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Ewen Chia, multi-millionaire internet marketer, has developed another new make money from home product. This one is called 10 Minutes Cash, which I review here.

To put this product in perspective, Ewen Chia is a prolific product developer in the make money online niche. If you visit his website, you will see some of the products he sells. Here is a partial list:

  • 100K Blueprint
  • Automated Cash Machine
  • Autopilot Profits
  • Copy Paste Income
  • Internet Success System
  • Shortcut to 10K
  • Super Affiliate Millionaire
  • and more

10 Minutes Cash System Overview

I spent $17 and bought 10 Minutes Cash. I did not buy the two upsell products.

10 Minutes Cash is an unpublished ClickBank product. This means that you must buy the product to sell it as a ClickBank affiliate. Unlike most ClickBank products, this one is not listed within the ClickBank marketplace. Therefore, 10 Minutes Cash affiliates are not competing with other ClickBank product affiliates.

For $17, purchasers receive training to promote ClickBank and other digital media products, including Ewen Chia’s products, and access to the members’ area which contains the following:

1. Four training videos:

  • Video #1 – Introduction
  • Video #2 – Part 1 – Simple 2-Step System
  • Video #3 – Part 2 – Promotion Strategies
  • Video #4 – Conclusion – Scale up, Expand and Grow

2. How to Get Started in 4 steps.

  • Get a ClickBank user identification
  • Create an affiliate link using your ClickBank ID
  • Mask and shorten the affiliate link using a link shortener
  • Start promoting the affiliate link with the promotional material provided

3. Promotional material. The promotional material includes:

  • Forum Signature Files
  • Social media Call to Action blurbs
  • Email templates
  • Banners and graphics

10 Minutes Cash affiliates earn 60% commissions on products sold, including the two upsells. According to the promotional blurb, affiliates can “Rake In Up To $174.60 Easy Cash Per Customer From Our Proven To Convert Sales Funnel!”

Is 10 Minutes Cash a Legitimate Work at Home Opportunity?


Ewen Chia shows members a simple, but effective system for selling his and other ClickBank digital products.

The basic premise is that affiliates can promote products in only 10 minutes a day. To test this premise out, I posted several Call to Action blurbs on Facebook. I posted to both my Facebook page and several Work from Home group pages.


It takes more than 10 minutes a day to make money online.

Many sales pages online show sales information like the following ClickBank sales snapshot:

If the September 9th sales total of $217.66 represents the 60% sales commissions for 10 Minutes Cash, then this represents approximately 21 sales of the product. (21 x $17 = $374. 60% of 374 = $224)

The question becomes how many people need to see the promotional material before 1 sale is made. Not all visitors to a store or website or people who see an advertisement buy the product.

Note: Since I have been marketing online since 1996, I am skeptical of any daily sales snapshots because I do not know the context of the data. I do not know if the data represents one or multiple products sold. This data snapshot came from Ewen Chia’s promotional material. Since he promotes many products, it may be a conglomeration of many products. I just don’t know.

Is 10 Minutes Cash Worth $17?

It depends.

The training information and strategies about selling ClickBank digital products provided in the members’ area can be found online for free. It just takes research.

This is a basic, no frills method to make money online. The videos are easy to understand and explain how to promote the digital product. Affiliates can promote the 10 Minutes Cash program or research other ClickBank products using the training provided.

The pre-written promotional material and graphics and banners saves affiliates from having to create their own. However, I recommend using the pre-written material as a starting point to develop and test your own material.

I felt that spending $17 on 10 Minutes Cash was worth it.

There is a 60-day no risk money back guarantee.  I have never had a problem with getting my money back from any ClickBank product I have purchased but did not like.

Like so many products in the make money online niche, this one comes with several upsells. It is like so many marketing and sales funnels these days. Entice buyers to buy a low-cost, basic product and then offer them higher priced products with greater features and benefits. Just like buying a new car.

Have you ever purchased a new car and the dealer did not offer you “add-on” products like extended warranties? Or undercoating?


If you are looking for a low-cost, simple program to promote or learn about promoting ClickBank digital products, then 10 Minutes Cash may be considered.

This review would not be complete without commenting on the quality of Ewen Chia’s products. First of all, he has made tons of money since starting in 1997. As stated earlier, he has developed and sold many products. Many of the earlier ones are outdated. (Life evolves rapidly on the internet.)

Many “experts” consider Ewen’s products as scammy, not living up to the hype presented in the promotional material. Yet, they more often than not offer freebies and subscriptions to their mailing lists.

Yes, Ewen Chia uses many psychological triggers to influence potential customers to say “yes” to his promotional material. (Read Dr. Cialdini’s “Influence: Science and Practice” before you buy a new car.)

Internet Truth: You can have the lousiest product in the universe and the worst website, and you will STILL make money, IF you can generate enough targeted traffic.

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