APSense Business Network

APSense business network is among the social networking sites businesses should consider joining, especially entrepreneurs. First of all, you won't find it on any professional networking sites list.

You may be wondering why you should join another networking site.

Today's post is going to give you a great reason why it makes sense.


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    ​High domain authority which is great for backlinks​​​​
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    Free to join and network with other business people worldwide
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    Some spam onsite as well as scammy program promotions
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    Not a very big or active membership base
Apsense business network

What is APSense?

APSense is an international business social network. Like any social network, business owners share their business with other members. Members share through networking, exploring and creating quality business content. Established in 2005, APSense has grown to over 639,000 business members worldwide.

I have been a member since March 2010.

I joined to promote my online business and network with other business people. Part of the networking includes branding my business. Even though APSense offers several membership levels, I have remained a free member.

I found APSense combines the best business networking elements with a social network structure.

Members can create ads, articles, blog posts, other business and services reviews. Members are compensated for being active as well as promoting the network. Members exchange connection requests much like Facebook and other social networks.

The best part is that everyone in this community helps out the other. So, if you have a business you are promoting, send it to some of your friends or post a blog. Someone will check out the website.

Using APSense, members can promote their business by:

  • completing their profile with business and contact information
  • following other members
  • posting Review Pages
  • sending messages to other members
  • posting CPM ads
  • writing and posting articles
  • participating in discussions and groups (much like Facebook)

Members are automatically enrolled into the APSense referral program. Commission percentages paid are dependent upon membership level. The range is 5% - 40%.

What I Like About the APSense Network

I use APSense business network to create backlinks to my websites. Backlinks are an essential factor in search engine ranking.

Brian Dean, of Backlinko fame, states:

In fact, from years of testing, I’ve found that the authority of the page linking to you matters more than any other factor.

The following screenshots show the APSense domain authority changing from 62 to 71.

Apsense domain authority 2017

Domain authority August 2017

Apsense domain authority per Moz

Domain authority April 2019

High quality backlinks are important to a website's ranking in search engines like Google. High domain authority website links to your website increases your site authority. In turn, this improves your Search Engine Optimization scores.

I also like the RevPages. Members can draft and post reviews of their business sites or other members' sites. The reviews are organized into categories making it easy to find reviews to read. 

The following images shows the RevPage categories.

Apsense review page categories

RevPage categories make it easier to find topics of interest.

The following images shows the Affiliate Marketing category page. Members can post reviews in a language of their choice as seen in the screenshot.

Apsense review page example

The Affiliate Marketing RevPages index.

I have prepared and posted three RevPages. The following screenshot shows an excerpt of my most recent one about the Wealthy Affiliate training program I recently reviewed.

My Apsense review page

My review of Wealthy Affiliate.

What I Don't Like About APSense

While the network administrators control spamming, some people promote a few dubious programs. Some one posted a business ad saying a $5 investment will return $281,250 guaranteed. Seriously, I don’t think that will happen. As with any program, complete your due diligence.

While there is some spamming taking place, APSense has a spam control system. Every member has an assigned spam score.

Members exceeding the maximum spam score will have their accounts limited. Members cannot post or add comments for four days for a first offense. The administrators will suspend members exceeding the score a second time for 8 days. Finally, administrators will track and limit habitual offenders to read-only permanently.

What Does APSense Cost?

There are four membership levels with in APSense. The following chart shows the membership costs and associated benefits.

Apsense business network costs

Four membership levels. Members can earn credits by actively participating in discussions, etc.

APSense Business Network Summary

My APSense business network review has provided an overview of what social media business sites can do for you and your online business. This may not be as big as LinkedIn, but it can give you high domain authority backlinks to your website. 

While many entrepreneurs join to meet and socialize with like-minded business people, networks are a great way to build your brand as well.

If you have any questions or comments, please fill in and submit the form below. I look forward to responding.

Apsense Business Network


User Friendly











  • Free to join, upgrades available
  • High domain authority is great for backlinks
  • Product review pages
  • Spam control


  • Not a very active site
  • Some spammy programs posted

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