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APSense is a global business social network designed to help business owners share their business through networking, exploring and creating quality business content. Created in 2005, APSense has grown to over 500,000 members worldwide.

I joined APSense in March 2010 to promote my online business via a home based business network. I wanted to network with other business people and brand my business. While APSense offers several different membership levels, I have remained a free member.


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What is APSense Business Network?

APSense combines the best elements of business networking with the relationship building power of a social network.

Members can create content in the form of ads, articles, blog posts, other business and services reviews. Members can also get paid for their efforts promoting APSense. You can sign up to be someone’s friend and others will request to be yours much like Facebook and other social network sites.

The best part is that everyone in this community helps out the other. So, if you have a business you are promoting send it to some of your friends or simply post a blog. Someone will definitely check out the website.

Using APSense, business owners can promote their business using the popular RevPages, a credit system you can use to send emails to other APSense members, CPM ads, articles and groups which most people use to promote their programs.

Each membership level allows you to earn monthly residual income from their affiliate system, the percentage increasing incrementally with each upgrade level. While making some extra cash is nice, I did not join APSense for the money making aspect.

The social network aspect includes setting up your profile and following other members, joining discussions and interest groups.

The Good and Not So Good Parts of APSense Business Network

There are few good and not so good things about APSense besides the typical exposure your business will receive in a business network.


I use APSense to create backlinks to my main website. Backlinks are an important factor in search engine ranking.

Brian Dean, SEO expert, states:

In fact, from years of testing, I’ve found that the authority of the page linking to you matters more than any other factor.

The following screenshot from the Moz Open Site Explorer shows APSense has a domain authority value of 62.

Moz shows the Apsense domain authority which is important among social media business sites

Not So Good:

While spamming is controlled on this network, there are some dubious programs being promoted. Just look at the news feed on my home page excerpt above. $5 gets you $281,250 guaranteed. Seriously, I don’t think that will happen. As with any program, due diligence is required.

APSense has a spam control system in place. Every member is assigned a spam score.

Members exceeding the maximum spam score will find their accounts automatically limited to a read only status. This means that member will only be able to read content. That member will not be allowed to post or add comments for 4 days for a first offense. For members who exceed the score a second time the account will be suspended for 8 days. Suspensions will be tracked and habitual offenders will be identified and permanently limited to read only.

If you are serious about building your online business presence, then I recommend joining APSense.

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Other Online Business Networks

Besides the big social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, here is a list of other online business networks I recommend.

Wealthy Affiliate – Wealthy Affiliate is a spam-free online community member site for networking, learning, creating, and building successful online businesses. Extensive video, webinar, and training help members build their websites.

Independent Business Owner Toolbox – IBOT is designed to help business owners create their brand, network, build, and market their independently owned businesses.

IM faceplate  – Internet marketing faceplate is similar to APSense in that the focus is on branding you and your business. While APSense focuses on business in general, IM faceplate focuses on the internet marketer.

Ryze – is a very large network of business-oriented people. Membership count is over 500,000 around the world. I have found Ryze to be easy to use. But the website design is clunky and not very attractive.

APSense Business Network Summary

Hopefully, my APSense Network Review has provided an overview of what social media business sites can do for you and your online business.

While many entrepreneurs join to meet and socialize with like-minded business people, networks are a great way to build your brand as well.

If you have any questions or comments about APSense Business Networking, please fill in and submit the form below. I love feedback.

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