Are You Making Money Online? Niche Selection is the Key…

Where are you in your efforts to make money online?

  1. Stuck at ground zero?
  2. Making some progress?
  3. Living the dream?

At the bottom level, people usually just stall out time and time again. Not making any progress. Just trying different things.


frustrated with your progress

After enough false starts, most folks eventually give up in frustration.

At the middle level, you have made a few bucks here and there, but not enough to make a real difference.

Then there is the top level. Living the dream. Generating steady, reliable income. You are making enough to pay all the bills and have enough left over to live how you want.

I make it a point to share all the tools I use.

Like this clever niche research tool I have been using. One that I wish I had at level one. (But it works just as well in stage two and three…)

IMPORTANT: Please read the rest of this post before visiting.

Imagine knowing, before you spend a minute or dime, if the area you are going after will make you money?

You want to focus on what people want. You can come up with profitable niche markets is to see what’s being talked about by the media and bought in the marketplaces. Or you can make a list of your favorite things to do.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to create your own blog about something you love to do.

Right now, we are approaching summer and the time for outdoor activities. Many people are starting to think about barbecues and outdoor grilling. And if you love grilling, you can focus on all sorts of things related to outdoor grilling.

But this is a huge niche.

So you may want to brainstorm ideas.

One of the best ways to get visitors to your website is to develop content people want.

How to create content for your blog

Start by brainstorming ideas. These may be topics related to your favorite hobby.

Topics should include keywords. Keywords are nothing more than the words that people use to find things in search engines, Google for example.

Google search engine results page for gas grills

In this example, “gas grills” is the keyword.

Experienced bloggers know the secret of getting lots of visitors to their sites. Do you know what it is?

They create lots of content.


Google loves content!

So the bloggers create a more posts and pages focusing on different keywords related to their niche. But they do not just focus on quantity! They focus on the keywords people are using to search.

How do I find these keywords? And how do you find the keywords?

Use this simple tool. I only say simple because it does not get you lost by providing lots of extra information and data. Here is a screen shot of my search for “gas grill” keywords.

Jaaxy keyword tool

Looks like “gas grills clearance” sales is a popular topic. There is an average of 9,364 searches a month for this keyword. And there are only 58 websites using that specific keyword.

Looking at the keyword list above shows an interesting fact. The term “gas grills clearance” is far more popular than “gas grill clearance.” It tells me people do not necessarily use proper grammar when using a search engine. What often happens is that people will add additional words to their search term. In my example where I searched for “gas grills” I would add a word like clearance or sale to the original search term.

traffic light signalThis tool uses a very simple red, yellow, green traffic light set of icon markers. It tells you which keywords are good to use – and which are not. My example above does not have any red or stop lights. The Quoted Search Results (QSR) number turns to red if the the number exceeds 200. The QSR is the number of competing websites Google has found using these exact keywords.

As I said above, Google loves content!

And Google loves content that is shareable!

What kind of content is shareable?

  • Content that helps people. (How to, where to, what is, when is, who is)
  • Content that is useful. (How to BBQ in the dead of winter!)
  • Content that is emotional (funny, sad, insightful, etc). The kind that gets shared on social networks!
  • Content that is controversial. Just look at all the recent political theater.

What should you do now?

If you are stuck on level 1 or 2, then give this a try.

But here is the thing. You need to SEE this to appreciate it.

Check out the demo here.

Simple. More blog posts to visit is THE easiest way to get more blog page visitors.

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