Internet Marketing Secrets of the Big Dogs Exposed

​I bought "The Secrets of the Big Dogs" internet marketing ebook wanting to look behind all the cheesy ads and corny website design. I wanted see if it contained all the best internet marketing secrets.

After all, I have been marketing online for 20+ years. Moreover, during that time have spent money buying the next best thing.

This ebook cost seven dollars.

secrets of the big dogs ebook review

It is not like spending $2,000 on a worthless marketing course. Fortunately, I never had the guts to spend that kind of money on training.

I can handle seven dollars. Besides, there is a money-back guarantee.

So how do I gain from spending seven dollars? More importantly, how do you benefit by buying a copy of "The Secrets of the Big Dogs."

"The Secrets of the Big Dogs" promotional material states that the Big Dog Secrets will solve these internet marketer problems: 

  • Website traffic - generate up to 5 million quality, targeted prospects every month. Note: This is not passive or organic traffic generated by search engines.  
  • Cashflow - realistically earn residual income from over 12 streams of income.
  • Time - complete my day-to-day tasks of running my business in just 30 minutes a day! 

So, how will "The Secrets of the Big Dogs" (SBD, for short) solve these problems?

1. Tell you the 11 secrets so that you may implement them.

2. Introduce you to the Coordinated High Income Portfolio (C.H.I.P.)

But first... 

What is "The Secrets of the Big Dogs?"

It is an internet marketing ebook written by Stan Stuchinski. In 200+ pages, Stan walks the reader through internet marketing step-by-step. First created in 2001, it has been updated annually to reflect changes in internet marketing.

The ebook designation is inaccurate. It is an online book in the form of a collection of webpages. There is not a downloadable version of the book unless you want to copy the webpages.

One thing it is not.

BDS is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Stan tells his readers the brutal truth about internet marketing. He emphasizes the importance of being patient and persistence in achieving success online.

However, many people do not want to hear this. They go online looking to get-rich-quick. So the scammers will tell people what they want to hear.

Well, if you can't get-rich-quick, then what is the next best thing?

The next best thing is discovering the secrets of the big dogs who have been successful in internet marketing.

You might be wondering:

Who is a Big Dog?

A big Dog is one of the 3% who are successful and makes money online. Yes, it is true. 97% of the people who try to make money online don't.

If you are among the 97%, then read on.

Big Dog Internet Marketing Secrets

I am not going to rehash 200+ pages of information with this review.


There are eleven secrets exposed in Chapter 3. The secrets are proven business and success principles applied in the internet environment.

You could sit down with a pen and piece of paper and think up 11 principles for online business success. Hint: Signing up for an online program that offers you substantial return overnight without doing any work is NOT one of the concepts.

Secret #11: There are no internet marketing secrets!

Well, that is not entirely true.

Top marketers and gurus do not tell their readers or students everything they do to be successful. They hold some things back because they want to remain on top.

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But if you work this business long enough, you can figure it out.

Online Traffic Generation

In Chapter 4, Stan discusses the online traffic generation/advertising methods below. These are consistent with what the experts tell us.

  • Search engine marketing – includes search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Display advertising – includes pay-per-click
  • Online classified advertising – eBay for example
  • Social media marketing – includes content marketing
  • Mobile advertising – text message ads, webpages
  • Email advertising

Stan's preferred method is email advertising. He dismisses the others as being not very effective.

I take exception to that.

SEO techniques are effective, particularly for affiliate marketing and content development. My first review of the SBD ranks #2 on the Google Search Engine Results Page.

Google Search Engine Results Page showing results for the search term secrets of the big dogs review

I understand why he would dismiss Search Engine Marketing. Not everyone can be on the first page of Google. Plus, if you don't know how to do SEM, then your options are to learn or hire someone to do it for you. 

Stan is correct about the power of email marketing. How many times have you heard, "the money is in your list"? Yet, it takes time and effort to build a list of subscribers.

It gets better:

Stan offers us the Coordinated High Income Portfolio (C.H.I.P.).

What is the Coordinated High Income Portfolio (C.H.I.P.)

C.H.I.P. is a system of 18 high traffic, residual income programs. The programs are a mixture of safelist/mailers, traffic exchanges, and a tracking tool. 

The programs listed in the C.H.I.P. have OPTIONAL upgrade programs. Maximizing results is dependent upon upgrading in all the programs. This can be expensive. Fortunately, Stan recommends people to stay within their budgets and use profits to gradually upgrade in the programs. For example, it took me years to upgrade to the Viralist level (top) within the State-of-the-Art Mailer.

C.H.I.P. solves the problems of website traffic, cash flow, and time.

A safelist is a list of members who have agreed to receive promotional emails from other members. By viewing emails from other members, a member will earn email credits. The member uses accumulated email credits to send promotional emails to other members.

A good safelist owner will maintain a clean list of subscribing members by deleting members who break the safelist rules (promoting inappropriate material) or are inactive.

As I stated above, SBD will solve the website traffic problem by generating up to 5 million quality, targeted prospects every month via the traffic generation programs within the C.H.I.P. program.

However, the total membership of the safelists and traffic exchange listed in C.H.I.P. does not equal 5 million people. For example, the largest safelist is Herculist, which has 80,775 members. As a Gold member, members can send one promotional email to the 80,775 members every day. The total emails sent for 30 days to 80,775 Herculist members is 2,423,250.

Not all programs within C.H.I.P. provide membership numbers to the members. So, unless Stan has information from the program owners, the total number of prospects is anywhere near 5,000,000.


It is an issue of semantics. The correct term is email recipient and not prospect.

Regardless of what you call the traffic, C.H.I.P. generates a great deal of traffic to your website or offer.

When compared to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing brings more traffic because SEO requires high search engine ranking. SEO is a passive form of advertising as you wait for people to find your website or offer on a search engine.

Many marketers cannot wait for organic traffic (visitors from search engine results pages). So they "go out and get visitors."

The C.H.I.P. portfolio creates cash flow. The programs generate cash flow in two ways.

1. From the sale of products/services promoted to the other program members. For example, I promote the SBD program to Herculist members. If they buy SBD for $7, I will receive a commission from the sale.

2. From commissions generated from members who upgrade within the individual programs. The portfolio programs have different level of memberships, which are commissionable. For safelists, higher levels allow members to mail to more members more often as well as earn a higher commission.

To his credit, Stan does not encourage members to spend money they do not have. Have a plan and a budget. So stick to it.

As members generate cash flow, they can use the money to upgrade to higher levels or wait for sales Like Black Friday sales for example. Alternatively, do what I have done. Send an email to a program owner and ask for a sale price or opportunity to make a lifetime (one time) purchase.

The C.H.I.P. portfolio is designed to save time.

And it does.

"The Secrets of the Big Dogs" Affiliate Program

Chapter 6 discusses the SBD affiliate program and the benefits of becoming an Alpha Dog.

Being an Alpha Dog enables you to sell and earn 75% commissions on the ebook.

The most significant benefit is using the book to build your downlines in some or all of the programs listed within SBD. Alpha Dogs can promote one link (for the book) instead of the individual C.H.I.P. program links. The ebook, in essence, supports the personalized C.H.I.P. programs for you.

Moreover, it gets even better.

Imagine sponsoring other Alpha Dogs, who in turn join the programs using your referral links.

Secrets of the Big Dogs Summary

I recommend "The Secrets of the Big Dogs."

It provides an honest, if sometimes brutal, overview of internet marketing, particularly in the make money online niche. If nothing else, it helps people avoid the hype of get-rich-quick schemes and scams.

There are internet marketers who consider the use of safelists and traffic exchanges as ineffective. But not everyone can afford $100 or $1,000-a-day Facebook ad campaigns or Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising.

Email marketing is useful for many Big Dogs and those waiting for their organic traffic visitors to start showing up.

The ebook shows that there are no internet marketing secrets other than hard work, patience, and persistence.

If you have any questions or comments about the Secrets of the Big Dog internet marketing ebook review, please fill in and submit the form below. I love feedback.

Secrets of the Big Dogs


User Friendly











  • Brutally honest assessment of internet marketing, particularly the make-money-online niche
  • Updated annually since 2001
  • Optional income streams (CHIP)
  • Optional affiliate program


  • Overly hyped promotional material
  • Book is in the form of HTML pages

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