder. CLB will teach them how to setup and use these programs just like they show all members. When new members upgrade in any of the programs, the sponsoring member will earn a commission.

Good/Not so Good


  • Training is extensive. In addition to a number of free reports, there are 100’s of hours of video training. There are weekly live hang-outs as well as weekly CLB presentations via webinar.
  • Powerful Downline Builder gives members the opportunity to build solid income streams from a number of marketing tools.
  • The Conversion Pros auto-responder and lead capture page system simplifies the Contact List Builder list building training. The ready-made capture pages and auto-responder messages help beginners get started quickly.
  • Personal support is amazing! The responsive, active groups enable beginners to start quickly as well as experienced members resolve challenges.


  • The Conversion Pros opt-in page requires telephone numbers. I have never been a fan of requiring prospective customers or members to provide a telephone number. I understand the reasoning behind requiring this personal information. It is a way to screen or qualify potential customers. I think it eliminates people who otherwise would be qualified prospects.
  • Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) heavily promotes its affiliate program to the detriment of the basic web hosting and marketing tools provided. The inappropriate promotion of the GVO money-making aspect by some affiliates has lessened the reputation of GVO. 

The Contact List Builder Summary

If you are struggling with achieving success with your business, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Contact List Builder. It really is heart-warming to see beginners achieve success using Contact List Builder. To get started, please visit. Just CLICK HERE. Join and grab the free reports.

Final Verdict

The Contact List Builder is:

Contact List Builder is Recommended



As with any program, your due diligence is required. Contact List Builder is not a get-rich-quick deal. It takes time and commitment to work.

I make commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

If you have any questions or comments about Contact List Builder, please fill in and submit the form below. I love feedback.

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