Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketers 2019

If you are looking for the best web hosting for affiliate marketers, you are in the right place.

Learn what the top 5 recommended website hosting companies are and why.

To help you determine what the best web host is for you, grab my free web hosting comparison checklist below. The list enables you to identify the features you need for your website.


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Defining Your Hosting Needs

Do you know what requirements you have for your website?

Think about your technical skills, experience, and type of online business (for example, are you setting up an e-commerce site to sell products directly to customers?)

Consider the following factors and rank them according to importance before comparing web hosting plans.

Space - beginners usually have small websites with few files. Later on, as your site grows, scalability may become an issue. So leave room to grow.

Security -  No one wants to get hacked, but it happens. Therefore, you want a website host provider to have active security measures in place.

  • They should have an SSL Certificate (secure socket layer digital certificate) that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server.
  • Automated software updates keep their servers (and your website) secure.
  • Daily automated backups performed in case your website needs rebuilding.
  • Secure logins and passwords are essential to avoid hacks. Hosts should use strong password generators so that members do not use easy to hack passwords.
  • Malware detectors help web hosts keep their servers and your sites secure.

Speed - You want fast hosting. Otherwise, if your website loads slowly, your visitors may not wait around for it to finish loading. Speed impacts the user experience, which leads to higher engagement and conversion rates (better results).

Features that improve speed include:

  • Solid State Digital (SSD) hard drives
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN) help speed up resource-intensive websites that are either e-commerce sites or sites with large image files or many images on web pages.
  • Location of servers - Hosts with servers placed around the world deliver content faster.
  • Enhanced caching solutions

Reliability - Reliability is measured in server uptime. The industry standard is 99.9%. Ideal uptime is 99.999%. Given an industry standard of 99.9%, an acceptance downtime is .1% or about 8 hours and 45 minutes per year. Scheduled downtime for maintenance and software updates don't count against the standard.

Reputation - Reputation is vital to gauge the web host's user-friendliness. It also helps identify the web host's strengths and weaknesses, including the quality of customer service.

Technical Support - Your experience and technical skills will help determine your technical support requirements. Not all web hosting companies offer 24/7 technical support via telephone, live chat, and trouble ticket system. Live technical support may also have set availability hours.

Training - The amount and type of available training can offset the need for extensive technical support. Training should include online documentation and training videos.

Cost - Web hosting should not break your budget. There are lots of plans available that will meet everyone's budget. Costlier hosting plans will offer more options, more customization, higher bandwidth for more traffic, and faster servers. Many web hosting companies offer special pricing or discounts for the first contract term. Once the first term runs out, regular prices will apply, which can be considerably more expensive than the special pricing.

Free Web Hosting Comparison Checklist

I created a checklist a while back to help me sort through all the claims of the best web hosting for affiliate marketers like me. The website hosting industry is highly competitive. So it can be confusing comparing hosting features among the companies.

While the checklist lists some features, a user should prioritize the most important features they want.

The following image shows the checklist I created to sort through all the competing claims among hosting companies.

best web hosting for affiliate marketers checklist

​​Grab your website hosting service provider checklist.

Web Hosting Selection Criteria

To choose among the various online website builders available, you should determine what factors are most important to you. Factors in no particular order include:

Cost - check the pricing on renewals. Some companies bump up their renewal costs significantly. Check for hidden fees.

Easy-to-use - test various builders as many offer free trials.

Size and quality of the template or design galleries - obviously more extensive galleries give you more choices for the look of your blog.

Speed - how fast your website loads has a direct impact on your website user experience. A graphics-intensive website requires more bandwidth and speed than a predominately text-based website.

Level of training - is training available and in a format you prefer (text, video, etc.) and is the training detailed and organized to be useful?

Member community support - is there an active, online community or forum of members and users to help one another or share ideas?

Site support - do you want support 24/7/365 or something less?

Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketers

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has many good things going for it.

  • Unlimited transfer and SSD storage
  • Outstanding reliability and speed
  • A large variety of hosting plans
  • CDN provided
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Transparent listing of plan features - no guessing
  • Anytime money-back guarantee

No Host is perfect. A2 Hosting could do better by improving these.

  • So many options may make the initial setup challenging.
  • Pricing may be a little higher than most.
Bluehost website hosting company


I started using Bluehost 2015 because it has 1-click WordPress installation, 24/7 support, and a super affordable rate, Bluehost is an excellent option for building your first website or blog. However, I found their customer service less than what I expected. Furthermore, I am not the only one who has experienced Bluehost support issues.

However, the team at BlueHost has put together a great set of tutorials. The tutorial videos will help you become familiar with WordPress as well as setting up your blog.

Here’s a good video that introduces you to what you’re looking at on your WordPress dashboard.

​Bluehost is a top-rated website hosting provider and gets excellent reviews. So it is worth a look.

Hostinger website hosting


Hostinger has many things going for it.

  • Hostinger is an affordable hosting platform with 29 million clients from 178 countries.
  • It provides fast, reliable service.
  • Web hosting plans start at $0.80 a month (eighty cents). Hostinger has hosting plans for all budgets.
  • Customer support available 24/7/365 via Live Chat.
  • Custom-built website builder eliminates the need for technical skills.​

 Hostinger has a few negatives.

  • SSL certificate is provided with upgraded accounts only.
  • Daily backups require an upgraded account.
  • There is no managed WordPress hosting available.
InMotion Hosting

​InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is known for its managed WordPress hosting. Besides an excellent reputation for support, quality, features, and value, It has:

  • Wide variety of hosting plans.
  • 24/7 Phone, Live Chat, and Email Support, Plus Online Tutorials, and Community-Based Q&A.
  • Drag-and-drop website builder (including theme collections).
  • One of the largest knowledgebases around.
  • SSD Storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

On the other hand, InMotion Hosting could improve the following.

  • The wide variety of hosting plans can be confusing.
  • Data centers are only in North America, which could impact users elsewhere in the world.
SiteGround Hosting


First of all, I am a SiteGround user. I chose them based on their reputation, security features, speed, and price. I wrote a  SiteGround hosting review and why I like them.

What I like about SiteGround:

  • Fast, reliable service. SiteGround may not be the fastest, but it is close.
  • Exceptional customer service via telephone, live chat, and ticket system. For example, I submitted a routine query using the ticket system. I was perfectly happy to send in a ticket. But, the response shocked me! The automated reply told me to start a live chat session instead. So I did. The support technician gave me a 5-star rated service!
  • Free CDN and SSL certificate.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

What I do not like:

  • No free domain. Just as well. Many web hosts offer a free domain for one year. But the renewal rates tend to be higher than some domain name providers like NameCheap.
  • Hosting plan renewal prices are higher than most.

Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketers Conclusion

​Hopefully, I have covered the best web hosting for affiliate marketers and given you a starting point to conduct your own research.

Your search and decision should be easier by using a checklist. You can identify and prioritize your requirements before you start your search.

If you have questions or comments about ​the best web hosting for ​affiliate marketers, please fill out and submit the form below. I am looking forward to responding. 

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