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How to Build an Email List

Flowchart of the email list building process.

This article discusses why and how to build an email list, including the purpose of an email list. I will also describe some of the common ways to build lists. The primary purpose of creating an email list is to communicate via email with current and potential customers and prospects on a periodic basis. Why you […]

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How to Find Keywords for a Website


I have often been asked, “how do I find keywords for my website?” There are several ways, the old-fashioned, manual way or a keyword research tool. Start with a general term like “baby food” and the Google search bar will show recent popular searches. The next time you do a search using Google, take notice of […]

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Copy Writing Skills to Impress

At some point as an online business owner you will want to improve your copy writing skills.  You will want to write ads to promote your business or products.  Or you could hire a professional copywriter. The better your ad copy writing skills are, you will get more visitors and better results. There are a few simple […]

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Online Selling Tips

Here are online selling tips for new online business owners and those currently struggling. Anybody who has been involved with online businesses know the difficulty of selling. The Small Business Administration data shows a very poor success rate for new businesses. Hopefully, these online selling tips will help improve success rates. Reasons why people fail […]

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How to Get More Website Traffic

internet marketing for home business

How to get more website traffic is the major challenge for all online business owners. No visitors to your website means no sales or profits. There are so many different ways to get more website traffic. I will introduce you to four online ways to get more website traffic. These are not in any particular […]

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