AWeber Review Reveals Safe Choice for 2019

This AWeber review discusses one of the oldest, most popular email marketing service providers. AWeber is known for its outstanding customer service and in-depth training. I explain my experience with the AWeber customer service below. It shows their commitment to customer service.

Today, I am giving you an introduction to email marketing services, top reasons to use AWeber as well as some concerns I have with the AWeber services. I will also tell you about the key benefits and AWeber pricing.

More importantly, continue reading my AWeber review to see why it is still a player in the email marketing arena.

AWeber Review Summary

  • ​World-class customer support​​​​
  • Integrates with lots of apps
  • Duplicate counts of subscribers
  • Middle of the pack pricing
AWeber offer

Email Marketing Services Introduction

An email marketing system is an automated email application designed to generate leads or customers and communicate via email with customers and leads periodically for purposes of creating sales or providing information.

The purpose of an email marketing system is to allow companies and marketers to automate and optimize email marketing communications with their target audience.

An email marketing system is comprised of three parts.

  • A way to capture a potential customer’s contact information (email address at a minimum)
  • A database of customer or lead information
  • Email software capable of sending email to the list (mailing list) of customers or leads listed in the database

As you will read below,

An autoresponder is part of the email marketing system software. However, autoresponders and email marketing services terms are often used interchangeably. Not all email marketing systems include autoresponders that automatically respond and send a series of emails to a subscriber email address at preset intervals.

What is AWeber?

Started in 1998, Aweber is an email marketing platform. It is one of the most recognized email service providers, with over 115,000 customers. AWeber empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with customers in multiple ways to grow their businesses.

To help grow your business, AWeber continues to improve and add new features. AWeber recently added four pre-built email campaigns ready for use. They also added web fonts which help brand building.

The foundation of their continued success is their highly rated email deliverability and excellent customer support. When you send email messages to your subscriber list, you want those messages to show up in your audience’s primary email inbox, not lost in a spam box.

Top Reasons to Use AWeber

Outstanding customer service - I understand why AWeber prides itself with its award-winning customer service. I had a problem finding an opt-in form template I liked from the thousand plus available. The model I chose oriented vertically, but I wanted it horizontally oriented. (I know I am picky, but it is my business.) The design editor would not let me orient the form. So I submitted a support request asking for help.

Customer service responded quickly informing me that the form could not be changed the way I wanted using the design editor. However, they said they would see what they could do. A day later, they sent an email response to me that included some code to add to my website. The code changed the form template the way I wanted. I was, to say the least about the customer care they showed.

Integration - AWeber has been around so long that they are now integrated with almost any application you may have. AWeber users can integrate their AWeber accounts with 933 applications, including social media profiles, landing pages, shopping carts, and more! Integrations include Clickfunnel, Zapier, JVZoo, Woo Commerce, Clickbank, Optin Monster, Thrive Leads, among others.

chart of aweber integratin options

What Does AWeber Cost?

The following chart shows the AWeber price plans.

AWeber subscription plan pricing

However, other companies, ConvertKit being one, are subscriber-centric. Each email address in a user account is only counted one time regardless of how many lists the address appears.

This issue does not matter if a user maintains only one list. However, if a user segments his list into separate files based on subscriber actions, the subscriber email address could appear on multiple lists. Each occurrence would be considered as a different subscriber.

Key AWeber Benefits

Training Support - AWeber provides extensive training for users with practical training "hotspots" throughout their website. The following screenshots from my account show the variety of training available.

aweber help functions
aweber quck help function makes it easy for members to find help

If the AWeber Knowledge Base and associated help functions do not provide an answer, AWeber customer support is only a web page away. The following image shows the customer support function within AWeber.

AWeber gives members options for requesting support

Web fonts - AWeber has added web fonts, which usually look better than the standard ‘safe fonts’ (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.). Most email marketing applications often restrict you to using safe fonts. But, when used, web fonts can enhance the appearance of an email considerably. Additionally, depending on the typefaces you use on your website, web fonts can help you achieve brand consistency between your site and e-newsletters.

AWeber Email Message Options - AWeber has four options for sending email to subscribers. They are:

  • Broadcasts - Broadcasts are messages that you can send to all of your subscribers, or a group of subscribers, at once. Usually done manually at the time you decide. For example, you may send a weekly newsletter out on Fridays.
  • Blog broadcasts - Blog broadcasts are ideal for bloggers who want subscribers automatically receive e-newsletters containing their latest posts. It means that you can power your newsletters from your website - this can be a big time-saver.
  • Follow Up Series - Follow Up Series are also known as Autoresponders — send automatically when someone new joins your list. They are perfect for content that isn’t time sensitive. (For instance, an introduction to your business or product.) A Follow Up Series that contains multiple messages can help you develop connections and increase engagement with your subscribers,
  • Campaigns - Campaigns are Follow Up Series triggered by an event or action (If This, Then That or ITTT). Campaigns help you get the right information to the right subscriber.

Opt-in Process - A nice feature of Aweber is the flexibility on how to handle the subscriber opt-in process. You can choose to subscribe people using either a single opt-in or a double opt-in basis. Single opt-in refers to a person who is accepted immediately without validating the subscription. On the other hand, a double opt-in requires a subscriber to confirm the subscription by clicking a link emailed to them. They are not added to the list until they confirm the subscription.

I use the single opt-in whenever someone submits the form to download upgraded content or an ebook.

aweber email format options

Responsive email designs - AWeber makes it easy to create professional-looking emails from scratch. You can send image-rich messages with a few clicks to your subscribers - no design or coding experience required!

Use the Drag & Drop function choosing the elements you want from the toolbar, drag them into your message, and customize them. It's that simple.

AWeber drag-and-drop email editor makes creating emails easy.

Or create plain text emails or hand-code your own with the HTML option.

Regardless of how you create your emails, AWeber’s emails are all ‘responsive.’

This means that they automatically resize themselves depending on the device used to view email.

Why You May Want to Look Elsewhere

AWeber has been around a while and is showing its age. Newer email marketing service providers provide greater automation or lower prices. AWeber was once considered one of the top providers but slowly has been overcome by others. While AWeber is still considered one of the top 10 high-quality vendors, it is better to evaluate your needs and compare a variety of companies.

One annoying pricing practice AWeber, and other vendors, use is the duplicate counting of email addresses on the subscriber mailing lists. AWeber and others are list-centric. Subscribers are counted based on the number of lists a user has. If identical email addresses are on separate lists, the email addresses are counted as separate entities.

AWeber Review Conclusion

AWeber still has a lot to offer to affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. The Follow Up Series (autoresponder) set up is among the most intuitive and simplest I’ve ever seen. Like all autoresponders it continues sending email to your subscribers until it runs out of emails to send or recipients unsubscribe. 

The new Campaign function brings AWeber up to speed with the newer email marketing service providers. 

I saved the best to last. The AWeber customer support is second to none. Email or live chat 24/7.

Whether or not you decide to learn more about AWeber, I encourage you to read their blog and take the free training.

learn what to write with AWeber training

Grab our free "What to Write" PDF. As an extra bonus, the PDF includes our fill-in-the-blank email templates to make getting started even easier.

​Fill in the form below if you have any questions or comments about this AWeber Review. ​Moreover, I would love to hear about your experiences, if you are using AWeber.

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