ClickTrackProfit Review

The old ClickTrackProfit program has launched under new ownership and management. Read this review to learn what has changed before you join.

I will give you the bottom line upfront.

ClickTrackProfit (CTP) is a legitimate affiliate marketing training program.

The new CTP has fixed the problems that severely limited the old version. 

For full transparency purposes, I joined CTP in 2011 and upgraded my membership in early September 2019 after seeing the changes. There are affiliate links within this post. Should you follow the links and make any purchases, I earn an affiliate commission.

In this ClickTrackProfit review, I will provide an overview of the CTP affiliate marketing training program, including changes from the previous version. I base this review on my honest assessment from personally using the program.

​ClickTrackProfit - Summary and Rating

​ClickTrackProfit is a affiliate marketing training site focused on helping members build their brands and email lists.


​Members learn by doing tasks​, watching videos, and engaging with other members. New training frequently added.

​User Friendly

​Highly active, engaged member community makes learning fun. CTP includes training videos, blogging, and ​​more.


Free to join with optional Pro and Entrepreneur upgrades available as well as additional advertising options.

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

​Originally created in late 2010, ClickTrackProfit (CTP) was relaunched in July 2019 under new owners and management. CTP provides affiliate marketing training for beginner as well as experienced entrepreneurs. The training is focused on building email lists and personal branding using a variety of traffic and lead generation methods including social media and email marketing.

What is ClickTrackProfit?

ClickTrackProfit is a full-featured affiliate marketing training platform.  Initially started in late 201​0, ClickTrackProfit (CTP) relaunched in late July 2019 under new ownership and management. The new owners updated the program scripts and software, updated and added further affiliate marketing training, and refocused the emphasis to list building and branding. 

The following infographic shows a brief CTP history.

clicktrackprofit history infographic

ClickTrackProfit history since 2010

​The ClickTrackProfit concept is broken down into three parts, as follows:

Click is its unique "content discovery network" where members discover new websites and opportunities by engaging with website owners. CTP encourages and rewards members who actively participate in the CTP network.

Track teaches that affiliate marketing success depends on tracking results and analytics. CTP provides training on everything from budgeting to tracking different advertisements to find the best results.

Profit focuses on building and maintaining superior mailing lists and building your brand through content development.

ClickTrackProfit Overview

ClickTrackProfit serves a community of members who have come together to make money online as affiliate marketers.

CTP starts with a focus on having the right mindset. CTP is not a get-rich-quick scheme. To be successful with CTP or any affiliate marketing program takes effort. 

There is no 1-click button that takes you from zero to hero overnight.

clicktrackprofit member dashboard

​Typical member dashboard showing training progress.

Furthermore, managing expectations is vital. People over-estimate how much they can do in a week. People also underestimate what they can accomplish in a few months.

Out with the old, in with the new

The most significant change from the prior CTP to the updated version is a focus on content development and blogging and no emphasis on traffic exchanges.

The new and improved #ClickTrackProfit focuses on building superior email lists and building your brand.

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Some of the new additions include the Gauntlet and the scavenger hunt.

The Gauntlet is an internal CTP review site designed to give members feedback on their marketing web pages such as lead capture or squeeze pages. By adding your web page, other members will review, rate, or comment on your page. The feedback can be brutally honest at times, but it is all designed to improve members' advertising on the internet.

The scavenger hunt is a fun feature of CTP. It is designed to help build relationships between promo partners who sponsor the scavenger hunt and members. The purpose of the hunt is to find "Luke the Listbuilder" as he travels around the world of Listopia. The world of Listopia includes stops at different places which are the promo partner websites and offers. Complete enough scavenger hunts and members will win prizes.

What has ClickTrackProfit changed?

The old CTP relied on using traffic exchanges as the recommended source of traffic and commissions for members. Traffic exchanges have proven to be low-quality, scam-ridden sources for website visitors. Many experienced marketers consider traffic exchanges as "bottom feeders" and do not recommend advertising on traffic exchanges.

Google will penalize website owners or marketers if they advertise on traffic exchanges. Google uses webpage bounce rates as a measure of website quality. Site owners and marketers use search engine optimization best practices to get high search engine rankings. 

Google advises against using traffic exchanges to boost advertising and page views. Google aslo doesn't allow AdSense ads to run on webpages that included in these traffic sites.

On the other hand, blogging and other content development creation techniques like video creation are essential to building successful online businesses.

ClickTrackProfit uses the Steem blockchain and the related as a new blogging platform. 

What is STEEM?

According to WikipediaSTEEM is a cryptocurrency based on social media and content-focused Steem blockchain. Steemit is the social media platform for STEEM.  

Steemit rewards its users with the cryptocurrency STEEM for publishing and curating content.

CTPtalk social media blogging platorm

​CTPtalk is part of the Steemit social media platform.

ClickTrackProfit created as its new blogging platform and social media hub. Members receive rewards for creating blog content as well as liking and commenting on other posts. Members receive "CTP tokens" which can be traded on Steem Engine. Steem Engine is a platform for buying and welling Steem based tokens. 

So a CTP token is a real currency that can be exchanged for U.S. dollars.

Using a blogging platform is an excellent alternative to building and maintaining a website or blog. CTPtalk is also an alternative to one of the other existing blogging platforms like Medium or HubPages.

Step by step affiliate marketing training

CTP training includes several parts. In addition to its step by step BASIC training, members learn by doing daily activities like the 3 Steps to Success, participating in webinars, and chatting on the ClickTrackProfit Telegram Group. 

The following image is a screenshot of the CTP training section. The training consists of a series of short videos between 3 - 10 minutes. As you complete a video, the next video will unlock.

CTP training showing completed lessons

​Extract of training area with completed training.

As you can see from the green checkmarks, I have completed the training sessions. As Jon Olsen and Blain Jones build out ClickTrackProfit, they will add additional training modules. 

The new version of CTP eliminated the requirement to join programs as a condition of completing a training lesson. For example, in the following image showing part of the email marketing training, there is a button to join TrafficWave. TrafficWave is the CTP-preferred email marketing system. I already use AWeber, so I don't need another program. By clicking on the "complete task" button, I can continue to the next lesson.

CTP email marketing training lesson

​Members don't have to join programs to complete training lessons.

What does ClickTrackProfit cost?

CTP is free to join with two paid options. The following image shows the free membership options, Free, Pro, and Entrepreneur. 

ClickTrackProfit membership chart

​Membership options.

What is CTP support?

As a member, you have several ways to get support from CTP. CTP has a formal trouble ticket system. I recently submitted two support requests, to which CTP support people were quick to respond and help.

Members can also ask others within the community or query with the CTP Group on Telegram, the cloud-based instant messaging system. 

What are the ClickTrackProfit Pros and Cons?


  • Free to Join
  • Teaches the basics of online affiliate marketing
  • Teaches affiliate marketing without building a website
  • Active member community within the CTP website as well as on the Telegram Group and CTPtalk
  • Teaches and uses cryptocurrency in addition to fiat currency


  • On-site training lessons are basic only at the time I published this post
  • Training does not include subjects related to website building, e.g., SEO or WordPress
  • Training lessons are completed sequentially

ClickTrackProfit Review Summary

Jon Olson and Blain Jones have done a fantastic job relaunching CTP with a new design, features, training, and so much more! 

Jon and Blain continued some of the old, familiar aspects of CTP such as the badges, team building, and experience points. Also, they continued with the gamification as other online affiliate marketing training can be quite dull.

The training emphasizes the importance of mindset to be successful with affiliate marketing. Part of the mindset training includes focusing on good habits like taking action every day. The login calendar and "3 Steps for Success" displayed prominently on the member CTP dashboard are good reminders. 

The CTPtalk member blogging platform is a significant benefit for members. Plus, members receive rewards for using the platform. 

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